Helios Homœopathic Pharmacy Tunbridge Wells, England
Ainsworths London, England
Freemans Homeopathic Pharmacy Glasgow, Scotland
Hahnemann Labs San Rafael, California

Simillimum Homœopathic Pharmacy

Wellington, New Zealand
Remedia Homoopathie This Austrian Pharmacy has many interesting new remedies and information including film clips on some of the substances
Homœopathic Supply Company Excellent UK source for bottles, pilules, labels, etc.
Minerva Homœopathic Books Widest range of homťopathic books in the UK
Alternative Training Good range of introductory books
Homťopathic Book.Co Good UK bookseller
Minimum Price Homeopathic Books The most comprehensive US bookseller
Homeopathic Educational Services Excellent US bookseller