A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

by Peter David Fraser


These remedies are currently described on the website:

Aegopodium podagraria

Agathis australis

Ancistrodon piscovorus

Aquilegia vulgaris

Ball Python see Pyhon regius

Banded Krait see Bungarus fasciatus

Barn Owl see Tyto alba

Bitis arietans

Black Mamba see Dendroaspis polylepis

Blatta orientalis

Boa constrictor

Bungarus fasciatus

Cerastes cerastes


Cockroach see Blatta orientalis

Columbine see Aquilegia vulgaris

Culex musca

Daddy Long Legs Spider see Pholcus phalangoides

Dendroaspis polylepis

Falco peregrinus disciplinatus

Firefly see Lamprohiza splendidula

Goutweed see Aegopodium podagraria

Horned Viper see Cerastes cerastes

Housefly see Musca domestica

Kauri tree see Agathis australis

Lamprohiza splendidula

Mosquito see Culex musca

Musca domestica

Neptunium muriaticum

Oryctolagus cuniculus

Peregrine Falcon see Falco peregrinus disciplinatus

Pholcus phalangoides


Portia fimbriata

Puff Adder see Bitis arietans

Pyhon regius

Rabbit see Oryctolagus cuniculus

Toxicophus pugnax see Ancistrodon piscovorus

Tungsten see Wolfram

Tyto alba


These entries are still open to enlargement and amendment so if you have any information on them please let us know. Contact us

These remedies are currently being worked on and will be posted in the near future.

Again if you have any information or insights on them please contact us.

oca cola
Condom see Latex vulcani
Cowrie shell see Cypraea eglantina
Cypraea eglantina
Falco peregrinus disciplinatus
Geococcyx californianus
Lac Leoninum
Lac lupinum
Latex vulcani
Lion see Lac Leoninum
Mangifera indica
Peregrine falcon see Falco peregrinus disciplinatus
Roadrunner see Geococcyx californianus
Rubber see Latex vulcani
Taxus brevifolia
Vanilla planifolia
Wolf see Lac lupinum
Yew, Pacific see Taxus brevifolia