A Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

by Peter David Fraser




Tungsten, Wolfram

W (A.N. 74 A.W. 183.84) Gold series. Stage 6

Tungsten ores, particularly wolframite and scheelite, are found in California, Colarado, Bolivia, Portugal, Russia and South Korea but 75% of the world's production comes from China.

Trituration of the powdered metal to 3c then succussion to higher potencies.



Migraine headache.

Nightmares of fire.


Wolframium was proved by Annette Bond at the North West College of Homœopathy in 1996. 11 provers, 5 male and 6 female, took up to 6 doses of potencies between 6c and 30c. Jan Scholten conducted a two day dream proving at the Homœopathic College in Wageningen in 1993 it is reported in Homœopathy and the Elements. 15 provers took two doses of a 30c potency. 4 of them reported ongoing effects.

Tungsten is one of the most robust of all the elements. It has the highest melting point (3422°C), the lowest vapour pressure and the highest tensile strength above 1650° of any of the metals. It is resistant to acids. In alloys it greatly increases the hardness of metals. It is used to harden steel and as tungsten carbide it is central to the cutting and drilling industries. Its high melting point and the fact that it can be extruded into fine wires means that it is ideal for filaments in light bulbs. It is also used wherever hardness, the ability to withstand high temperatures and high density are required. Turbine blades, yacht keels, darts and armaments and electrical and welding applications. Its hardness and ability to take a polish, the fact that it takes on interesting "temper colours" when heated and its hypo-allergenic nature mean that it has been taken up by jewellers. Tungsten compounds are also used in ceramic glazes and in pigments.

In 1779 Peter Woulfe concluded that the mineral wolframite must contain a new element. In 1781 Carl Wilhelm Scheele ascertained that a new acid could be obtained from tungstenite (now known as scheelite). In 1783 José and Fausto Elhuyar made an identical acid from wolframite and later in that year isolated tungsten from the acid. It was 75 years before it began to be used in making hard alloys and 120 years before it was used in its pure form in electric light bulbs.

The most obvious feature of the remedy is its detachment and lack of feeling. This is expressed physically in symptoms of numbness and painlessness. There is some tendency to accidents but the injuries that result are either not very painful of the pain disappears quickly. On the mental and emotional levels there is a similar lack of feeling. In its positive expression this allows for clear thinking and unemotional reactions. Many provers felt capable, taller and freer, better able to say what had to be said and do what had to be done. Provers lost some of their fears and were unafraid in difficult situations. This does not mean that they were unaware of the dangers; rather they know what those dangers were and were confident of being able to deal with them. On the other hand such detachment leads to a feeling of being an outsider and of being unable to connect with the world or with other people. This leads to feelings of being an alien or an outsider. Provers were disconnected even from themselves. There were feeling of being next to oneself, being cut in half at the waist, of an unclear connection between body and mind and dreams of observing oneself from above.

When the sense of detachment is breached the effect and the reaction can be excessive. So while a feeling of not being affected by anything is the norm there is also extreme and violent anger and great irritability.

The remedy is ameliorated by work and has a tendency to restlessness, time passes too slowly and they move from one job to another before the first is finished. Restlessness in the mind and in the limbs prevents sleep.

There is an issue of proving oneself in Wolframium. Dr Beijering reports a case of a woman with hot flushes and severe migraines who felt that she to prove herself. In order to prove oneself one must be put to the test and as Wolfram is so hard and resistant to fire it has to be proved through the most extreme situations and the hottest fire.

Wolfram is not a demonstrative remedy. Scholten describes it as "hiding", in line with stage 6, but this does not really capture the feeling. It is not an active hiding of things but their experience is self contained and like other things is detached from the world. Thus they prove themselves for their own personal need not to show the world. When they are able to do things and to achieve they are proud of themselves, but again it is a private feeling. It is not a hidden arrogance but a personal satisfaction. "After a long walk which pushed me to the limit I felt proud. Didn't let others know how proud I felt."

Sexuality is important and their is a strong sensuality about the remedy but again it is personal. "Sexual feeling diffused through whole body. Nice feeling like being turned on but not like I have to have sex. Not crude, sensitive and definitely sexual." It is as if the detachment of the remedy makes the patient self contained and not deenful of the input of others.

Their is a refinement to the remedy. A dislike of loud people and loud colours and a desire to be sophisticated.

The remedy has a very strong modality of aggravation in the morning and on waking which is to be found in almost all symptoms. It is better for activity, for being outside and for stool.

Eating and food are important in the remedy. Many symptoms are ameliorated by eating. Appetite is generally diminished, but hunger appears suddenly, is increased by eating or appears a short time after eating. There were also dreams around food: of eating and feasting and of cooking. Bloating and burning indigestion with loose and offensive stool are all found..

Nausea is also a feature of the remedy, often in the morning and sometimes better for eating.

Physical symptoms are often pressing and constrictive in nature, particularly in the head, the chest and the heart.

Flushes of heat are important. Whole body feels hot or flushes of heat spreading upwards and flushes of heat with perspiration that smells of onions. The feet are hot at night with burning of the soles. There is an awareness of fire and dreams or nightmares of fire and burning.

As with many of the metals there are neuropathies and twitching, trembling and numbness. Also there is weakness of the limbs with ankles and wrists threatening to give out.

Peculiar sensations

As if not there.

Feeling as if cut in half at the waist.

As if head full of cotton wool.

Eyes as if popped out, protruding.

That face is compressed.

Chemical taste in the throat.

Sensation as if digestion is speeded up.

Feeling in vagina as if no control.


< Morning, on waking (all symptoms)

> Activity

> After stool (headache, nausea)

> Fresh air (headache, tiredness)

> Eating (headache, heart, nausea, appetite)

> Pressure (headache)



Gold series remedies. Chromium and Molybdenum (Group 6)

Follows well




Stool & Anus
Neck & Back
Upper Limbs
Lower Limbs


Feeling as if not there. Feeling of being an alien. Feeling of unreality. Floating. Feeling tall. Next to myself, not really there. Detachment. Distanced from her emotions. Feeling as if cut in half at the waist. Unclear bridge between body and mind. Feeling of freedom. Able to watch feelings while they are happening. Able to say and do as she wishes. Uninhibited and carefree. Confrontational. Feeling less serious.

Alert. Thinking clearly. Working clearly and efficiently. Open and direct. Decisive. Good sense of direction. Proud of what she does. Needs to prove herself.

Unafraid of things that usually scare. Lost fear of the dark. Unafraid but aware of danger.

Confident and bold. Sudden anger. Anger out of proportion to cause. Throwing things and slamming doors.

Restless. Going from one job to another without finishing. Awareness of time. Time passing more slowly.

Calmness and serenity. Passive and lethargic. Aversion to work. Puts things off. Unmotivated and disinterested. Absent minded and difficulty concentrating.

Intolerant and irritable. Irritated by children. < Company. Aversion to company. Desire to be alone. Detached from people and activity. Withdrawn emotionally.

Protective of boyfriend, of children, of animals. Warm and friendly. Touched by people's kindness. Insecure. Doubts her own judgement. Vulnerable and unprotected. Sensitive to noise and to smells.

Awareness of death.

Sensual. Sensitive to sensual and sexual feelings. Love good food and drink. Appreciative and aware of colours and the environment.

Fascination with fire.

Desire to look sophisticated. Aversion to loud clothes.


Light headed. Fuzzy feeling. Dizzy and disoriented felt in head and stomach. Feeling of fullness in head. Heaviness in forehead. Headache as if forehead being pressed on, > pressure, > fresh air. Stitching pressing headache. Headache at the back of the head, extending downward. Headache over forehead brought on by study. Headache extending to left and front of face, > eating. Right sided migraine. Pain in temples, < right side. Shooting pain above right eye. Head ache over left eye. Waking with severe headache over right eye. Cold sweat on forehead with nausea. Headache > after stool.


Tiredness. Tiredness on waking. Heavy lidded. Strained. Eyes puffy with sticky white discharge, on waking. Left eye itching > scratching. Soreness as if something in the eye, some redness. Could take in more visually. Short distance focussing overwhelming, prefer to look in to the distance. Eyes feel as if popped out, protruding.


Everything muffled, as if ears blocked and head full of cotton wool. Sensation as if pressure inside ear. Sharp piercing pain. Intense pain in both ears. Sensitive to noise.


Itching. Nose blocked, both sides, on waking. Congestion on waking, Thick yellowish discharge. Blood streaked discharge. Sensitive to smells. Sensitive to smell of perfume.


Dull pain down right side of face. Jaws feel tight or locked. Pain, < moving jaws sideways but not for chewing. Sensation that face is compressed. Pimples. Oily skin. Hot flushes. Pale.



Dry on waking. Dry mouth with thirst. Metallic taste. Bad taste in mouth. Coated white and rough. Furry and coated, yellowish brown.


Dry with sharp pains. Sore throat > as day progressed. Throat pain, < swallowing. Palpitations in the throat. Rawness and burning. Rawness and dryness at back of throat on waking. Redness at back of throat. Thick mucus at back of throat. Throat swollen and numb. Glands swollen and painful. Chemical taste in the throat. Throat dry while mouth feels full of saliva.


Lack of appetite. Sudden hunger with ball like sensation in pit of stomach. Hunger half an hour after eating. Hunger when eating, just want to carry on eating. Thirst. Thirst on waking. Thirst for water and cold drinks. Desire for tea. Desire for chocolate and alcohol. Desire bananas. Desire salt. Desire bland food. Aversion to alcohol.


Nausea. Nausea after eating. Nausea after passing stool. Sudden nausea. Burning indigestion. Heartburn. Bloating and churning in stomach. Sharp pains from bloating. Anxiety felt in stomach.


Bloating and rumbling. Rumbling on rising. Sensation as if digestion is speeded up.

Stool and Anus

Stool offensive. Stool loose. Stool frequent and unsatisfactory. Stool loose with griping pains. Stool loose with urgency.

Urinary Organs

Urination more frequent. Urine pale and copious. Desire to urinate, only passing small quantity. Cystitis.

Male Sexual Organs

Sharp pain in right testicle. Desire diminished.

Female Sexual Organs

Discharge, strong smelling and offensive. Menses early and heavy. Feeling in vagina as if no control. Sexual feeling diffused through whole body. Sexual feeling decreased when occupied. Pleasant sexual feeling as if turned on but don't need to have sex. Sexual sensation felt in whichever part of the body attention is turned to.

Respiratory Organs

Sighing. Wheezing. Dry hacking cough. Dry irritating cough. Deep irritating cough. Cough on waking. Cough with tightness of chest. Thick green or yellow expectoration. Feeling that breath is not deep enough.


Tightness and sensation of restriction in chest. Trembling or fluttering in sternum. Heat in chest.


Heart racing with feeling of pressure. Pain felt in the heart area, > eating. Heart feels like a lump.

Neck and Back

Sharp pain between shoulder blades on waking, like a knot being pulled tight. Heaviness in back as if carrying something heavy. Stiffness and heaviness in cervical region. Clicking of neck on turning. Back felt freer and taller, posture improved.

Limbs in general

Sharp pains. Restless limbs causing sleeplessness.

Upper Limbs

Forearms and wrists feel weak. Shooting pain in fingers. Numbness. Pins and needles. Trembling sensation in hands. Left index finger stiff and locked. Have to have hands free. Not liking touching things, holding fingers apart.

Lower Limbs

Legs aching and sore. Stiffness Pain in knee on walking. Left big toe numb and sore. Feet hot at night. Burning in right sole. Weakness in ankle, as if it would give way, < walking.


Heaviness. Weariness. Heavy dull feeling in the morning. Feeling exhausted when not working, > activity. Rushed feeling, need to be busy. Restlessness. Trembling and fluttering sensation, internal trembling. Tendency to accidents. Painlessness or pain recedes quickly. > Outdoors and for activity. Want to be near the sea.



Waking at 6.30 am. Waking early and ready to go. Kept awake by thoughts. Tiredness in the evening. Sleep heavy. Waking late. Tiredness > outdoors.


Fire. Cruelty. Danger. Being pursued. Accidents. Seeing self from bird's eye view. Driving fast, going wild. Of being criticised, feeling powerless. Being important and rich. Refusing a man's advances. Dreams of violence without conscience. Of war. Broken glass. Dead relatives. Flying. Sea and the seaside. Of treasure to be found in a wasteland. Food, cooking and feasting. Bananas. Red plants. Toilets. Of being christened. Work and everyday jobs. Prophetic dreams. Gender dissatisfaction.


Hot flushes. Hot flushes with perspiration. Sensation of heat over whole body. Hot flushes spreading upwards. Alternating hot and cold. Perspiration smelling of onions.


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