Provings on this Site A collection of more than 20 new provings Including Falcon, AIDS Nosode, Sparrow, Peacock, Heroin and LSD
Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica
by Peter David Fraser
New Remedies described in the format of Clarke's Dictionary
Homeopathy Home Provings Page Usefil links to a number of Provings on the Internet
List of Provings Jorg Wichmann's excellent List of Provings with a substantial number of provings on the site and links to many more
Database of Provings Co-maintained by Jeremy Sher's Dynamis School.and Radar software
Materia Medica Software Homœopathic Software Programs contain many of the new provings
Hominform Database A searchable database of articles and books maintained by the library at the Glasgow Homœopathic Hospital (requires Internet Explorer and does not work with Netscape/Mozilla)
Luminos Homœopathic Courses Provings by Louis Klein including Hummingbird, Coriander, Vanilla, Earthworm, Brown Recluse Spider and others.
The Homeopathy School of Colorado Provings of Amethyst and Aquilegia (Columbine)
Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy Provings by Todd Rowe including Stingray, Roadrunner and Vulture
South Downs School of Homœopathy Provings include Mobile Phone and Chlamydia
New York Luminos School of Homeopathy Provings of Housefly and Seahorse
Welsh School of Homœopathy Some excelent Provings including Barn Owl, Bracken and Placenta
Alastair Gray Alastair has organized a large number of Antipodean Provngs
Chris Wilkinson A Homœopath who has posted provings of Venus, Hekla Lava and Alabaster
Richard Pitt Provings including Tobacco and Pacific Yew
Mary English Somewhat eccentric Provings including Storm and Shipwreck
Dr Hildebrandt Information on his Provings of a sea urchin and a starfish