A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

by Peter David Fraser



Neptunium muriaticum

Neptunium chloride

NpCl (Neptunium: A.N. 93 A.W. 237.0482 Uranium Series Actinide) (Chlorine: A.N. 17 A.W. 35.453 Silicon series Stage 17)

Neptunium is a synthetic radioactive element though it is found in trace amounts in Uranium ores.

Dilution and succusion of a solution of Neptunium in hydrochloric acid.








The existence of a transuranic element or elements was postulated in the early 1930's by Joliot and Curie. Fermi and Segré believed they had created such an element in 1934 but it was discovered that they had actually caused a fission of Uranium 235. It was synthesized in 1940 by Abelson and McMillan at the University of Berkeley in California.

Neptunium is silvery metal that oxidises slowly. It does not react with nitric acid, is soluble in hot sulphuric acid, and cold soluble in hydrochloric acid producing neptunium chloride which was the substance used to create the remedy. There are various isotopes of the metal but the most common and stable and the one that was used in the proving was Np237 which has a half life of 2.14 million years. This is ninety times longer than the half life of Plutonium 239 though the radiation is correspondingly only a ninetieth of the strength of the radiation from Pu239. Neptunium is unusual in that it decays to bismuth whereas most other heavy earth metals decay to lead.

The remedy was proved in 1998 and 1999 by Didier Lustig and Jaques Rey. There were 15 provers taking the remedy in 7c, 12c and 30c potencies in addition there were 5 provers who took a placebo. Although the placebo provers had symptoms that were consistent with the verum provers their symptoms were not included in the published proving.

Unlike Plutonium, Neptunium has not been the subject of a toxicological study in humans. However it is known that Neptunium has a particular affinity to the liver, kidneys, skeleton and adrenal glands.

Neptunium lies on the periodic table between Uranium and Plutonium and these three elements show an interesting differentiation between the respective Realms associated with them. Neptunium is named after the Roman god of the sea and was proved in the form of a chloride and undoubtedly has many symptoms that align it to the Realm of the Sea. Plutonium, which was proved in the form of a nitrate, is named for the god of the underworld and undoubtedly has symptoms of the Underworld Realm. Uranium does not have an accurate mental picture and has been used clinically mainly for the treatment of diabetes, but it does have indications that it may be an Earth Realm remedy. The corresponding Sky Realm remedy may well be Positronium which seems to lie some way between Plutonium and Hydrogen in its essence. These remedies undoubtedly have considerable similarities but can be most clearly differentiated around the issues of their respective Realm. The most important differentiation is probably between Plutonium and Neptunium. There are many similarities with a heaviness and lassitude that weighs them both down. However, in Plutonium the feeling is of heaviness and breaking; signifying the dark side of the Underworld and the break from the Earth and life that it represents. Plutonium dreams of broken glass, Neptunium of falling and collapsing buildings. In Neptunium the feeling is of particularly one of tightness and restriction, as all sea remedies feel restricted, particularly by the past. This tightness is found in all areas but is most clearly seen in the chest where there is pain and restriction of the ribs and a feeling of compression that is described as if squeezed in a corset. The neck is another area in which there is tightness and restriction of movement. In Plutonium the energy is masculine and old, in Positronium it is feminine and old but in Neptunium it is feminine and young. There were many dreams involving young girls and female relatives: sisters, daughters and nieces. Both remedies have a thing about twos and twins, which is clearly seen in the dreams. In Neptunium the double principle is not particularly helpful the person is stuck within the twoness and it causes confusion whereas in Plutonium the twoness becomes a repetition and in repeating something the person can use their knowledge from the first time around to help in the repetition.

There were many dreams of water and of flooding and symptoms often appeared in waves such as the waves of fatigue.

There are a number of symptoms that are common in sea remedies and may related particularly to the fact that this is a muriaticum. Apthae in the mouth are the most obvious of these.

When the picture of Neptunium is in a positive state there is a sense of movement and flow, that things move without obstruction. There is a sense of confidence and power that carries one through in spite of anxieties and difficulty. This sense of flow could be found on the physical level as well as the emotional. One prover who did acrobatics felt sure of herself and that she "literally flew".

When it is in a diseased state there is a sense of blockage, obstruction and restriction. The things that cause aggravation or allow amelioration are also those that prevent or permit this flow. Thus contradiction and noise aggravate while there is a need for order and a sense of ease from order and calm.

The pains in Neptunium tend to be sticking stitching and lancinating. They are as if stabbed from the outside inwards.

Intellectually there is much confusion with a tendency to be late for appointments or to forget them completely. There is a particular symptom of reversing the order of things either in speech or in placing objects.

The senses are obstructed with blockages in the ears and nose and a veil before the eyes.

There were no urinary symptoms in the proving which compares to Uranium where they are the strongest symptoms. However, there is a strong affinity to the digestive system with heartburn and much wind and bloating. There is a desire for starchy foods and bread but an aggravation from them. There is a desire for chocolate in particular but also a feeling as if one had eaten too much rich food.

The main symptoms in the extremities were cramping and numbness which are found in the hands, down the legs and in the feet, particularly the soles of the feet.

There is considerable lethargy and fatigue, sometimes coming in waves and sleepiness with a tendency to fall asleep suddenly.

Peculiar sensations

As if the body allowed a free flow of elements without physical or mental blockage.

Pain like a nail in the temples.

Headache as from a vice.

Sensation of air in the eyes.

As if a veil were before the eyes.

As if an air bubble or balloon had deflated inside the ear.

Sensation of water in the ear.

As if mustard got up the nose.

Sensation as if lower lip is visibly pushed out.

Sensation as of having eaten a meal that was too rich.

Sensation that sexuality is dormant.

Sensation of dust in throat.

Sensation as if lower body not connected to head. (around sex)

As if the ribs were being squeezed.

Chest compressed as if squeezed in a corset.

Sensation as if she felt the interior walls of her body.

Sensation as if the muscles no longer support the back.

As if he had been received blows from a bread paddle all along the spine.

Sensation as if they would cramp if she moved her toes.


< Noise (headache)

< Wind (eyes)

< After eating (nausea)
> Undressing (heat)

> Straightening (back)



Radioactive elements. Uranium, Plutonium and Radium. Positronium.

Muriaticums and Sea remedies. Nat mur, Sepia.

Sleepiness, Op.

Bloating, Lyc

Follows well



Stool & Anus
Neck & Back
Upper Limbs
Lower Limbs


Good spirits and determination, in spite of difficulties, anxieties or fatigue. Confidence and calmness in activity. Everything comes easily, a sense of flow. As if the body allowed a free flow of elements without physical or mental blockage. Feeling that nothing can get to her. Not concerned about what her husband might think. Talkative and laughing. Tendency to sing.

Mistakes in speaking and in activity. Particularly speaking and putting things in reverse order. Confusion about time. Consistently late for or forgetting appointments.

Anger. Irritable at the least contradiction. Couldn't bear anything.

Need to put things in order. Desire for quiet and calm.

Sadness without specific cause. The blues. Low spirits in the evening. Apathy and loathing of everything.

Doesn't want contact. Doesn't want to speak or write about her symptoms.


Vertigo with nausea, fatigue and an intolerance of cold. Head pains, lancinating and stitching. Sharp and sudden pains. Stitching pains in the temple, sharp like a nail, moving from the outside inwards. Sensation of tightness, in the temples or around the eyes. Heaviness in the vertex and stiffness in the neck. Sensation of pressure in the head. Stitching pains that are sensitive to touch from the eyes to the temples. Head pain like a vice, tightening from noise. Continuous headache during menses. Hair breaking.


Smarting of eyes with desire to rub them. Itching eyes. Eyes itch when tired. Stitching pain in eye, from the outside in. Sensation of air in the eyes, < wind. Stye on lower left eyelid. Eyes stuck shut on waking. Ptosis of right eyelid. Vision as if veiled. White fog in front of eyes.


Sharp pain in left ear. Ear blocked, with deafness. Sensation of water in the ear. Vibrations and hissing in the ear as if an air bubble or balloon had deflated inside the ear. Weeping from right ear.


Hayfever with blocked nose and sneezing. Sensitiveness with a desire to rub the nose. Burning in the nose, as if mustard got up the nose.


Acne. Pimples on the face.


Pain in premolar.


Apthae inside lower lip. Sensation as if lower lip is visibly pushed out. Eruptions on the palate. Eruptions on the edge of the tongue. Tingling of the palate. Dry mouth with desire to drink. Impression of the teeth on the tip of the tongue.


Sensation of trembling with intolerance of cold and sensitivity to touch.


Desire for chocolate. Desires salad and fresh fruit. Desire for ice. Increased desire for starches though they are difficult to digest. Thirst and need to drink water.


Stabbing pains in the stomach. Nausea. Nausea < after eating. Nausea when travelling. Nausea with hunger and with fatigue. Eructations. Heartburn and lancinating pains in the stomach. Acid risings and bitterness in the throat. Contractions in the stomach. Sensation as of having eaten a meal that was too rich.


Bloating and swelling of abdomen. Swelling of the abdomen after eating. Gurgling. Hot pain in the abdomen. Pain and heat in the abdomen with great thirst. Heaviness and burning in the area of the waist. Lancinating pain around the navel. Sensation of a stitch in the liver. Stitch in the side. Stitch in the groin on walking. Heat in the lower abdomen. Nausea and intestinal spasms, > eating.

Stool and Anus

Flatus. Constipation. Incomplete stool.

Urinary Organs

Male Sexual Organs

Female Sexual Organs

Pain in lower abdomen after coition. Pain in the ovaries. Pain either side of uterus on bending. Scanty menses. Vaginal dryness during coition. Absence of sexual desire. Sensation that sexuality is dormant.

Respiratory Organs

Dry cough. Sensation of dust in throat > coughing.


Muscle pain below the ribs. Persistent intercostal pain with paroxysmal, lacinating intercostal neuralgia and great fatigue. Stabbing and stitching pains in the region of the ribs. Pressure and tightness around and below the ribs, with internal heat. As if the ribs were being squeezed. Chest compressed as if squeezed in a corset. Sensation as if she felt the interior walls of her body.


Cardiac erethism.

Neck and Back

Sensation as if the muscles no longer support the back. Soreness in the back as if he had been received blows from a bread paddle all along the spine. Pain in the dorsal area. Dorsal pain > straightening up. Dorsal pain when squeezing thumb and index finger together. Sticking pain under scapula while, < seated, > rising. Tightness and tension in nape of the neck. Tightness of neck with difficulty in moving.

Limbs in general

Cramps. Numbness.

Upper Limbs

Cramps and numbness in the hands. Itching and pain in wrist.

Lower Limbs

Pains, pulsations and cramps in the buttocks. Sciatica. Cracking of knees and involuntary movement of left kneecap. Cramping pains in leg, calf and feet. Violent contraction of calf. Cramps in the sole and under the heel. Numbness in feet and toes. Sensation as if they would cramp if she moved her toes.


Sharp, stitching and lancinating pains. Stitching and stabbing pains from the outside inwards. Sensations of pressure and particularly tightness. Fatigue.


Itching. Pimples and acne.


Waves of fatigue. Falling asleep suddenly. Desire to sleep in the afternoon. Waking at 4 a.m. With difficulty going back to sleep.


Lost children. Female relatives and young girls. Pregnancy, girls being born. Being pursued. Water, floods. Dreamt I spent the night in water again. Urination. Vegetation and the colour green. Climbing, descending and falling. Falling buildings. Of things falling. Instability. Twins and things in twos. Erotic dreams. Erotic dreams of threesomes (the prover and two others).


Bursts of heat without sweating or redness but with internal excitement, > undressing.


Lustig, Didier, The Homeopathic Proving of Neptunium Muriaticum, Paris, 2003