Homeopathy Home The International Portal for Homœopathy on the Web
Institute of Homœopathy An educational organization and UK Register of homœopaths
BC Society of Homeopaths A Society of Homeopaths in British Columbia, Canada
West Coast Homeopathic Society A Society of Homeopaths in British Columbia, Canada
Canadian Society of Homeopaths A Society for Canadian Homeopaths with a register
Homeopathy Heals Me
A Site with Information and News on Homeopathy
Travelling Homœopaths Collective A registered charity providing clinics at festivals and events
British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons The place for information on homœopathic vets
Society of Homœopaths A UK Register of homœopaths
Alliance of Registered Homœopaths A UK Register of homœopaths
Homœopathic Medical Association A UK Register of homœopaths
Faculty of Homœopaths The organization representing doctor homœopaths
Homeopathy Cures An excellent general site of some Denver homœopaths
North American Society of Homœopaths A US Register of homœopaths

Reference material and on line journals

Hominform Database A searchable database of articles and books maintained by the library at the Glasgow Homœopathic Hospital (requires Internet Explorer and does not work with Netscape/Mozilla)
Homœopathic Information Service This site has articles and information, mostly about new remedies
Provings and New Remedies For links that are specifically about provings and new remedies
Homeopathy International A great deal of homœopathic information some by subscription
Interhomeopathy An excellent online journal with materia medica, cases and theory
Tantalus Online An interesting on line journal including cases, articles and provings
Homeopathy 4 everyone An online journal with some interesting articles
Homoeopathie Online An excellent German site with general information and Materia Medica, mostly in German and some in English

Interesting Sites of Practices and Groups

The Vancouver Centre for Homeopathy
A Centre for excellence in Vancouver in Canada
The Remedy Centre Informative site of a practice in Wells in Somerset