A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

by Peter David Fraser



Musca domestica

Musca domestica

Common fly, House fly

Found near to human habitation throughout the world.

Maceration and trituration of a pupa.


Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Subclass: Pterygota

Order: Diptera

Family: Muscoidae



Cold sores



Pressing headaches

Rheumatoid arthritis




Musca domestica was proved by Susan Sonz and Robert Stewart of the New York School of Homœopathy in 1999. 10 (6 female and 4 male) provers took the remedy in a 30c potency.

The Housefly is a ubiquitous insect found in close proximity to humanity wherever he has gone. The female lays a small mass containing around 150 white eggs in a dead and decaying substance such as manure. The eggs hatch in about 12 hours and the resulting maggots grow quickly, pupating after 5 or 6 days. The pupal stage last between a few days and several weeks depending on temperature. As about a dozen generations are produced in a year the potential prolificacy of the housefly is enormous and is only restricted by the great numbers eaten by predators.

The fly has a complex leg with sense organs that allow it to taste what it is walking on, as well as hooks that allow it to walk on the ceiling. It has large compound eyes with hundreds of lenses each focusing light on an individual receptor. The larval maggots eat decaying material of all kinds. Because they only eat dead flesh they can be used surgically to remove the decay around wounds. The adult fly does not eat but uses its proboscis to inject saliva onto food which it then sucks up in liquid form. The fly eats all kinds of food especially decaying material which has already been partly broken down. It is attracted to garbage, cooked and rancid food and faecal matter. It has a particular attraction to sugar and sweet foods. Because it lives so close to man and tracks over decaying garbage and faeces and then over our food it is a major vector for many different diseases.

The most striking thing about the remedy is the strong connection it has to shit and garbage. One prover felt the remedy was about degrading and decomposing. There were in the proving delusions around garbage and many dreams of shit: Covered in excrement. Black glob of an oily substance. Son is stuck in a toilet, head down. Hot dogs turn into grub worms.

Provers described how they felt in terms of decay and excrement. Feel like crap. Feel rotten inside. Feel oily and greasy.

The feeling of being taken advantage of was strong and was described in these terms. Always had to swallow other people's shit. I could lie in bed in my own shit and pee and choke on my saliva and no one would care for me. I take care of everyone and no one takes care of me. I am a living catalyst helping others achieve their goals but don't do it for myself. Listening to other people's stuff, I am unheard. I have a memory for shit. Image of picking at sores until they bleed.

There is in the remedy a strong sexual energy with increased sexual desire, a desire to masturbate and amorous and erotic dreams that could be accompanied by orgasm. However, the feeling in dreams and reality was that of corrupt and perverse sexuality. Dreams of wearing a red dress, look like a hooker, of porno stars, with a feeling of being repulsed by corrupt sexuality. Dream of a toilet full of perverts. Dream of nudists with gross, saggy, fleshy bodies.

One prover in particular took on a particular attitude to homosexuality. He felt that men were attracted to him and were touching him. (This feeling is also in the AIDS nosode.) He became homophobic, felt a sense of corruption between gay men. When he saw a transvestite he couldn't look at him for shame and felt oily and corrupt when someone rubbed up against him.

Another aspect of this is a powerful confusion about gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation. (Hydrogen and Iridium and other insects have this confusion but it is not accompanied by the revulsion and disgust that it is in Musca, Fumaria and AIDS.) One of the provers' son called her daddy and his father mummy. The following statement by a prover has been clinically verified: I feel masculine while wanting to be more feminine yet I feel the masculinity has moved me on. Dream that I wander into a men's shower they are really upset (female prover).

As in all the Insect remedies there is a strong energy and they want to exercise and are better for exercise. One prover described how exercise made her insides sing. They can be focussed, decisive and assertive. However, there is much less stress on work and career than there is in other Insects. The energy and busyness combine with the feelings of dirt to give compulsive cleaning. A desire and need to clean the house completely.

The body tends to give out before the mind and there is the sense of the body sleeping while the mind runs on. I'm talking but I feel asleep. Groggy when awake. Body paralysed but brain is still going.

The fly is a holometabolous insect and undergoes a complete pupal metamorphosis. The feeling of having gone through a metamorphosis, of waking from the dead were in the proving. One prover felt that she had gone through three lifetimes already in undertaking the proving.

There were dreams of flying an sensations of lightness. Dream of flying around the house from room to room. Feel lighter. Feel as if I am floating on a man's back. Undulating sensations. Feel outside my body.

The opposite feeling of heaviness, particularly of guilt, hopelessness and despair were stronger. My life is sordid, at a dead end. I feel guilty, tired and hate myself. Suicidal feeling were expressed by the provers.

There is in the remedy has a nastier side, provers showed a tendency to cursing, and other aggressive behaviour. Aggressive contempt for an old lady. Nagging the children. Though this is accompanied by guilt and remorse.

Noise and especially high pitched noises were particularly irritating.

Forgetfulness and confusion were common and particularly dramatic. Entered closet instead of bathroom. Forgot the name of a friend I have known all my life.

The isolation and loneliness found in all the insects is very strong in Musca. Felt distant from everyone. Isolation is absolute. Longing for tenderness, sunnyness, intimacy. There is a corresponding desire to be alone. Want to avoid people.

There is a vulnerability, particularly in being seen. Afraid of showing my weakness. Feel that I am being watched. Don't want to expose myself. Yet there is also a tendency to expose, particularly in a perverse sexual way. Found my fly open twice. Fear that a man in rain coat would flash me.

Musca is materialistic. Compulsive need to buy things. Perhaps tying into the sex and exposure issues, clothes were particularly mentioned, frantic to buy new clothes.

The remedy is a fearful one. It is anxious, with anxiety felt in the pit of the stomach, There are also anxious dreams. The anxiety is particularly for spouse and family, both in dreams and reality, Dreams of being anxious and frightened for family. Didn't want wife to go out as he was afraid she would die. Wants to stay with wife to protect her. Yet he was also frightened of her, afraid she would leave him. Flinched when his wife gestured, thought she was going to hit him.

There were other fears and fearful feelings: Afraid that she would be attacked. Afraid I am going to have a car crash. Feel like an airplane that has crashed. Feel that I have cancer. And many different fearful dreams. Dreams of imprisonment, of being hunted and threatened, of rape. Being bombed and shot at. Monsters sucking people up. People being shot and liquefied by the bullets. Riots and fire.

A number of provers thought of or dreamt about Italy. There were also dreams about dead relatives and friends ad many dreams of water.

Various herpetic eruptions were experienced by most of the provers. One of the provers experienced a dramatic cure of her rheumatoid arthritis of fifteen years standing.

There is in the remedy a division between upper and lower body experienced in various ways but particularly in the sensation of a separation and gap in the middle of the back.

Vision was also particularly affected with difficulty in focussing, kaleidoscopic images and things seen on the periphery.

Artistic correspondences

The film The Fly, the remake with Jeff Goldblum much more than the original with Vincent Price, captures much of the disgust and horror that the fly represents for us.

Peculiar sensations

As if surrounded by corruption and decay.

Feels outside his body.

Feel lighter.

Feeling unbalanced.

Feels pregnant.

Undulating sensations.

As if the back were separated in the middle.


< lying down (pressure in head)

< walking

> drinking tea (sore throat)

> drinking cold water (stomach)



Other insects. Hydrogen, Iridium (confusion of sexual identity) Fumaria (with shame). AIDS (dirt, disgust, unwelcome homosexual advances) Sanguis sorcis (Desire to hide and to express blatant sexuality)

Follows well




Stool & Anus
Neck & Back
Upper Limbs
Lower Limbs


Increased energy. Focussed, decisive and assertive.

Exercise makes my insides sing. Better for exercise. Cleaning compulsively. Need to clean the house completely.

Sense of metamorphosis. Dead tired. Waking from the dead. Feeling of having gone through several lifetimes.

Dream of flying around the house from room to room. Feeling lighter. Floating. Undulating sensations. Outside the body.

Talks of shit and garbage. Feelings that things are degrading and decomposing. Feel like crap. Feel rotten inside. Feel oily, greasy and corrupt. Noticing dirt. Expressing feelings in terms of shit.

Feel taken advantage of. Always had to swallow other people's shit. Take care of everyone and no one takes care of me. Listening to other people's stuff. I am unheard.

Image of picking at sores until they bleed.

Confusion around gender and of sexual identity.

Conflict between masculinity and femininity. Wanting to be feminine but more effective through masculinity.

Repulsed by homosexuality and transvestism. Feel men are attracted to him and touching him. Increased sexual desire. Desire to masturbate.

Intolerant of noise. Irritated by high pitched noises. Aggressive and contemptuous with feelings of guilt. Nagging the children.


Body paralysed but brain still going. Groggy when awake. Feel asleep even though talking.

Heaviness. Hopelessness. Suicidal. Guilt. Self hatred. Feels life is sordid and hopeless.

Overwhelmed by details.

Feel I am being watched. Don't want to expose myself.

Fear that man in rain coat would flash me.

Materialistic. Compulsive need to buy things. Frantic to buy new clothes.

Confusion. Forgetfulness.

Anxiety in pit of stomach

Feel unbalanced.

Isolation and loneliness. Isolation is absolute. Want to avoid people.

Longing for tenderness, sunnyness, intimacy.

Fearful. Fear that she will have a car crash. Afraid wife would leave him, afraid she would die, desire to protect her. Afraid she would hit him

Afraid of showing his weakness. Fear that she would be attacked.

Feel like an airplane that has crashed. Feel that I have cancer. Feel pregnant.

Seeing eyes. Seeing insect eggs.

Thinking of Italy


Frontal headache and pressure. Pressure in temples < lying. Throbbing in head and above the eyes. Headache before menses.

Dry and flaking scalp.

Light headed. Feel unbalanced. Vertigo in the morning. Falling against the wall. Falling to the left.


Opening and closing involuntarily. Dryness. Discharge. Styes. Eyes darting around.

Difficulty in focussing. Vision blurred when reading. Objects appear in peripheral sight. Kaleidoscopic images.


Cutting or aching pains. Ringing in the ears and noises like honey. Oozing eruption on the earlobe. Sounds seem stretched.


Catarrh and obstruction. Sense of smell acute. Smells sulphur, acrid smells and chemical smells which make breathing difficult. Smells ripe peaches.


Herpetic eruptions around mouth, on lower lip and in the corners of the mouth. Cracks in lips. Eruptions on the forehead and painful eruptions in the eyebrows. Glands inflamed.


Toothaches. Gums spongy and bleeding.


Profuse and gushing salivation. Chancre sores on tongue and lips. Taste of lemons. Fetid breath.


Tightness. Sore throat, > drinking tea. Sore throat accompanied by tickling in the ears. Mucus stuck in throat.


Appetite wanting. Ceaseless appetite. Thirst. Desire for sweets and chocolate.


Sharp pains. Spikes or flashes of nausea. Stomach pain with belching. Sour eructations. Stomach pain > drinking cold water.


Sharp pains and knot like pains.

Stool and Anus

Constipation. Straining. No urge to stool. Incomplete and unsatisfactory stools. Offensive flatus. Stools dry. Pasty, light brown stools. Stools soft or loose.

Urinary Organs

Urine smells musty.

Male Sexual Organs

Increased sexual desire. Waking with sudden sexual desire. Impotency. Pinching pain in testes extending to thigh.

Female Sexual Organs

Increased sexual desire. Desire to masturbate. Herpetic eruptions. Boil on labia. Sharp pains in Ovaries and cervix. Pain in lower vagina. Painful menses. Menses profuse or intermittent with spotting.

Respiratory Organs

Shortness of breath. Greenish yellow expectoration.


Painful swelling of breast before menses. Painful constriction of chest. Painful nipples (in male).


Neck and Back

Dull throbbing pain. Pain in coccyx. Nape of the neck painful. Tension in neck and shoulders. Neck pulling towards the left. Sensation as if the back were separated in the middle leaving a gap.

Limbs in general

Throbbing pains. Aching joints. Stiffness. Awkwardness. Numbness.

Upper Limbs

Aching shoulders and upper arms. Aching pain at night. Pain in shoulders when lying in bed. Numbness on waking. Throbbing or pinching pains in wrist. Eczema on hands.

Lower Limbs

Sharp pain in knee. Cracking pain in groin < walking. Soles sore. Coldness of feet. Numbness of feet.


Clumsiness. Tripping on stairs. Night sweats. Numbness. Numbness in upper body. Flu like symptoms. Sensitive to cold.


Herpetic eruptions. Boils. Red rashes. Greasiness of skin.


Sleepiness. Overwhelming desire for sleep. Deep sleep. Sleeping early and waking late. Restlessness. Sleeping in the foetal position. Snoring.


Flying. Flying from room to room. Floating white ghost.

Shit. Covered in excrement. Black glob of an oily substance. Son is stuck in a toilet, head down. Hot dogs turn into grub worms.

Amorous. Very erotic dream with huge orgasm. Wearing a red dress, look like a hooker. Nudists with gross, saggy, fleshy bodies. Gay friend at my marriage. Porno stars, feel repulsed by corrupt sexuality. Wander into a men's shower they are really upset (female prover). A toilet full of perverts.

Rape. Imprisonment. Tunnelling underground. Anxious and frightened for family. Being hunted and threatened. Being bombed and shot at. Monsters sucking people up. People being shot and liquefied by the bullets. Riots and fire.

Being turned into an old crone. Dead relatives and friends.

Blind dog. Ugly black dog. Wild horses.

Water. Beaches. Italy.


High fever.


Sonz, S., Stewart, R. Musca domestica: a Proving http://www.nyhomeopathy.com/provings.htm