BC Society of Homeopaths Register of Homeopaths in British Columbia, Canada
West Coast Homeopathic Society Register of Homeopaths in British Columbia, Canada
Canadian Society of Homeopaths A Society for Canadian Homeopaths with a register
Institute of Homœeopathy Registering and edcucational organization
Travelling Homœeopaths Collective Registered charity with a list of homœopaths who support them
Society of Homœeopaths UK registering body

Alliance of Registered Homœeopaths

UK registering body
Homœeopathic Medical Association UK registering body
Faculty of Homœeopaths Organization of UK doctor homœopaths
North American Society of Homœeopaths US registering body
Referrals to Classical Homeopaths in the United States and Canada Good list of US homœopaths
Homeopath.co.uk A comprehensive list of UK homœopaths