A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

by Peter David Fraser



Oryctolagus cuniculus

Rabbit, Cony.

Lac Oryctolagus cuniculus. Milk of the rabbit. Tincture.

Pilus Oryctolagus cuniculus. Fur of the rabbit. Trituration to 4c.

Sanguis Oryctolagus cuniculus. Blood of the rabbit. Tincture.

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Lagomorpha

Family: Leporidae


Carpel tunnel syndrome.

Morning sickness.

Ovarian cysts

Ovaries affections of.

Pregnancy, disorders during.

Stiffness of elbows and knees.

Uterus, affections of.


There have been provings of the milk, the blood and the fur of the rabbit. There does not seem to be a discernible difference between them and one proving used both the fur and the milk so they are not treated separately here. However, symptoms in the schema include an indication of which proving they came from: (L,P or S). Claire Bleakley conducted a proving of the milk in New Zealand in 1997 with 11 provers 5 of whom were male and 6 female, potencies of 6c, 30c and 200c were used. One of the milk provers did not take the remedy but provided a very detailed meditative proving of the remedy that is entirely consistent with the other provings. These symptoms are marked (Lm). A trituration proving of Rabbit's Fur with an oral proving of Rabbit's Milk was conducted by Bhavisha Joshi, Shachindra Joshi and Irene Schlingensiepen Brysch in Gottingen in 2003. A proving of Rabbit's Blood was conducted by the Proving Collective in Sheffield in 2002. There were 8 provers, all of them female,

The Rabbit is renowned for its innocence and for its sexuality and promiscuity both of which featured strongly in provings.

The bunny is associated with the nursery and has long been a favourite as a pet, represented in toys and in children's books. The softness of its fur and its timidity are seen as indications of its childishness and innocence. This innocence is something that is often going to be taken advantage of by the more knowing. The historical term for a swindler or con man was "cony catcher" and his victim was known as a cony. The provings brought out a fear that cold blooded people were planning against him, that people are deceiving you and have power over you or are laughing at you. How do you know if they are lying and how do you act. The feeling that you must not be soft and easy-going like a pudding. There is a strong sense of being small and vulnerable, of sudden danger, calmness followed by sudden alarm. Though there is a general calmness and peacefulness particularly one found in nature. There are dreams of danger, of fighting evil and of violence, particularly car crashes and explosions. There are dreams of being chased and pursued or of people who are about to be raped. There are particularly dreams of walking along cliff edges or crossing chasms with a definite sense of danger. There was an increase in general fearfulness with fear of spiders and dogs increased.

There is a weakness of will that results in indecision and a lack of ambition or motivation.

There is a general anxiety and apprehension that is felt physically as butterflies in the stomach, a phrase used by several provers.

The childish aspect of the remedy was seen in imagery and sensations that involved softness, fluffiness, whiteness, gentleness and tenderness. There was also a bouncy childlike excitement and excess of energy.

The rabbit has long been a symbol of fecundity and fertility. Cobbett noted that a buck and three does were said to produce enough offspring to put one on the table every third day. The phrase "at it like rabbits" is a common one for excessive sexual activity. The ovarian changes in rabbit caused by hCG were used as a pregnancy test; hence the phrase "the rabbit died" for a positive test. There is also a relationship to the female genitalia. The name cony was the proper name for the adult animal, rabbit was applied only to the young. It was pronounced as if spelt with a "u" until Victorian times when the similarity with the word cunt was too much and polite society began to pronounce it as if spelt with an "o". Issues of fertility and pregnancy were important in the provings, often linked with the issues of underdevelopment both physical and emotional. In the Blood proving one prover got pregnant unexpectedly and one who had been menopausal for several years had a return of menses. There was increased sexual desire in both sexes. One prover awoke to find she was in the middle of having sex with her partner. One would not let her husband out of the house until she had an orgasm. A combination of sexuality and innocence, of animal sexuality that surprises and overcomes innocence, seems to be central to the remedy. There are amorous and sexual dreams and dreams of nakedness, of prostitutes and extramarital affairs. There are also dreams of being pregnant and of babies and children and dreams of responsibility with fear around that responsibility.

There is also an affinity to the reproductive organs, particularly the ovaries and testes. Menses was too early or too sudden. Provers were taken by surprise. (S)

As with all milks and mammal remedies the mammae are involved but in Rabbit there is a particular soreness of the nipples.

There is a general sensitivity, it was strongest in the eyes' sensitivity to light (The rabbit providing the milk was an albino which are very sensitive to light). One prover felt that her eye protruded so she had a wider field of vision. Another that her vision was clearer because her eyes let in more light. However, the sensitivity to noise and the irritability it causes is also strong and there are buzzing noises in the ear. There was also a sensitivity to odours and an ability to smell cooking foods from a long way away. Imaginary odours of fish and strong cheese were experienced. The nose was itchy and there was a lot of sneezing.

There is an aggravation from or aversion to touch and to being stroked although firmer holding seems to ameliorate somewhat. This sensitivity is also expressed in pains that are raw and of injuries and operations that leave the skin or organs raw and exposed.

There is a definite increase in appetite but often a craving for something but they don't know what it is they want.

There are sensations of lightness as if floating, again common in milks. This is seen as a light-headedness, a dizziness and the sensation that the head is empty. However, there are also pressing and bursting pains in the head.

The limbs are affected in several ways. There is a strong affinity to the soles of the feet with coldness, sensitivity and softness. Numbness and tingling were found in the arms and the legs. The elbows and knees are also affected, especially with stiffness. The hips are also affected with sharp pains, worse for lying on them.

There is a restlessness in the remedy which is described as "frantic". There was a sense of restriction and constriction. A desire to be outdoors even though sensitive to cold. Clothing was particularly restrictive. There was a general desire to be naked but clothing around breasts and abdomen was particularly restrictive.

The sense of confusion is very strong with mistakes in writing and losing things and especially a tendency to be late. There is misjudgement of place, of time and of speed. Confusion of right and left. The confusion can also be tied into the childlike nature of the remedy, one prover describing it as being like a dizzy blonde. There is also a wandering in the pains which is clearly found in the toothache. Temperature can also fluctuate with both coldness and flushes of heat and night sweats.

The meditative proving within the New Zealand proving gave a very clear image of the remedy which seems to tie in very well with other provings and clinical experience, There was in it a sense of innocence of the unformed, of nursery foods and childish things.. Issues of fertility and of pregnancy were important. There was a sense of abuse, of sexual abuse and of malicious cruelty. Of callous laughter at other's misfortune. There was sensitivity in all areas, but particularly to noise, to touch and to light. Breasts were sensitive to touch and there was an affinity to the ovaries and the testes. Perhaps to a lack of development. Timidity, lack of assertion and anxiety. Prone to needless worries about the future. Constantly looking on the bad side. Apprehensive but easily placated. There were also fantasies that they were leading a glamorous, wealthy, attractive, sexual life. The physical sensation was one of being scraped raw, applied both to the womb and the stomach. The prover also felt that this scraped rawness applied also to the skin and to grazes or sunburn.

Claire Bleakley, who conducted the proving of the milk in New Zealand, also reports a case of a woman of 21 who had a sharp shooting pain in the left ovary. She felt as if her womb had been scraped, was hot and felt raw. She had had a termination at 18 which had affected her deeply. If she saw a child she would burst into tears and was no longer able to cut children's hair (she was a hairdresser). She also dreamed of babies. Menses became irregular and her nipples were sore. She was sensitive to bright lights but loved walking in nature. She felt claustrophobic. Very worried about the future. Touch and rubbing would irritate but holding more firmly was good. She was quite childlike and worried about her fertility. She responded very well to Lac oryctolagus 200c.

Peculiar sensations

As if light and floating away.

As if feet were not touching the ground.

As if pregnant.

As if butterflies in the stomach.

As if scraped and raw. (Stomach, womb, skin.)

As if walking on cotton wool.

Sensation as if hit on right cheekbone.

Clearness of vision as if receiving more light.

Eyes feel protruded.

As if sand in the eye.

Numbness, as if arms weren't there.

Sensation as if arms and legs might break.


< Left side

> Bending knee (sciatica)

> Orgasm


Compare Other mammals. Innocent victim, Columba palumbus. Infertility, Pulsatilla. Lack of development, Baryta carbonicum. Sexual desire, desire to be naked, Hyoscyamus.


Abortion. Termination of pregnancy. Sexual abuse.


Stool & Anus
Neck & Back
Upper Limbs
Lower Limbs
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Sensation of lightness and floating away. (P) Floating so that feet have no contact with the earth. (L)

A sense of clearness in the head. (L)

Thoughts of gentleness and tender care. (P) A feeling of peace and calm. (P) Feeling loving and caring. (P) Calm and unhurried. (S)

Awareness of bird song and of nature. (L) Awareness of animals. (S) Desire for open air. (S)

Relaxed but excessively alert. (L)

Thoughts of marriage, relationships and divorce. (P)

Increased sexual desire and thoughts of extramarital affairs. (L) Animal sexuality. Looking at a woman's backside and feeling it might be breeding time. (L) Overwhelmed buy the need to shag and have orgasms. Aggressive sexual desire. (S) Wanting fast, furious sex, outside and from behind. (S) Sexual frustration. Need to orgasm, > orgasm. (S) Woke thinking that I lay naked in bed and a naked young woman laid on top of me. Soft feeling of warmth, the touch of skin to skin. (L) When I woke up I was making love and feeling frantic and I said, "Oh no!" I was surprised and confused about how this had happened. (L) Sensation as if pregnant. (S) Desire to be naked. (S)

Feeling restricted by clothes, had to remove bra and socks. (S) Feeling restricted and stifled. (S)

Irritability with children. (S)

A lack of ambition and a lack of will, feeling very inoffensive and afraid. (L) Slow in achieving what she wants to. (L) Lacking in motivation, can't be bothered. (L) Relaxed and bored. (L) Didn't want to make a decision. (L) Feeling depressed and listless. (L)

Feeling one should not be soft and easy-going liking a pudding. (P)

Sociable. (S) More open with people, pleased to see them. (S) Communicating with people > everything. (S)

Forgetful and mixing up words. (L) Losing things. (L) Mixing up letters when writing. (L) Writing is slanted backwards. (L) Muddling up words and forgetting what things are called. (L) Making mistakes in writing. (S) Confused and forgetful. (L) Having difficulty saying what I want to say, the words go out of my head. (L) Forgetting where I have put things. (L) Confusing left and right. (S) Spatial confusion. (S) Misjudging time, speed and distance. (S) Time passes too slowly. (P) Doing everything too slowly. (S) Distorted judgement of time. Yesterday seems like a week ago. (L) Losing track of time, tendency to be late. (L) Confusion about time. (L) Time passes too quickly. (S)

Feels like a dizzy blonde forgetful and sometimes missing the point completely. (L) Childlike. (S)

Intense restlessness. (P) Excitement. Jumping up and down with excitement. (S) Hyped up and speaking loudly. Want to get going. (L) Feeling frantic. (L) Impatient with everyone. (L) Feeling hyperactive. (L) Cleaning maniacally. (S)

Felt very large. (S) Felt taller. (S) Felt very short and that everyone else was really tall. (L) Felt vvery small. (S) Feel very big alternating with feeling very small. (L) Felt singled out and vulnerable. (L)

Felt worried and frightened. (L) Fearful. Scared walking in the dark, fear that she will be attacked. (S) Aware of people around her, they make her feel edgy. (S) Fear that cold blooded people are plotting against him. (P) Fear of dogs. (S) Fear of spiders. (S) Fear that snakes will come out of the toilet and bite my backside. (L) Feeling that people are deceiving him and secretly laughing at him. They have a power over him and he doesn't know how to act. (P) Sense of danger. (L) Not wanting to be seen. (S)

State of calmness and relaxation that could easily turn to a state of alarm and alertness. (L)

Images of snow and of avalanches. (L)


Emptiness of the head. (P) Head feels light. (S) Feeling of light-headedness and a tension at the back of the head just below the crown. (L) Tingling or buzzing pressure in the back of the head. (L) Throbbing pain, < standing. (L) Perspiration. (L) Headache from heat and light of the sun. (L) Dizziness. (L&S) Heat and bursting pains. (Lm) Pain in left temple. (S) Stabbing pain in one spot. (S) Feeling of tiredness in the head. (S)


Needle like pains. (S) Photophobia. Sensitive to light. (L) Lachrymation in the sunlight. (L) Eyes itchy and bloodshot. (L) Twitching above eye. (S) Light sensitivity with flickering feeling around eyes. (L) Sensitive to flashing lights. (Lm) Eyes feel protruded. As if she had much wider vision. (S) Clearness of vision as if receiving more light. (S) Eyes feel too open. (S) Tiredness of the eyes. (S) Sticky discharge on waking. (S) Grittiness in eye, as if sand in them. (S) Pain around eyes. (S) Smoky vision. (S)


Ear pain and ringing left ear. (L) Aching in right ear. (L) Shooting pain in left ear. (S) Sensitivity to noise. (L) Pain, < pressure. (L) Noises irritate. (L) Do not like loud noises. (L) Disturbed by talking and loud noises. (L)


Nose blocked. (L) Itching. (L) Sore spot inside left nostril. (S) Nose running. (L) Sneezing. (L&S) Sneezing with clear coryza. (L) Sensitive to odours. (L) Smell of shit that no one else could smell. (L) Smell of fish. (L) Smell of strong cheese. (S) Twitching above nose. (S)


Aching in lower jaw. (L) Sensation as if hit on right cheekbone. (S) Lips feel dry. (S) Feeling of heat. (S) Face warm and flushed. (S)


Intermittent and wandering toothache. (L)


Metallic taste. (L) Roof of mouth sore and raw. (S) Tip of tongue sore. (S)


Tonsils and submandibular glands swollen. (L) Tonsils swollen, red and with pussy spots, painful talking. (L) Thick yellow mucus. (L) Sensation of a lump. (S) Sore and raw. (L) Throat sore and strained. (S)


Appetite increased. (L) Hunger with feeling of fullness. (S) Craving food but knows not what. (L&S) Desire bread, potatoes and pasta. (L) Desires olives and cheese. (L) Desire for cheese. (S) Hungry, needed to be full so ate bread and cheese. (S) Desire nuts and dried fruits. (S) Desire for apples. (S) Desire curries and chillies. (L) Desire for ice cream. (S) Desire for eggs. (S) Thirsty for water. (L)


Butterflies in stomach. (L) Burning in oesophagus. (L) Burning liquid rising into mouth. (L) Burning indigestion. (S) Nausea. (L&S) Hunger with nausea. (S) Nausea in the morning. (S) Sensation of rawness as if scraped and denuded of its lining. (Lm)


Rumbling and passing wind. (L) Distension and flatulence. Bloating. (S) Dragging pain during menses. (L) Frustrated knot in the abdomen. (S) Tenderness in abdomen. (S) Constriction and coldness around navel. (S)

Stool and Anus

Motions smelt like fresh cow manure. (L) Yellow and loose. (L) Sensation of diarrhoea. (S) Offensive flatulence. (S) Flatulence smells fishy. (S) Frequent loose stools. (S)

Urinary Organs

Urinating less, drinking normal amount. (S) Pain in kidney area. (S)

Male Sexual Organs

Increased sexual desire. (L)

Female Sexual Organs

Increased sexual desire. (L&S) Itching of outer labia. (S) Menses heavy and clotted. (L) Menses lasts too long. (S) Menses light. (S) Menses too early. (S) Menses starts suddenly. (S) Sensation that something had been scraped from womb. (Lm) Only ovulate in right ovary. Infertility. (Lm) Unexpected pregnancy. (S)


Tenderness of mammae, nipples sore. (L&S) Mammae ache during menses, < light touch, > heavy pressure. (L) Perspiration of axillae. (L) Mammae sensitive to touch and heat. (Lm) Nipples tender and sore. (L) Feeling of constriction around breasts, had to remove bra. (S) Bra too tight as if breasts are bigger. (S) Coughed up blood streaked mucus. (S) Cough and expectoration in morning. (S)

Neck and Back

Soreness of neck or upper back. (L) Aching across shoulders. (S) Stabbing pain between shoulder and neck. (S) Sacroilliac joint pain. (L&Lm) Ache in lower back. (S) Stiffness in lower back. Can't straighten up. (S) Stabbing pain in lumbar region. Shooting pains, extending to right buttock and thigh. > sitting or bending knee. (S) Neck feels stiff and bruised. (S)

Limbs in general

Numbness and tingling in arms and lower legs. (S) Aching in the bones. (L) Sensation as if arms and legs might break if she does anything out of the ordinary.. (S)

Upper Limbs

Numbness and coldness of hands. (S) Numbness, as if arms weren't there. (S) Aching of elbows. (L) Angry pimple/boils under right arm. (L) Infection near fingernails. (L) Soreness of right elbow. (L) Sharp pain in right forearm. (S) Perspiration of axillae. (S)

Lower Limbs

Cold and sensitive soles of the feet. (P) Feet feel soft and fluffy as if walking on cotton wool. (P) Warts on sole of right foot. (S) Numbness and tingling in calves and feet. (S) Warmth of the soles of the feet. (P) Feet very hot. (S) When walking legs felt like wood they wouldn't bend. (L) Tendons at back of knees feel stretched. (S) Leg stiff from knee down. (S) Blisters on the soles of the feet. (L) Aching right knee. (L) Twitching. (L) Pain in sciatic nerve down thigh, < when leg stretched out. (S) Legs tired and heavy. (S) Cold feet in bed. (L) Pricking pain in thigh when lying on it. (L) Hips aching and sore, < lying on them. (L) Pain in right hip > lying on left. (S) Boils below knee. (L) Soreness of hips. (L) Tightness of right knee. (L) Cramping in calf and top of thighs. (L) Sharp pains in feet. (L) Sharp pain in left ankle. (S) Horizontal crack on heel. (S)


Restlessness (L&P&S) Energised and active (L&P&S) Fluctuating temperature. (L) Cold and shivery. (L) Poor hand eye coordination. (L) Whole body aches. (L) Touching and stroking <, pressure and holding >. (Lm) Feeling hot stifled and constricted. (S) Hot during sleep. Hot after eating. (S) Flush of heat moving upward and outward. (S) A tendency to coldness but also a desire for cold fresh weather. (L)


Infection of wounds. (L) Warts. (L) Grazes, layers of skin missing. (Lm)


Sleepy after lunch. (L) Sleeping heavily. (L) Oversleeping. (S) Tiredness. (S) Tiredness with yawning. (L) Waking at 05.30.(L) Sleeplessness. (L) Perspiration during sleep. (S)


Rabbits. (S) Nakedness. (P) Waiting for my beloved. (P) Amorous and sexual. (L) Need to have sex in dream. (S) Orgasm in dream. (S) Warm and sensual, lots of stroking. (S) Extramarital affairs. (L) Pregnancy and fertility. (S) Prostitutes. (L) Danger, with calmness. (L) Having to fight an evil man. (L) Being chased, scared for our lives. (S) Being pursued. (S) Large lump of jelly like phlegm in the throat. (L) Abysses, cliff edges and bridges over chasms, with danger. (L) Babies and children. (L) Looking after children. (S) Responsibility with fear for that responsibility. (L) Fearful. (L) Car crashes and explosions. (L) Water and sea, floods and tidal waves. (S) Chaotic. (L) Rabies. (S) Hairy legs. (S) Exhausted by dreaming so much. (S)


Bleakley, Claire. A Proving of Rabbit's Milk. Wellington, NZ. 1997 p.bleakley@orcon.net.nz

Bärtig, Andrea; Humphreys, Nette. Proving of Blood of Rabbit, Sheffield 2002 (raw data) homeopathy@andreabratig.co.uk, nette.homeopath@gmail.com

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