Passer domesticus

The Homœopathic Proving of


Materia Medica





Mind Themes of Sparrow

Safe and Cared For

Energetic, Fizzy, Bubbly, Wild, Shaky

I feel slightly manic. I'm trying to do many things at once and I cannot keep my mind in a straight line. I feel hectic and in disarray.
03P 03 XX:XX OS

I feel very bubbly and natural.
03P 04 XX:XX NS

I feel lively, feel awake, ready to go.
08P 02 XX:XX NS

I keep going shaky, I feel nervy and scared.
08P 07 XX:XX NS

Totally barmy, like I'm drunk, unable to calm down, Giggling, my head feels as though I've been drinking, I feel sky high like a kite, not grounded, Time passes very quickly.
08P 17 XX:XX NS

Feel flat but seem to have sudden out bursts of activity. Today feels like it's been disrupted.
09P 06 XX:XX NS

Still easily taken to excitement and going over the top in my actions. It brings on a pressure in my temples with headache. Scratched one of the mirrors on my motorbike on the back of a lorry whilst pushing/cutting my way through traffic!
09P 07 XX:XX NS

Want to drive my car full pelt to loud fast heavy metal. Thank god the roads are wet so I can't go wild on my bike. There's something inside of me that's faster, nastier, more raging, more bazerko, it's totally wild. The depth of this feeling has an extra edge that I don't recognise. It's fucking crazy in an instant, wildly explosive. It seems to be intensifying as the full moon comes. Something's going to get broken at this rate. Propensity to excitement growing with full moon.
09P 15 XX:XX IOS

Felt intense tremulousness, internal excitement, like when running for a train and you don't know if it will pull out, and you just get it. Agitation, vibrating energy, intense pulsation. It's emotional, but somatizes in the chest, like someone pressing on my chest.
11P 03 XX:XX NS

Unable to rest all day. Feel I need to be doing something but know I need to rest. Keep thinking of a little tasks I can do but find I go from one to another not completing any.
15P 21 XX:XX NS

Have to go outside, need to walk on the heath, see some green, and get some fresh air.
15P 23 XX:XX NS

The feeling of well-being is starting to spill over into mild hyperactivity. I am buzzing – excited, focused, feel I have fantastic concentration, socially too wired and not as empathetic as I would like.
16P 24 XX:XX NS

I feel really lively and want to be doing something! I need to be active. I feel happy helping to prepare the veg for dinner, I feel very sociable, bit excitable.
17P 01 19.30 NS

Lying in bed, I feel really awake. I say I've been asleep all day and now I'm awake!. I feel talkative and lively, mischievous. I don't want to sleep, I want my husband to talk with me.
17P 04 23.00 NS

My husband and I are studying at home today. I end up very excitable and silly, I feel like being mischievous and naughty! We keep interrupting each other and find it very funny.
17P 14 XX:XX NS

My energy courses through my veins, it feels vibrant and dazzling, fizzy. And yet when I sit down to work, my mind goes flat. I can't get down to it.
17P 15 XX:XX NS

Feeling wired still and can't sit down to study so I do some vacuuming instead. I need to be active. Then I get too hot and have to take my top off even after opening all the windows. I feel the need to wash again before seeing friends.
17P 16 XX:XX NS

It was incredible driving back home in the flash floods and the rain is literally chucking water at the windscreen. I have to turn the CD off so I can take it all in. Its mad, lots of lightning, although I hear no thunder. It is incredible rain; I love it, its so exciting.
17P 16 XX:XX NS

I feel wired again,. I feel energetic and nervy.
17P 18 XX:XX NS

The sensation of this energy is fizzing, it rushes around my veins and head and feels unruly, disturbing. There's a naughtiness to it, it wont let me settle down.
17P 22 XX:XX NS

I bumped my head twice within about half an hour. I feel so fizzy inside, there is too much going on in my head, and I hop from one thought to the next.
17P 26 XX:XX NS

Need to pee but the loos were all busy so went out into the garden. I wanted to run about. I put my hands into my cardigan pockets & pulled it over my head then I ran into the bushes. Great fun. Fly, fly.
18P 02 XX:XX NS

Put my hands into my lab coat pocket today & started to flap about. Wanted to flap & fly.
18P 04 XX:XX NS

Walking to work today I felt that as I inhaled my arms wanted to move upwards & as I exhaled they wanted to come down again. This developed into deep breathing rhythm.
18P 05 XX:XX NS

Loud Music

I did my assignment with loud rock music on. Would normally listen to classical.
05P 42 XX:XX NS

Got an Elvis Presley CD box set out of the library!! Cool. He's the king man. This could be seen as very out of character!! I'm digging it. AAAAHHHH....what's happening to me? There are no limits to a proving obviously.
09P 07 XX:XX NS

Notice during the day several times that I am singing out loud, very loudly.
11P 42 XX:XX NS

I have a strong desire to listen to loud music not background music, but loud. I'd really like some new music to listen to as I'm bored with it all.
17P 17 XX:XX NS


I have been more communicative and chatty than usual, I am usually a quiet person who doesn't talk a lot.
02P 06 XX:XX NS

I want to go out and socialize and drink! I am also more talkative.
03P 01 XX:XX NS

I had this need to get out of the house again and so I went along the road and visited some friends. Again I felt much better for the contact and a chat. I felt it grounded me.
19P 43 XX:XX NS

I am expressing things a bit too easily. Normally, I am more reticent to say things, especially to my friends; I hang on to things. Over the proving, I have not done so. If I had an issue, I raised it, and kept it in perspective and was more objective.
19P 52 XX:XX NS

Bored Easily

I wanted to talk. Felt bored and restless and nervous when it was my friend's turn to talk. When she answered the phone I had to get up and walk around. I and was thinking I hope she is finishing the conversation soon, so that I can talk again.
05P 04 XX:XX NS

Visited a friend, but felt restless after half an hour, so I left.

Have hardly watched TV, or listened to music. Only interested in things that matter to life quality and survival.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Out with friends for a birthday dinner, feel a bit bored, just fancy going home.
15P 10 XX:XX NS

At a party I feel antisocial. I can't engage with other people. They do not interest me. I am in the circle trying to make an effort to join in, I have things to say, things to contribute, but nothing comes out of my mouth, I cant be bothered to make the effort. People bore me, the conversation seems dull and pointless. I don't listen to people properly, I don't look at them. I listen to what people are saying on the opposite side of the room, that way I don't have to join in. I feel self conscious and antisocial, what am I doing here.
15P 29 XX:XX NS

I only want to have conversations if they are interesting, worth while, meaningful. I have no attention or time for the benign. I feel socially irritable. Very aware of my thoughts and feelings towards others. Unable to or not willing to engage with those that I find boring.
15P 37 XX:XX NS

Sensitive and Irritable

Husband says that I am irritable and have been for the last 2 weeks. I don't feel it, in fact feel that I have been very calm and think it might be him and not me.
04P 18 XX:XX NS

Seem to be increasingly irritable with the people I am dealing with, especially on the phone.
07P 19 XX:XX NS

The sound of fireworks exploding made me jump, far more than usual.
07P 28 XX:XX NS

I'm well tetchy with my house mate. Things that he does are pissing me off, like for fuck's sake have some respect.
09P 03 XX:XX NS

Irritability and lack of patience for anything coming almost unbearable at twilight. I can't explain the feeling. Easier to cope with once it's dark.
09P 03 XX:XX NS

Still being pretty intolerant of little things, or should I say there getting at me more than normal.
09P 09 XX:XX NS

For about half an hour, The voices of the driver to my right and passenger immediately behind my right ear talking to each other seem very loud and grating to the extent I put my finger in my right ear to try to block out the sound. I really want them to shut up but feel it would be rude to say so. Lights from the oncoming cars seem very bright and I put my hand over my eyes to shield them. I am also aware of having an unusually acute sense of smell 11P 02 19.00 NS

My hearing seemed to be more acute than usual. I could hear voices better, as if they were talking to me, though they were just people chatting to each other and I was passing. I felt like I should join in the conversation but I knew really that they weren't talking to me.
12P 03 XX:XX NS

Generally quite grumpy and a little rude to others. Intolerant.
13P 21 XX:XX NS

Irritation constant all day – brooding, feeling aggressive and confrontational inside. I feel like telling everybody what I really feel about them. I feel like an accident waiting to happen.
16P 04 XX:XX NS

Irritation symptoms continue like yesterday, initially better for running, sweating which felt like an easing of pressure.
16P 04 XX:XX NS

I feel irritable and in need of some air really fast! 17P 16 XX:XX NS

Calm, Staring

I just want to sit and stare into space. Sometimes, feel I could melt into the environment, but more often with melancholy and sadness.
01P 05 XX:XX NS

I have the strong desire to go to a cafe and sit around and drink coffee and stare into space.
01P 06 XX:XX NS

Just wanted to stare and not listen what the tutor said. Want to be on my own.
05P 02 XX:XX NS

Amazingly calm and relaxed, serene (this lasted for weeks), despite lots of stress in life currently that had been really getting to me.
06P 02 XX:XX NS

Feeling very stressed today, yet unresponsive to it. I later realise that I was actually calm relative to the days stresses.
06P 04 XX:XX NS

Client didn't turn up today and I didn't get stressed! In fact I wasn't bothered.
06P 13 XX:XX NS

Phenomenally chilled. Standing on my pedestal, looking down upon the world. Normally pissed off about punctuality but OK with it today.
06P 14 XX:XX NS

Headache continuing, with pressure over eyes and in the top of the head, but feel calm about it. Normally my mind is frantic with thoughts when I have a bad headache.
07P 06 16.00 NS

Feeling of calmness, trance like staring or desire to close eyes. Not sleepy. Content to just be there.
09P 01 17.00 NS

Stopping and staring out of the window a lot in a daze, trance like. I remember doing this a lot when I use to be at school aged 13 and younger. A state of disconnection.
09P 06 13.30 NS

I am watching myself, I am the watcher, like I'm on a vantage point and can see everything. Other people don't know we're there, but it's not malicious, just observing what is going on.
11P 22 XX:XX NS

I described my feeling of calm as "just being" and without the load that I physically felt around my shoulders and neck region. Mentally, maybe I appear to be less involved though still care very much about the well being of my family.
14P 24 XX:XX NS

During a short meditation after the proving I felt like the top of my head flew open with a pop and blast of white light. I felt totally calm and euphoric. Relaxed.
15P 01 17.30 NS

Light sensation at the top of the head, a slight faintness. A great feeling, euphoric, lifting me up from the top of my head and taking the weight of me.
15P 04 XX:XX NS

Feel like I have just got out of a warm bath - so relaxed & calm. This is lovely.
18P 02 XX:XX NS

Felt calm when I woke up today & gazed out of the window. My eyes could see tops of trees above a house swaying in the autumn wind but I could not hear a thing. The window was almost shut & the beauty of the moment still endures.
18P 02 XX:XX NS

I have been feeling happy & light. Even though there have been nasty disagreements at work recently I don't feel any of the bad feelings now. All the grudges have gone. People who before I would have been a bit off with I am now happily chatting to & feel totally at ease in the situation.
18P 03 XX:XX NS

Have a calm feeling of detachment with most things. For instance I have just been offered a new job, one that I really want. I feel really happy about it but I still a detachment from it. I'm not being carried away by emotions.
18P 04 XX:XX NS

I feel detached from my girlfriend. I feel like I love her dearly but at the moment I feel a cushion between us, a protective layer. There is much love but also detachment. The calm continues.
18P 04 XX:XX NS

Throughout all the recent ups & downs I have been experiencing a great sense of calm optimism. Whatever course life happens to take is fine by me.
18P 12 XX:XX NS

In the Present

In the present I have arranged to visit a friend in Plymouth; this is unusual, as I tend to talk about doing things but never do it. I feel like "there's no time like the present". I am much more decisive and know what I want.
03P 04 XX:XX NS

In the present Feeling overloaded sitting in my office. Is this course one too far. I need to go and teach now, am I ready. The time of serene wisdom is coming - there is a time and place for everything, and we all have our time.
06P 32 XX:XX NS

In the present This remedy is all powerful, I am helpless against it. I simply have to accept it for the length of time it is working in me.
07P 10 XX:XX NS

In the present I feel I have gained in self-respect and self-confidence. Basically I'm operating in present time much more than I ever have.
10P 00 XX:XX NS

In the present I felt very strongly that there are only a few things that are really worth doing, the rest is really a waste of time, there are only a few things that are really worth having – those that are practical and useful, and those that are truly beautiful, the rest is just tat. No point in "saving things for best", putting off enjoying things until some future point (best crockery, stationery, clothes etc.), use them and enjoy them now.
11P 00 XX:XX NS

In the present On my way to meet a girl who I got chatting to a couple of weeks ago and we said we would meet up for a drink. I am thinking that I need to get home and work. The thought comes into my head "I have a gift of spending the evening with a new person, having dinner and a drink together, I should just enjoy it."
11P 04 XX:XX NS

Growing Old

Noticed deep frown lines on my fore head.
05P 15 XX:XX NS

Feeling old beyond my years, its all too much. Feeling contracted.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

I spent the weekend visiting a friend in Sweden. All we talked about was issues over ageing, preparing for old age, how long we'd got, and reflecting on our lives. I got home to be told my Grandmother had died. I could feel nothing but relief as she had been so unhappy being confined to a home and being unable to do much. I don't want to go there, to be old in that way, how can I age gracefully. I need to pace myself but also enjoy the moment.
06P 31 XX:XX NS

Spent ages having an in depth talk with my supervisor about ageing issues. Thought a lot about a quote from my Grandmothers notebooks "The time to be happy is now, The place to be happy is here, The way to be happy is to make someone so".
06P 36 XX:XX NS

My son said I was like a frail old lady, my daughter had said I was like an old granny when she saw me a few weeks ago. I last saw my son about two months ago.
08P 35 XX:XX NS

For years I have always pulled out any grey hairs as soon as I find them but now I feel that maybe I should just let them grow and embrace becoming older and wiser. They feel more like a sign of growing wisdom and maturity than getting old. Accepting my white hairs is about accepting who I am and who I am becoming, instead of trying to hold on to who I was.
11P 08 XX:XX NS

Thought about beauty and age and ageing beauty all the way home. I've been comfortable with the idea of ageing but tonight I thought very much about youth Vs age and beauty. Didn't feel as comfortable with it and wondered if I would be able to handle it okay and not get sucked into the common and futile fight against ageing.
12P 04 XX:XX NS

Issue about ones age. I have had very clear thoughts in the last week of wanting to grow my hair longer as feel too old with short hair. I had my hair cut short for the first time in January when I turned 40 and have on the whole been happy with it, nor have I had a big age crisis since turning 40. However I have had very clear thoughts of being concerned that I look really old just the last few days, and feel that by growing my hair longer again this will change my self image to a younger image.
19P 36 XX:XX NS


Last night I had a fight with my daughter and I felt heartbroken. I was so sad, felt that I will loose my daughter to anorexia. I was stricken, as if she had already died.
01P 09 XX:XX NS

Shortly after lunch despite having had a very enjoyable morning, I suddenly felt very drained of emotional energy and felt very sad and tearful. Nothing in the day seemed to have precipitated the feeling.
02P 09 XX:XX NS

Ten minutes after taking the remedy a sudden sadness, and tears went into my eyes especially into right eye. Wanted to laugh but couldn't anymore. It felt as something took over me, I was not myself anymore. Wanted to leave the room, but suppressed it.
05P 01 18.00 NS

Had another argument with my daughter. Felt that I want to kick her out of the car and leave her on the street and drive off. Than I felt it would be good to crash the car now to bring an end to all this. I want to cry, scream and roll up like a hedgehog. I want to die.
05P 15 XX:XX IOS

Feeling sad at leaving the group early but I felt I had to be on my own.
06P 01 17.30 NS

Headache considerably worse, inflamed throat, slight nausea, very tired and depressed. Felt that nothing was worth making an effort for. Really wanted to stop the proving.
07P 14 XX:XX NS

First thought on waking - this life is a punishment, when can I go home?
07P 30 XX:XX NS

Another brief spate of snottiness (not flowing much, just sniffing and a little blocked up) came out of the blue. I felt quite exhausted at the same time and not through physical exertion, it came with the discharge. Also felt quite sad and lonely at the same time.
09P 08 18.00 NS

Writing up my proving journal and decided to text boyfriend, who is in work, and tell him I'm feeling sad. Started crying as I was writing the text – a weeping with lots of sniffing and sighing. Feel a little bit more alive for it but still heavy and low. I feel better for saying it's the proving and I feel more like I want to reach out to my boyfriend as I'm sure he's being affected by this too. Had a chat with boyfriend on the phone and we decided to forget about any fights and let things go while the proving is going on as I think it's making us more irritable and short with each other. It certainly doesn't feel like 'us' at the moment, so we don't want to fight and have decided to let things go until after the proving and then we'll see. Feel much better now but in a more even keel kind of way rather than up and bright.
12P 44 XX:XX NS

Tearful, weepy, unable to speak, wanting to be alone, feeling a heavy sadness and sense of not having my mother's love sufficiently in my life.
16P 02 XX:XX NS

Feeling sad & tearful, not sure why, it's just come over me. I just want to lie down & get comfortable on the floor. Want to cry. All my worries are falling away but I feel sad.
18P 02 12.25 NS

Tearful & trembling inside. Can't explain more.
18P 02 13.25 NS

Feel like I'm getting depressed. All I could think of the tube whilst travelling to work is that "I'm sliding down, down down". Such a contrast to the "up" feeling that I had earlier in the proving.
18P 07 XX:XX NS


Keep losing things, not like me I'm usually pretty organized. More disorganized since the proving. Time keeping not so good, I'm usually a stickler. Slightly chaotic, this surprised me.
02P 27 XX:XX NS

I seem to be more forgetful.
03P 07 XX:XX NS

I'm having delusions around time. I feel like it is tomorrow and I've forgotten my dance class. I feel like my days are sliding together.
03P 11 XX:XX NS

Have been accident prone broken a number of china things and burnt my wrist on wood burner.
04P 33 XX:XX NS

I noticed that I mix words around and have a very bad memory, especially for names.
05P 10 XX:XX NS

I have had problems with date and time confusion. My supervisor and I have been at odds about time.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Giving someone a lift, although she told me which way to go, I completely lost my concentration and got lost three times in quick succession, missing or mistaking the turn each time.
07P 02 XX:XX NS

Find it even more difficult than usual to concentrate.
07P 08 XX:XX NS

Brain still not functioning properly. Tried to find the words 'lime green' and came up with 'Earl Grey'. (Later Note) The above is what I wrote at the time. What I meant was "tried to find the words 'Earl Grey' and came up with 'lime green'.
07P 09 XX:XX NS

Bumping into things a lot, clumsy, drop things.
07P 30 XX:XX NS

A feeling of light-headedness, I can't really concentrate. I don't want to be on my own.
08P 03 14.00 NS

Concentration difficult, and paperwork and conversation.
08P 04 XX:XX NS

I keep dropping things, I'm very clumsy, I banged my head and am niggly, angry with myself.
08P 09 XX:XX NS

Mental faculties are switched off. Unable to comprehend the lecturer and understand what he says and yet there is no need as I have everything I need to know.
09P 01 17.30 NS

I'm making so many mistakes in my typing, my eyes fixed wide on the screen, like in a trance.
09P 02 XX:XX NS

I went into the lounge to retrieve my son's water bottle for refilling ready for school. He told me it was near the fireplace. He had to give me this information a number of times because I just couldn't make the connection.
10P 11 XX:XX NS

I feel very spaced out and detached all day, like there is a vague mental fog, which is almost visual, separating me from everything around me. It is hard to concentrate on the lecture even though I am very interested in what the tutor is saying and I am making a lot of mistakes while writing notes, particularly getting letters in the wrong order in words I know how to spell.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

At times I felt like there were air bubbles in my head, like gaps in consciousness, mainly cognitive. It is like I am missing something and the manifestation was that of not knowing what I wanted to do and feeling like I had forgotten something.
12P 00 XX:XX NS

In a café writing a letter to my grandmother and getting really confused with what I'm writing. I keep thinking that I'm not saying it very well and that I need to explain what I've just written but that the explanation will be confusing as well. It seems a bit all over the place. I feel I could say better what I'm trying to say.
12P 04 XX:XX NS

Feeling very all-over-the-place and confused. Can't seem to get my head together to work properly. Finding it difficult to organise myself.
12P 06 XX:XX NS

Time is moving slowly today. I keep looking at the clock and it seems to have only moved by a few minutes, though it feels like it should be much later.
12P 39 XX:XX NS

Concentration harder.
13P 25 XX:XX NS

I seem to keep getting dates and numbers mixed up. Especially the days of the week. I am unable to keep track of time. I am also get words wrong more than usual.
15P 06 XX:XX NS

Forgot to put my watch on. Forgot paperwork for a permit and forgot my credit cards.
15P 07 XX:XX NS

Keep typing words incorrectly, transposed letters or wrong letters.
15P 18 XX:XX NS

I'm making a lot of mistakes in writing words, like I'm thinking too fast for my pen and the letters are too soon. I keep going to put the wrong thing in the wrong place, like a jam jar in the oven! 17P 04 XX:XX NS

Felt quite unfocussed all day which is not like me. Had to ask a customer several times what they wanted & forgot each time! Eventually I has to write down what they wanted on a piece of paper. Even though the situation was quite pressurised I was not bothered & thought it amusing.
18P 04 XX:XX NS

Yesterday, made many mistakes whilst doing the banking. I left the key in the safe all day & over night; I incorrectly worked out the money for the float; and when I got home I discovered that I had £30 in my back pocket that I should have banked.
18P 07 XX:XX NS

Forgetful. Completely forgot proving supervisor was phoning me – which was unusual for me.
19P 03 XX:XX NS


I haven't got the energy to speak to a (needy) friend who has been leaving messages. I don't owe her anything. I have nothing to give her in that way.
04P 10 XX:XX NS

Phone call from youngest daughter with very disturbing news regarding eldest daughter and her family. Really felt I couldn't take it in. Normally I am Crisis Management Inc. but this time feel I don't have the energy or the interest to be involved. Went to bed with solar plexus feeling really tight, lower back aching, generally feeling nauseous.
04P 11 XX:XX NS

Turned on the radio to hear the news, but who cares.
06P 01 17.30 NS

I'm usually fairly meticulous and organised, but have been the opposite since starting this proving, because it doesn't seem to matter anymore.
06P 24 XX:XX NS

Feeling of calm. Nothing matters very much, can't feel any great emotion about anything.
07P 12 XX:XX NS

The nearest phrase I can get to describe the proving is 'negative manana'. It can all wait until tomorrow and I couldn't care less whether it's done or not. There is calmness but it's not a pleasant experience rather a disconnectedness.
07P 33 XX:XX NS

Went shopping for shoes, lots of crowds I don't normally like crowds but they just seemed to glide past me as though I was going slow and they were going fast. I found some shoes but after feeling rather miffed that there weren't many that suited my feet.
08P 08 XX:XX NS

Directionless that's what I am. My mind is still just wandering around, wandering in a daze. A ship without a rudder can't get the ball rolling. Once the ball is rolling things are ok but the ball is heavy and on the flat, it stops rolling easily.
09P 28 XX:XX NS

Payday today but not stressed about money, which is unusual.
12P 12 XX:XX NS


Feel tired, very peaceful.
07P 01 17.00 NS

Tiredness, slight pressing, would like to sleep. Don't like being hemmed in.
08P 04 16,00 NS

Very tired, hardly able to work, concentration and speech affected. I don't feel normal.
08P 05 14.00 NS

Started to wake a bit. Still feel like I just got out of bed after sleeping for too long.
09P 06 17.00 NS

Back to feeling really dopey again this morning. Dazed. It's as if I went out and got drunk last night and smoked some ganja.
09P 06 XX:XX NS

Having worked at a slower pace, an afternoon siesta for a couple of hours. Felt good about it whereas before I would have thought about what else I could have done.
14P 05 XX:XX OS

Sex and Mating

Because of the snow, almost 1/2 of the men who signed up for dance class didn't show up. It was a class with 4 men and over ten women. Like war times, war brides dancing with each other.
01P 06 XX:XX NS

I have been very much closer to, and more connected with my partner since the proving began. There has been an increased pleasure in physical relations. I have a sense of increased hormonal activity in my body which is unexpected as I am menopausal.
02P 27 XX:XX NS

Decided to be open about the relationship with my partner which is a same sex relationship. Since it started 6 months ago I have been uncomfortable and embarrassed as I have previously been heterosexual and married. I have been worried and concerned about what other people would say and think. Today I decided to be open about things and we both went to look at rings to give to each other to express our love and commitment for each other. Felt no embarrassment at all in the shop as we tried rings on.
02P 31 XX:XX NS

I had one of the best lovemaking sessions with my partner because I was in a mind-set of being loving towards him. I was able to let myself go, relax into arched postures and become absorbed into the feeling. I feel like I am back on track with my partner.
03P 04 XX:XX NS

I have a strong desire to give myself what I need – in a man, especially sexual satisfaction; I feel dissatisfied.
03P 04 XX:XX NS

I feel sexually aroused by my partner's loud farts. It is something to do with a human uncontrollable (involuntary) response. Being out of control feels dangerous, in that

others might see my dark side and my inner shit. Perhaps I am aroused at the thought of exposing my true self.
03P 10 XX:XX NS

Missing the company of my ex partner still. I guess this has intensified with the proving a little. Maybe because I feel a greater desire to share some intimacy with someone.
09P 08 XX:XX OS

It is not unusual for me to think about relationships a lot. The main differences I noticed during the proving were the idea of having several potential mates to choose from (including two strangers that other people were trying to set me up with), all of them chasing me (including two men who were in relationships, and my dream about a third male friend dumping his girlfriend for me), and the strong feeling of not just wanting a boyfriend but being sure that we would be getting together for the purpose of setting up a home.
11P 00 XX:XX NS

Realise at work that I have been sitting at my desk fantasising for 20 minutes about having sex with someone at work, for the sake of pure gratification with no consideration of the consequences.
11P 11 XX:XX NS

Thinking about a guy who would like to have a relationship with me, it would be very difficult. Also he is not the only one who has shown interest recently. I feel like there are several potential mates to choose from.
11P 12 XX:XX NS

My husband mentioned feeling like undertaking more projects (the right energy between us he calls it and we have previously talked and hoped for it in the past years) and so he does. It's when we have this kind of energy that he feels like doing projects. It's good for us. Right energy flowing.
14P 05 XX:XX NS

I came back from work with a warm welcome, a warm hug, from my husband. Husband has been really close during the proving; almost as if we have rekindled things.
14P 23 XX:XX NS

Over the college weekend when we did the proving I became close with someone else in my class. We ended up sitting together & a closeness developed over the weekend: she put her head on my shoulder; we touched each others knees; I took her arm when we went for a walk at lunchtime; we hugged. We talked about the feelings that were coming up for both of us. It has been a long time since I have felt that way about someone. I find her beautiful to behold. It felt as if my motives were non-sexual & even though I find her ever so attractive I had no urge to be sexual with her; the attraction was driven by lust. I suppose we shall just have to wait & see what emerges when we go back to college for the next weekend. I remember having brief but lovely conversations & recall the warmth of her soul. I find her practically irresistible.
18P 06 XX:XX NS

I am feeling better about things now after having made peace we my girlfriend and convinced her that I was not flirting with the girl from college on the telephone last night. Feel that making the move out of the city with my girlfriend is definitely the right move at the moment. Who can say what the future holds.
18P 12 XX:XX NS

Being Feminine

I felt a need to be more feminine and softer, had my hair cut but kept it longer, and wanted to wear long ear rings today.
02P 12 XX:XX NS

I feel like a teenager who wants to have slumber parties, do facial masks and watch movies and giggle.
03P 08 XX:XX NS

I want nice hair! My hair is long and witchy-looking, but I feel now that I want a nice cut and a good treatment.
03P 09 XX:XX NS

I made a hair appointment at an expensive salon. I had a craving to cut and style my hair by someone who really knew what he was doing. I felt that I needed to be pampered and that my hair needed good treatment (I bought a conditioner that was out of my price range – I usually restrict myself). This is new because for some time I have liked my long, hippy, witchlike hair. The next day I shaved my armpits and had a desire to shave my legs. Usually I let things grow "au naturelle", but I now feel that I want to be soft and clean. I feel that my hair (in all places) was looking too long, dishevelled, messy and maybe even dirty, this is what made me want to cut it off.
03P 13 XX:XX NS

I am drawn to wearing bright colours, like red and turquoise.
03P 13 XX:XX NS

My friend did my make up, I don't wear make up, but she made me look very nice and natural.
03P 24 XX:XX NS

Feminine Went on another shopping trip and bought a few pink things. Bank account is almost empty, but I feel ok and relaxed about it.
05P 20 XX:XX NS

Have the urge to spend money. Want to buy clothes instead of doing assignments.
05P 26 XX:XX NS

Went on another shopping trip and bought Bordeaux, black and pink.
05P 41 XX:XX NS

I have been totally unbothered about my appearance for the last few weeks, not wearing any jewellery except stud earrings, not putting my hair up and sometimes not even brushing it before I go out of the house.
11P 46 XX:XX NS

Cooking and Nesting

I have started to cook a lot which is something that I had stopped doing over the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed doing it and enjoyed being domesticated.
02P 06 XX:XX NS

I continue to be keen on domestic things, I have enjoyed doing household tasks and am really enjoying inventing new meals and cooking them. I am enjoying the feeling of looking after someone who I am close to. It reminds me of the nest building feeling I had when I was pregnant! 02P 10 XX:XX NS

Have been spring cleaning the house. Something I have put off for a few months but felt the need for a fresh start. This is actual scrubbing and washing as well as generally clearing out junk and sorting what is wanted and what is no longer useful.
04P 22 XX:XX NS

Went to the library today to return some books. Came home with three beautiful cookery books. I have become really bored with the food we are eating at home (my children are not very adventurous) and I love cooking. Needed some inspiration and have decided to go to the supermarket next time with a list of ingredients so I can try out some of the new ideas.
10P 28 XX:XX NS

I buy a cutlery tray organiser on the way to work and when I get home I completely clean out the drawer with the cooking utensils in, and all the utensils, and order them neatly.
11P 33 XX:XX NS

I have a great desire to make a stew for tomorrow night as people are coming over. I enjoy preparing all the different ingredients, I love the complexity!
17P 17 XX:XX NS

I really enjoyed shopping for the weeks food and then preparing lots of home made dishes, like soup, crumble.
17P 24 XX:XX NS

I spent much of the day cooking – very unusual now to do this 'home baking' though I love it.
19P 04 XX:XX NS

Realized that I had done quite a lot of home baking – sweet things in last two weeks, tins full of biscuits, tarts, ginger parkin. I love cooking, and would happily spend hours cooking and baking given the time. However, sweet treats are usually way down on my list of priorities, and if they do get cooked, it is fairly rarely, and generally get eaten all at once. However there was so many that even our sweet toothed family were having trouble eating everything in the usual time span.
19P 15 XX:XX NS

Belonging to a Family

Felt more strongly than before that I belonged to the group and felt a feeling of connection with the others. When I arrived home I felt that I was part of a family my partner is new and her son was staying with us for the weekend. It was only the second time we had met but I felt a warmth and connection and felt that the three of us were together and close.
02P 02 XX:XX NS

We go to the pub and others from our course are there. Four of us play doubles pool and I feel an intense energy between us as we are joking, fooling around and hugging each other.
11P 01 21.00 NS

Felt close to the others mentally & physically & wanted to be close in a family sense, like brothers and sisters.
12P 01 20.00 NS

Safe and Cared For

I feel safe, cared for, loved and held - I don't need to be "in control". I feel that I can trust others to take care of me and that I have sufficient skills to step in as and when I need to and not to pre-empt or solve problems before or in case, they occur.
04P 03 XX:XX NS

There seems to be renewed clarity of vision for both near and far sight. I feel that this is also reflected in my mental/emotional state. I continue to feel calm, peaceful and safe. I hadn't made the connection before but life has rarely felt safe, I have generally been 'on alert' for dangers and currently don't feel that way. With this feeling is an intensified feeling of being OK on my own.
04P 06 XX:XX NS

As I am on a bus to work, every time I look up from my paper I notice the man facing me is staring intently at me. Normally I would feel very uncomfortable, even intimidated by a strange man, sitting so close to me staring at me but I feel totally unaffected, untouched by it. I looked him straight in the eye, I did not feel scared.
11P 14 XX:XX NS

Have noticed a strong desire to stay inside where it is warm and dry and no need to go outside where it is cold and wet, much more than is normal, almost a sense of waking hibernation. Inside on my own cosy and not communicating.
21P 15 XX:XX NS

Fear of Violence

Our dog started barking, I couldn't hear or see anything outside in the dark but had to lock the front door as I had an overwhelming sense of fear that someone might break in and do us some harm. It went once I had locked the door.
04P 05 21.00 NS

Felt hurt when someone tried to run me off the road, rather than anger.
08P 04 XX:XX NS

A sudden thought that a huge monster moved and roared outside in the garden. Looked out to see birds moving in the trees.
09P 06 XX:XX NS

Just been having a play fight with my house mate like we do quite often and afterwards I felt kind of abused, like I'd been made to do something that I didn't want to do. Like 'get off of me' and yet I was happy doing it in the beginning. Kind of attacked in a way I guess. 10 minutes afterwards I had quite an intense attack of snottiness and burning itchy eyes.
09P 10 XX:XX NS

Driving to the college on a dark night and had problems with another motorist. Feelings of wanting to get away, to escape, out of control, why me?, to hide and then when that failed to flee. I ended up travelling much faster than I wanted to so felt the need to slow down and travel at a realistic pace. The Duel continued for about 6 miles and ended when the other vehicle swooped across in front of me. That night and the following night I had cold sweats in bed with considerable fear of the consequences of the events. I was expecting to be 'found' by the police and possibly bought to trial with the worst outcome being imprisonment.
13P 55 XX:XX NS

Whilst driving through the contra-flow of some road works, an oil tanker travelling in the opposite direction suddenly swerved towards me knocking the temporary cones in front of my vehicle. This caused some damage to the lights and panels underneath the car. I felt like it had been an attack and immediately I was forced to drive very slowly until a safe space could be found to stop. Also I was unable to use my right arm due to the sudden pain in my right triceps. This again eased from massaging of the area and the pain has not returned since.
13P 58 XX:XX NS

Violent Behaviour

Physical fight with my daughter (13). I [single mother] hit her on her head and wanted to do it more often, I walked behind her and did it again [sometimes I do it as a reflex in certain situations - and feel guilty because I did not control myself ]. I felt tearful and angry afterwards, but without regret, I wanted to show her that I am the boss; the adult, the mother!. I felt unsupported and somehow helpless for a few minutes. Don't want to live anymore! Want peace instead of quarrels. I felt exhausted. I felt throwing her out of the house, that I can live in peace. I am full of hate and I feel no regret. I want to have it done my way.
05P 04 XX:XX IOS

Hoovered spiders up, during cleaning without much compassion [normally never do this].
05P 04 XX:XX NS

I have become a cold calculating hunter again. Ruthlessly efficient at times. This had not been the case since proving Fallow Deer.
06P 36 XX:XX OS

I could be one of the lads out on the town. We could get pissed, start a fight and 'ave a right laugh. The fighting part of this comment is not an old symptom. Go balistic. Yes. Fight.
09P 03 XX:XX NS

Really bad tempered in the morning. Biting is a good word to describe me. I'll bite yer fuking haed off, get out of my way. I haven't displayed this to anyone though, I haven't had reason too thank God.
09P 14 XX:XX NS


I've noticeably been swearing less.
06P 41 XX:XX NS

My mum asks me how the weekend was and I say "It was fucking brilliant". She looks shocked and says "I beg your pardon!" I say "It was fucking brilliant." 11P 38 XX:XX OS


I see a male Lion in the Africa savannah, circling around. It keeps circling until I approach and realise I am that Lion. I see through the eyes of the Lion, I am king of all I survey. I'm old, mature, I have pains; my left calf and right wrist hurt from old wounds. I must pass on my Lions genes before its too late, I have time, and then I can retire and lick my wounds in peace. But it doesn't matter too much, I am happy with all I've achieved and I can move on anyway, into a role of wisdom and serenity. I hunt a gazelle and bring it down. I am happy and revel in my strength, reaffirming life. I am the Wise old man on top of the mountain.
06P 01 17.00 NS

I feel a bit miffed, could become tearful, Such responsibility, if only I could be a cat, they have a wonderful life.
08P 06 XX:XX NS

Half asleep, aware of what was going on in the house. The cat was beside be and we snuggled up together, I didn't want to get up and knew I wasn't going to work until lunchtime. I gave myself permission to stay in bed. Later: I had slept for two hours waking intermittently, glancing at the clock, telling myself it was okay to stay in bed.
08P 07 XX:XX NS

Felt deep beautiful connection to the cat when he came to sit on my knee. He sat on me for a lot of the day.
09P 01 17,00 NS

Earlier today I had to take my dear cat to the vet's to be put to sleep. It was the hardest thing I think I have ever had to do. But I was so clear the time was right. Last night I found her underneath my son's bed, the only place in the house she can escape to. She did not purr when I picked her up and placed her on my bed for her final night with me. I have been feeling incredibly calm and supported all day. There have been moments when I have cried, but I am not overwhelmed with grief as I had imagined I would be. I know my cat is at peace and I too, feel at peace. I feel comforted and supported.
10P 48 XX:XX NS

Have been feeling confused and unable to make clear decisions, especially when faced with lots of options to choose from, or lots of different things to do. I remember being in a sandwich shop on day three and it took me over five minutes to choose what to order because I just couldn't decide what I wanted. I have an image of a hunting animal watching a vast herd of prey (Wildebeest? Gazelles? Antelope? Zebra?) thundering past in a blur and knowing that I have to pick the one out of all of them that I can bring down. It is a life or death situation, there is no room for error. A mistake means being crushed under the hooves of the herd or starving to death. The pressure is enormous, paralysing even, to get it right, and I just can't do it. Have noticed that the tremulousness and indecision seem to come on when I'm hungry, or if I miss a meal and don't eat for longer than I normally would.
11P 05 XX:XX NS

I am woken up by my mother screaming about a mouse in the kitchen. I think: "We need a cat".
11P 13 XX:XX NS

At the party, a cat comes into the room, sidles past every one else and makes a beeline for me (I am not usually the person in a room that cats and dogs go to). It climbs on my lap and rubs itself all over me, clawing my shirt and purring loudly in ecstasy when I stroke it under its chin before curling itself round and going to sleep on my lap 11P 15 XX:XX NS

I stroke our cat just like another time, but somehow this time I feel really connected with her. I feel we are one, I am with her, I can really sense her contentment. It is quite amazing.
15P 19 XX:XX NS

The cat seems to be really friendly, she keeps coming over for cuddles and rubbing herself against me. She puts herself in-between me and my work so I cant ignore her.
15P 35 XX:XX NS

The cat has evaded me for three days now. It's quite odd as she usually come to me most yet she's with my husband a lot.
17P 22 XX:XX NS

I feel I have been getting so much love and affection lately from my four year old nephew and my cat. My nephew was adorable last weekend, he kissed me non-stop and we really connected, looked into each others eyes and bonded. Amazing. My cat has also been so cuddly lately, she wants so much connection and touch and seems to be purring to a new level! I have loved it.
17P 55 XX:XX NS

Honoured and Respected

I was honest with a friend and told I didn't want to visit her and I wanted her to visit me. She is coming to see me.
03P 18 XX:XX NS

Having real difficulty working on my assignments. There is something in me that is demanding expression in a manner that I have spent years keeping hidden. There is an element of fear that it won't be heard or respected by the tutors but it seems determined to be heard/expressed. I have even been inspired to write a poem, something I haven't done for about 40 years. I don't want any feedback from tutors; this is how I am, and if you don't like it - tough!
04P 07 XX:XX NS

There seem to be issues for people around me about standing up to bullies and also about armed robbery. No one can bully you unless you let them. I don't think anyone would bully me at the moment!
04P 16 XX:XX NS

Have a very definite sense of 'this is me and you can take it or leave it!'.
04P 29 XX:XX NS

There has been a profound deepening of my spiritual awareness – that everything is one and that although everything matters, even the smallest blade of grass, in actual fact on the grand scale none of it matters.
04P 33 XX:XX NS

A feeling that I am the King of all I survey.
06P 03 XX:XX NS

I have developed issues around email and phones, wishing only to speak to people face to face, and demanding a respect for my time from patients.
06P 41 XX:XX NS

Went to work, back and legs aching whilst standing. No-one on duty knew I had been off work, felt slightly neglected and martyred.
07P 24 XX:XX NS

Realise that I haven't had a bath more than twice this month, which was my daily habit previously. I am having showers instead but can't be bothered to have one daily which is why I think I'm not having a bath. It seems like too much effort.
07P 28 XX:XX NS

I feel more included, accepted, everyone seems to be being nicer to me.
08P 02 XX:XX NS

I am hurt that my son hasn't returned my calls etc., I'm becoming angry. I'm fed up with people dumping on me.
08P 10 XX:XX NS

My colleague said I was getting petty, she said it sounded as though I was finding my own ground, or standing my ground.
08P 13 XX:XX NS

There has been a subtle shift about how I feel about myself. I was walking across the car park this morning with bags of groceries in either hand, returning to my car after shopping in the village. I was walking across the car park when I suddenly thought to myself: "I like myself today." I can't remember feeling like this before.
10P 28 XX:XX NS

During the proving I felt I wanted to be honoured and be honourable. I also felt accused, attacked.
11P 00 XX:XX NS

I get to work and one of the osteopaths has left me an officious message in the book insinuating that I have been skiving. I feel attacked but also very calm and deal with it efficiently by writing another message back to her. I hate to feel accused of doing wrong, especially of not doing my job properly.
11P 03 XX:XX NS

Feel that osteopath is getting at me. She is putting me in my pecking order place. I resent the fact that this is building up, I hate conflict. She is not behaving honourably.
11P 06 XX:XX NS

Thinking about an incident when I was at school. I also told the story to a fellow prover in the pub on the evening we took the remedy and I don't know why it came up, I just found myself telling her the story. I felt that I was about not being honoured or respected as a person, for who I am, or for what I really have to offer 11P 09 XX:XX NS

I get into an argument which almost becomes a stand-up row with someone at work about pornography. I feel totally able to stand my ground and state my case without becoming confused or embarrassed, or intimidated when he starts to raise his voice and it becomes emotionally charged. Yet at the same time I feel totally able to see his viewpoint (he says it helps him and his girlfriend spice up their relationship), admit that I really don't have any first-hand experience of 'using' it, and even empathise with what he is saying, while feeling totally calm. He started being quite crude and normally I would feel intimidated, but I was not fazed.
11P 14 XX:XX NS

Walking to the station from work, thinking about what Misha said to me on the last weekend about being very clear about what it is that I really want and praying earnestly for it - "on your knees". I haven't done it so far because I am not sure what it is I really want, but now I know. I want to be honoured. I want to be valued at my true worth, which is: the whole creation and the Absolute beyond it. It is everybody's true worth. I want to be able to honour my husband in the same way 11P 52 XX:XX NS

I felt insulted at times with the class in college. It felt like they didn't really know me and I felt disconnected, more subdued. One of the girls wanted to sit in-between me and one of the guys on the couch but there wasn't really enough room and I felt really pushed off the couch. She kept asking if it was okay and I kept saying it was fine, so it was my own fault really, but I felt insulted that she didn't realise that I wasn't comfortable.
12P 35 XX:XX NS

At one point in the class someone asked about the window being open and I said, do you want to close it and everyone laughed and I didn't understand what they were laughing at, so I felt cut off from them. And I was asking what they were laughing at but no-one told me why until later when I asked the girl who had asked about the window. They were laughing because the girl was asking about the window because she wanted it open so it was somehow funny when I said do you want to close it. I still don't get it but it's okay. I just felt insulted that they would laugh at me and not let me in on the joke. Felt excluded, uncared for. Felt it much more deeply than I would normally, was oversensitive.
12P 35 XX:XX NS

Had a very heated discussion with a client about money. I feel they are extremely ungrateful of the team who has been working relentlessly to get the job done to perfection. They just seem to be niggling over a small amount of money. This seems very petty.
15P 05 XX:XX NS

Other Symptoms

I am on this "everything is artificial" trip.
01P 02 XX:XX NS

Immediately after taking the remedy the group sat quietly for a while. During this time I had a visualisation which was strong and vivid. I do not usually experience images as strongly. I found myself in the middle of a very large space which felt very connected with nature, there was a lot of green and I felt the presence of animals alongside me. The whole feeling was of a lot of space and expansiveness. I stayed in the space and looked at the lightness of the day which then became the darkness of night. As I stayed there the dark became the light of day and then the dark of night. As I stayed in the space the day and night came closer and closer together and quicker and quicker, like a time lapse film where a whole day is seen in a few minutes. I was aware of feeling that I was the observer, watching the days go by too quickly.
02P 01 XX:XX NS

At my dance class I felt like my movements were on the mark, sure (footed) and together. I felt like my spirit was being expressed.
03P 05 XX:XX NS

In the daytime I fervently chew on my hair or bite my nails; in the night-time I grind my teeth. I feel like I am eating myself
03P 18 XX:XX OS

I have had the compulsion to walk in the middle of the road. It gave me a sense of space.
03P 46 XX:XX NS

Had to get out of bed to pee. Could not sleep anymore after that for about two hours. Worried about the house, thought it might collapse.
05P 09 XX:XX NS

Thinking about ears, fixated on ears. Ears are very attractive.
06P 01 18.00 NS

Got very stressed out Duck Shooting, fear of seeming useless, a failure. I was missing.
06P 04 XX:XX NS

Being quite derogatory to my wife and family. Patronising.
06P 04 XX:XX NS

Have become a total perfectionist today, and if I can't do something well, I am not prepared to do it at all. The office is degenerating rapidly. I would normally be more organised.
06P 13 XX:XX NS

I have become really phobic about mobiles phones, radiation, etc. I have been wearing a pendant designed to protest against this.
06P 41 XX:XX NS

As soon as I got home I felt the need to write, I feel as though there is something inside of me, changing me.
08P 01 XX:XX NS

Ancestral story I tell in triad work: All I know about my Great-grandfather's character is that he would not lie but he also never wanted to say a bad word about anyone. He once said of a local young thug that no-one else had a good word to say about, "He likes apple pie", which has become kind of a catch phrase in our family. I felt the story was particularly relevant to how I felt about a man who I was briefly involved with earlier in the year who I had since felt very angry with and critical of. I was on the rebound from a long-term relationship when we met and the situation became very intense very quickly. It ended when he went away on holiday for six weeks and when he came back, despite enthusiastic promises of meeting up again, he just cut off all communication and stopped responding to my attempts to contact him, without ever telling me that he wanted to end the relationship, just leaving me hanging until I figured it out. I felt very hurt and angry for months and told my family that he had been eaten by a shark (he had been diving on the Great Barrier Reef). They knew he had not really been eaten by a shark but that I was very upset. Last week I was inspired to write him a letter and felt it was important to praise the qualities I had seen in him as part of forgiving him and letting go. "He got eaten by a shark" changed into "He really likes fish." 11P 02 XX:XX NS

Stammer four times trying to say affected, I get stuck on the f.
15P 04 XX:XX NS

The group session is so intense as everyone shares their experiences and stories. I have a gradually growing feeling of pulsation in my body. My heart is getting faster and faster and I get further and further away from the group. Each personal account makes it more intense and deep. I suddenly realise I have been somewhere else for a while. So I close my eyes for a bit and try to come back. The intensity keeps building though, and I go even deeper into this other space away from everyone. I feel like I am melting and swelling into a mass around me. It feels like a thickness, hot and pulsating. After a bit it really scares me as I feel out of my self and I cant speak or get up to go out of the room. I sense I should try to leave, but I don't know how to. Its really scary.
17P 02 XX:XX NS





Sex and Mating
Killing, Violence and Death
Cats and Dogs
Insects, Snails and Frogs
Food and Harvest

Running and Flying



Sex and Mating

Dream, I was sitting at a table in a room with other people. The whole roomful of people loved each other and I was holding and kissing the person sitting next to me.
02P 03 XX:XX NS

I dreamt of a having a spotlight on me and another man and someone saying that we were meant to be together. Current partner suddenly zooms up in front of me interrupting the connection with the other man.
03P 02 XX:XX NS

I dreamt that a man was trying to hand me a dangling snake but I didn't want to hold it. I finally concede and take it and it begins to wind its long, thin, lime green body around my wrist until I have a mass of rings wrapped around my arm. I'm slightly alarmed but I also joke and say that my 'bracelet' is the latest fashion. I decide that it's time for the snake to come off and start to unwind his coiled body, but he resists and is strong and his body sticks together. I force him off and he tries to bite me, but it is a non-threatening attack, as he has no fangs or poison. I remain calm. I put him on the ground; he turns into a salamander and scurries away. I worry that he is away from his home and is in unfamiliar surroundings. I feel that he is running for shelter and a safe place.
03P 06 XX:XX NS

I dreamt that I was in bed with another man (in my parents bed) and he was asking me if we were going to make love. I wanted to and felt very turned on, but I said that I couldn't because I had a partner. My father walks in and says that my partner has been looking all over for me.
03P 17 XX:XX NS

There are always other men in my dreams. I am in a relationship but I feel this yearning for another man. I am searching for him but when I find him I feel like I can't make a move and that we are circling each other at a distance and that we are being prevented from being with each other.
03P 30 XX:XX NS

Dream, something about a friend with a Porsche. I was meant to meet him, but could not find him anywhere after a theatre performance [a week ago I told a man I met in reality, that I am not interested in big cars], 05P 04 XX:XX NS

Dream, I was very angry with my ex-partner. Whilst looking angry into his eyes I showed my teeth (like an angry dog) and said: "you arsehole".
05P 16 XX:XX NS

Dream of being in town shopping with my wife and our lodger. He is beautiful and wearing a red kaftan type top. My wife pays for him to have a manicure, and I take this as evidence of attraction. I confront her over having sex with him, she says "it's called an affair…" I leave distraught and then wake up. This dream was very vivid and full of colour. Feeling of devastation at loss of my mate.
06P 04 XX:XX NS

Dream: Young woman boasted that she was my ex-partner's new girlfriend and had taken my place with all our social circle. Somehow I was above her as she stood in the doorway and I was twisting her head off with my feet.
07P 26 XX:XX NS

Dream: I went to London for a gig with my Husband and both children. The pub landlord was friendly, the children went downstairs into a sort of cellar bar. Next thing I remember was trying to find the children in the dark, my Husband had gone to look and couldn't find them. I went down and called them, there were lots of others in the dark stirring. The children were under some blankets. They said they hadn't come out because my husband had been with another woman and they were angry. I woke convinced of this and to remind myself it was a dream and not tackle my husband, who was fast asleep beside me. I felt hurt, angry and extreme jealousy.
08P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream: I was involved in some sort of business deal that needed investigating or sorting out and my company hired this man to do the job. He was handsome, sophisticated, confident and charming. I knew when were introduced that the relationship was going to be more than just business. Travelling around in a car. We would go places and he would sort out whatever was required at that particular place. I would remain in the car and he'd come back each time and report the good news about how he'd cleared up the problem. It was like he was a business trouble-shooter. We made love in the car, many times. It was passionate and orgasmic. There were two other men in the dream, observers! It didn't seem to bother me that they were present.
10P 34 XX:XX NS

Dream: I am standing in the garden looking over the fence into our neighbours' garden. My ex-boyfriend is standing behind me with his head over my left shoulder and his arms around my waist he is rubbing his groin against my bottom and I know that he wants to have sex, but my mother keeps looking over at us from my neighbour's garden so we have to keep stopping. She tells me that we (me and him) have to leave to get ready to go somewhere and we say OK, we're coming, but as soon as she goes we start again. I know that she knows what we are doing and I can see the shock on her face but I don't really care. We walk into the house and I am starting to feel aroused, looking for an opportunity to actually have sex, but my mother keeps interrupting us. We drive off in his car and while he is dropping me off somewhere in town I am thinking, "Can we have sex here?" 11P 11 XX:XX NS

Dream of seeing my husband standing naked while getting dressed and a man standing at the window watching and pointing intermittently for my husband's attention. My husband then goes to open the door, stands outside the house only to return with approximately 10 other men and one boy marching into our home and starting to move chairs. My husband joined them and did not bother to inform or involve me.

When I woke up my sensation was one of not knowing of what was going on around me, anger and confusion; it reminded me of times in our early marriage when I was often a bystander watching goings-on at my in-laws and not knowing what was going on.
14P 34 XX:XX NS

Dream of making long, slow and very pleasurable love to my wife.
15P 04 XX:XX NS

Dream of watching the neighbours getting dressed in the morning, from my window into theirs. It feels naughty and sexy.
15P 04 XX:XX NS

Dream about nearly having an affair but stopping myself because I am married. She still wants me. Then I am covered in semen, where did it come from. It is everywhere, semen everywhere. I am not sure it is mine. It is disgusting. I feel dirty, sticky, messy, it is gross, it is everywhere. I go to the bathroom and wash my clothes to get clean, how can I work with the others in this mess. I take my clothes off and wash them. Then I dry them under the hand drying. This takes ages, my work colleges are calling me. I have been a long time. But now at least I feel clean again. The whole dream feels messy, disgusting, embarrassing, and sticky.
15P 19 XX:XX NS

I had a disturbing dream where I slept with a good friend of ours. He is also the partner of a very good friend. We are in a sort of complex together, like college halls and we have to find a room. We end up in a room with three beds and it looks like a stranger, a girl, will be staying there too. I think she is a bit strange and I didn't like her being there. I was aware that w had done this once or twice before, it wasn't the first time.
17P 17 XX:XX NS

My dreams were full of vivid sex with my husband which seemed to go on all night.
17P 21 XX:XX NS

I dreamt my first boyfriend came to me and offered himself to me, as he wanted us to be together. It was awesome to be back with him again and it was very sensual and loving and sexy. But I really wanted him to penetrate me and he wouldn't, he just stood there. I tried and tried but in the end I just held him close and he covered my face in spunk. I was So distraught and terribly disappointed. So, he hadn't changed after all? I was left feeling really let down and disappointed.
17P 23 XX:XX NS

Dream about going out for a meal. When I got back I realized I had been wearing a revealing top in that I had not been wearing a bra and the top was quite thin. Felt very embarrassed when I realized this. The top was red silk.
19P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream about neighbour down the road scratching my back, felt risque, and that I quite enjoyed it but he shouldn't be doing it, as I did not want to jeopardize either of our relationships.
19P 10 XX:XX NS

Killing, Violence and Death

Dream, there was a wolf/ tiger or fox around in our house. I suggested to somebody to kill the 'beast', whilst I calmly picked up dwarf rabbits of the floor to bring them in safety. Somebody killed the 'beast' behind closed doors and I did not care. I am an animal loving person, I wouldn't even harm a mosquito.
05P 12 XX:XX NS

Dream, I killed something, or saw something killed in this dream, but can't remember what. The feeling of the dream was I don't care.
05P 44 XX:XX NS

Dream of being in Iraq, being a Sniper. I fired and hit a civilian who moved in front of the target. I run away from the mob, but wake up before being caught, sweating with fear.
06P 04 XX:XX NS

Dream last night of a man who had butcher's knives – he might've been a butcher – and he wanted to kill me and my boyfriend. There may have been money owed to him or by him to us. He seemed desperate and I remember meeting him in the street & seeing his cleaver in the back of his trousers, in the waistband – it was stuck there like you might imagine a gun would be stuck there. So boyfriend and I went home and packed our stuff, but it was like we were going to leave anyway and this just made it today rather than tomorrow or soon. We weren't panicked, like I'd expect us to be if we were running from a killer, but we were in a mild hurry.
12P 37 XX:XX NS

Dream: I was also involved in some form of fight whilst inside some form of nightclub. My partner was also there and I was aware of being concerned for her safety. I was grabbed from behind by two men and then felt a sharp pain in my right side as is from a needle.
13P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream - in charge of a dormitory of school children and a large drunk aggressive man was trying to get into the room. Attack was coming from the right. I felt quite deep fear for my own and the children's safety.
13P 06 XX:XX NS

Dream – two men armed with a hammer (a panel beating hammer the same as one I own) that were trying to break into my house. Attack from the right and the house was unknown to me but was one of a row of terrace houses. No great sense of fear and can't remember any part of the dream after I told them to go away.
13P 36 XX:XX NS

Horrific dream all about murder and death. I was moving through a series of small rooms with a group of people. The rooms are in an old Victorian house. In each room there were people who we had to kill, but they were no threat to us. We were praised on our creativity and the horrificness of the death and murder option we used. Taking people's faces off with a knife and beheading It went on and on, so much death. Then when we got to the last room, we had finished we were out we were put right back at the beginning again and made to start over. I had no idea who was making us do it. I saw and heard no one, but I felt controlled. The dream made me feel awful, sinful, very uncomfortable, I was glad to wake up.
15P 22 XX:XX NS

Dream of death, organising and analysing death.
15P 37 XX:XX NS

Dream: I arrived at a place where a group of policemen shouted at my husband and I try to take cover behind a door. The door was green and hidden under and behind scaffolding. We climbed in behind the door and saw that lots of other people had done the same thing and were in the same situation. I got the sense it was about a terrorist bomb. Behind the door, I was thinking Is this it? Are we about to die now? I didn't feel too scared and actually felt okay about it. When I woke up, I had the feeling that I've been wanting to hide behind things since Saturday or even Friday. It feels really good to be in small, dark enclosed spaces with my head buried.
17P 03 XX:XX NS

I dreamt we were at a killing party where we had to kill people.
17P 25 XX:XX NS

Dream we were in someone's room and were setting it up so we could burn it all down, without leaving any traces and being found out. We set out little balls of flammable material around the room; it was quite an intricate operation. I think it was my two brothers and I.
17P 34 XX:XX NS

I dreamt I was in car with three others and the driver was going really fast. My husband and I are on the back seat. He suddenly drives out and over a cliff edge… road just ends. At first its a total shock and I grab my husbands hand in fear. But then I feel its actually okay, I don't mind dying. I can enjoy the freefall. We die and we enter some kind of limbo state where we have the opportunity to evolve further. I have to do it within two weeks for it to happen, and I choose to evolve, so I try to persuade my husband to do it too. The dream leaves me feeling really great and I have to tell everyone! 17P 36 XX:XX NS

I dreamt that a woman had been sliced in half by a man, on a bed. He sliced her across the top of her abdomen but at first there was nothing to see. Then the man moved the two halves of her body, kind of twisted it, and the blood gushed out. It was very warm blood, I could feel it. I seemed to have the feeling that it was not a merciless killing, but it was for art or something. It felt like it was okay, not a pointless murder.
17P 43 XX:XX NS

I dreamt that under siege in a house I didn't know, by a load of rather wild kids. My husband and his sister were there with my children. I went upstairs and noticed some children poking their heads over the wall. A moment later they began to climb over the wall. There were lots of these children. I thought I should ring the police, but first I thought I will make the other phone call I need to make. By the time I had finished this call, loads of kids were in the house. They felt quite threatening and scary. I thought I will try and ring 999 now, but felt I was silly not to have rung earlier – that I had not got my priorities right, but that it should have been obvious which was more important. I had to try and make the call with out them noticing.
19P 25 XX:XX NS

Dream - Something to do with a dead body in a flat, it beginning to smell and being haunted.
19P 58 XX:XX NS

Cats and Dogs

Dreamt of a big black hairy dog, like a German Shepherd dog who had produced a very small deformed puppy which was lying discarded. Then she produced a very large puppy which we had to cover in her scent so that she accepted it. We wiped fluid over the puppy. I had a feeling of warmness and pleasure at this mothering behaviour. However there was anxiety that she would not accept the puppy.
02P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream from last night: I don't remember the whole thing but I remember in particular the image of a cat baring its' teeth at me and looking very vicious and aggressive. There were rats and cats that lived where I was staying (don't think I lived there). They wanted food, but there was also the possibility that they might eat me instead, particularly my leg, I could practically see them doing it and it scared and disgusted me. The cat I mentioned was particularly after me and I wanted to kick it away but was afraid of making it more angry so that it would attack. Then I was in a different room and my kitten (that I really have) was there and looked so cute and sleepy compared to the other cats. I looked after her.
12P 15 XX:XX NS

Dream of my wife and I living in a disused school or factory and next to it is a large waste land that was not being used. It is a scrub filed with patches of brambles and one tree. The tree looks old, but the grass is bright and lush. Our cat liked it in there, but another cat keeps chasing and fighting with her. So I chase the other cat off with a stick. But every time I went to strike the cat I seemed to miss or the end of the stick went all floppy. I got a shorter stouter stick. Still I missed or it went floppy. So I did a stabbing motion instead. I hit the cat and the stick went right into its mouth, through its body and up its tail. Blood bled from its mouth. I was shocked, I felt mortified. I felt awful and very sad. My wife saw me from the window and I went over to her. She said not to worry, it had no home and no owners, no one would miss it but I would. I carried it off still bleeding. I couldn't get it of the stick. The shock of the event woke me up.
15P 03 XX:XX NS

Dream about a girl (12) with 2 dogs. The Jack Russell keeps biting my ankles. It wont stop. We are in a narrow street it looks like Disney town, colourful, plastic, cobbled, small. The dog going for me. I climb up things to get away, it jumps higher and higher and keeps getting my ankles. The girls does nothing. I climb higher. It can jump unbelievable high. Finally half way up the side of a house balancing on a window ledge and holding onto a drain pipe I am out of reach, the dog still trying to get me. I wonder how I will reach my door on the other side of the road. I feel challenged.
15P 05 XX:XX NS

Had a terrible night's sleep last night. Can't remember much about it though. The night seem to last a long time. Took me an age to get to sleep. When I was fast asleep I dreamed of a ginger cat at a bus stop. It looked lost, away from home. I decided to take it on the bus with me to get it to a safer place. It struggled as I held to my chest on the top of a double-decker bus. On the top deck there lots of black kids, aged about 7, all eating fast food, so I got off the bus. When I let the cat go it danced about & tried to get into someone else's holdall in the middle of the road. It looked like it was having fun. Then it changed into an ornament on a Xmas tree, it had a terrified expression on its face.
18P 03 XX:XX NS

Insects, Snails and Frogs

I dream that I am a snail and am worried about someone crushing my shell, leaving me broken and exposed.
03P 09 XX:XX NS

Dream about a bumblebee.
05P 08 XX:XX NS

Waking dream: Flies and a spider on the ceiling, then I heard a wasp, I tightened myself with fear, it came past my face and I jumped and gasped and woke myself up, it was so real.
08P 13 XX:XX NS

Dream - two flies came towards me in my bed. They were larger than a normal fly - something the size of a crane fly was being attracted by the bedside light (which was not switched on). It was very clear as if the light was on but the area was actually in darkness. This woke me up and sat up in bed and rationally deduced that I could not have seen the flies so none actually existed.
13P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream – actually sat up in bed and started swirling arms around. When questioned by my partner as to what I was doing, I replied that I was swatting flies. I have a vague recollection of a number of small black flies flying around in front of me.
13P 19 XX:XX NS

Dream: I am in a room that looks like a quaint shop. It has a table where a gentleman brings a few items, asks a question, leaves one item out, puts the rest to one side and leaves. I get the impression that he is going to return. Then a woman approaches the table with a basket full of threads and material and other bits, and asks me to look inside the basket to see if I can find a tag. She appears hesitant to do it herself. While I am questioning myself why she is asking me this I notice an insect with long wings drop to the floor all of a sudden. I notice the insect flutter around and start to multiply. The next time I look down I notice that the whole carpet is full of these insects with long wings. I wake up.
14P 45 XX:XX NS

Dreams of maggots. Very powerful maggots, each has a personality. They are three of them, big fat, plump, yellowy white. They are the central characters in the dream. I feel weird about it, but transfixed, what a strange dream.
15P 17 XX:XX NS

Dream about small green frogs about the size of 10 pence pieces, they jump over one another.
15P 25 XX:XX NS

A horrid dream! I was in my mums bed and I was talking with some kittens I was listening intently to what it was saying. I put my hand down the back of the headboard and I could feel and smell some kitten poo! Then I looked over the edge and saw that the carpet was full of slugs and insects. Some insects rear up on their hind legs and have lots of flailing arms its so disgusting. We rip up all the carpets to the bare floorboards.
17P 38 XX:XX NS

There was an insect in the dream that looked like one of those round flat cactuses, it was quite small. I felt threatened – I knew it was going to come and sting me. It came and stung/stabbed my arm in a very deliberate way, I felt it could think. The sting was like a large wooden very pointed needle and went through a few layers of clothing including a coat. I felt it very deeply. I had to be careful taking the coat off as the sting was still in there joined to the insect.
19P 03 XX:XX NS

Food and Harvest

In a queue waiting for food. I went into the building where we were to help ourselves to the food and found that I didn't know anyone. I went back outside and found myself with people that I knew. I felt happy and warm that I was back in a group.
02P 07 XX:XX NS

Had two dreams both to do with food. In one dream there were numerous very large joints of meat, more than enough to feed everybody present. One was a large leg of lamb, the other was pork.

In the second dream a table was laden with lots of delicious food, so much so that it was difficult to make a choice. The feeling in both dreams was of great abundance and a good feeling that there was enough for everybody.
02P 19 XX:XX NS

Dream of harvest, everyone signing their names on the cleaned blade of the combine harvester. Feeling of contentment that the job was done, great feeling of community.
07P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream: I was getting lunch, but I had muddled up the sweet and savoury and was worried that I would be moaned at or worse pilloried.
08P 09 XX:XX NS

Had a dream last night that I was at a party at a friends house. The house was painted white & looked like a massive Spanish villa. It was on a hill. I ran down the hill & then up again without running out of breath. When I reached the top again there were famous people from television at the party.
18P 02 XX:XX NS


Dream of being misjudged, insulted and disrespected, but then redeemed by having the person treat me with reverence after realizing what an important person I was.
03P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream: I am sitting on my own at a round table outside a café. I look down at a newspaper on the table which has a list of names and phone numbers of people who are willing to take part in a repeat of some kind of photo story expose which was published in a tabloid newspaper a few weeks ago, trashing or mocking something or some organisation that is important to me. I ring them to tell them no, I don't want to do it and I don't want them to do it but I have to whisper into my phone because the editor of the newspaper is having a meeting at a table close to mine in the café.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream, I went with someone to where the cleaners hung out & it was really nice. A lovely blue plunge pool on the other side of the big window where on the side we were in there was a nice café type place. One of them noted our surprise at it being so nice and got a bit indignant as in – just because we're cleaners, you think we shouldn't have this – OR – you're surprised we have this. We were ashamed & embarrassed at having our prejudices shown up.
12P 09 XX:XX NS

Dream: I was given a long purple coat of fine material by someone that I admired yet I did not look after it and it soon became dirty with grease. I then realised and was trying to clean the grease off of the coat.
13P 02 XX:XX NS


I had a dream about driving lessons, but the car was enclosed on all sides except the back by the pavement. The feeling was about enclosure and restriction and the road seemed too narrow. It was a dead end.
03P 11 XX:XX NS


Dream: Two friends and I became involved in baby sitting six children, while their parents went on holiday. We loaded all the children into a VW camper and as we started off I needed to pee, so I got out of the van and became the `Horse` of the van and pulled it back to the house.
08P 27 XX:XX NS

Dream: I was on the tow path of a canal, a man came by towing a small green and red barge. I got into the water and towed it by a rope. I remember having to push my toes (big toe in particular) into the mud in the bottom of the canal to get the barge to go along.
09P 04 XX:XX NS

Running and Flying

Dream: I am running back to the boat club at school. I am running incredibly fast, not running after anything or from anything, just running for the exhilaration of pure speed, with my whole body moving together as a perfectly built and co-ordinated running machine, yet I am totally focussed and completely calm. It feels amazing. Reflecting on the sensation of the pure joy of moving incredibly fast in the dream, I realise that three times in the last three days I have had the impulse to run downhill for the fun of it.
11P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream that I can fly, I make a leap into the air and then glide, I then make a pumping action with my body, I bend my arms at the elbows and my legs at the knees and then push out hard, as I do I advance higher and glide further. I glide and pump flying over the grounds of a big college like an Oxford college. I watch everyone playing sport and going about their business. No one else can fly. I fly about the heights of the trees. It is great. I am looking for a girl, but I cant find her.
15P 09 XX:XX NS

Dreams of aeroplanes. They're all flying high in a clear blue sky. I am in control of all their flight paths. I have projected the perfect routes for them so they can fly safely. So many journeys. I am the plane. I see my route out in front of me across the open sky, around the globe a blue line. I fly.
15P 15 XX:XX NS

Dream about being on a plane and looking out of the window.
15P 25 XX:XX NS

I dream of cantering so fast on a horse. It felt so amazing, really comfortable and easy.
17P 37 XX:XX NS


Dreamt of being on some rocks with my partner and a man whose dog had died that day. My two dogs went into the sea and swam around the rocks. My little dog was struggling in the water and her head was under the water, I was frightened that she would drown but she got to the beach and was ok. As we sat on the rocks I saw a giant wall of water approaching, I turned my back to it and felt the full force of the water hit my back. I could still breathe, but I was frightened that there would be so much water that I wouldn't be able to carry on drawing breath. I was worried that my dog would be battered against the rocks on the beach by the force of the water.
02P 16 XX:XX NS

I dreamt that I was out at sea in a small boat with two girlfriends and we were searching for "Exmoor" because this was where the best waves were. When we get to the shore my two friends swim out far, but I stay close to the shore. The water is very high and the undertow is strong. I am holding a baby and I want to avoid the water but it crashes in upon me, knocking me flat on my back and dragging me in my the feet. It feels exhilarating, like a roller coaster and I get a thrill in my stomach. There is also a fear of drowning and of dropping the baby I am clutching. I am worried that my friends are going too far out and will be sucked into the ocean or be unable to swim back.
03P 26 XX:XX NS


Dream, I was peeing into my bed whilst sleeping and thought this is not right because it spoils the futon.
05P 23 XX:XX NS

Dream about wee. Golden pee is flowing everywhere. So much urine.
15P 18 XX:XX NS


Dream, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had terrible thick eyebrows and also thick hair was growing towards my forehead.
05P 18 XX:XX NS

Dream about two young women playing a game in a very tall room. The memorable thing was that they had exceptionally long and thick hair under their armpits. It wasn't human hair. It was animal hair. The best description I can give is that it was similar to a luxurious, soft sheepskin rug I have, creamish-yellow, combed-out straight. It was as if a wedge of the sheepskin rug had been cut off and glued under their armpits.
10P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream: I look down at my legs and they are incredibly hairy, covered all the way down with thick dark hair that looks curly like pubic hair just after having a bath. I am trying to shave my legs but the hair is so thick that I try cutting it shorter with scissors first, but it does not seem to make any difference.
11P 05 XX:XX NS

I remember only one detail from my dream… of feeling I am too hairy. I think its my arms and legs.
17P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream: I am sitting in a chair and my mother is cutting my hair. I feel incredibly warm towards her and connected with her. It feels very intimate. I am in a semi-dosing state, a kind of state of bliss.
19P 54 XX:XX NS

Other Dreams

Had a weird dream. My daughter was naked and peeing. I saw to my horror that she is peeing from a penis. A big, unmistakable penis. I ran to her and try to embrace her as to also hide the penis from sight. Can't remember all the details. I said: I know you're still a girl and look you have breasts – or something like that.
01P 03 XX:XX NS

I am living in Europe. I was to fly to the USA as an exchange student to live with an American family for one year. I was so upset and full of anxiety. I had no idea who these people were. They didn't even know that I was to come soon. It was somewhere in Florida and I had the feeling that their lifestyle would be so foreign for me, so American, so phoney.. I would feel so out of place, so far far away from home. I saw then the room in which I was to live and it seemed furnished with plastic. Cheap unhealthy furniture.
01P 09 XX:XX NS

Dreamt of being on a cruise liner with lots of people in a large banqueting hall. Several women in the group were in labour and during the night four babies were delivered. I felt very happy that a midwife was available to help with the births.
02P 05 XX:XX NS

Had dream about my maternal grandmother who has been dead for many years, don't recall ever dreaming about her before. The dream is hazy but she adopted a very prominent position in the dream, everyone was looking up to her 02P 09 XX:XX NS

I dreamt that my brother was asking me if he had any stretch marks on his body, I was looking around and the only place I could find them were on his testicles, which were long and sagging.
03P 03 XX:XX NS

I dreamt of being given bunches of sticks or twigs.
03P 04 XX:XX NS

I dreamt of a hailstorm that was happening during the day and of reaching my hand out to catch some hailstones. There is a heavenly, serene and exhilarating feeling.
03P 05 XX:XX NS

I had a dream about going to find my great aunt's house to see what it looks like now. Missed it at first as I had remembered the wrong number, 78 instead of 68, retraced my steps and found the house. It all looks very affluent and well cared for now. I then found myself walking a baby for an elderly lady I didn't know. I walked it around in its pram. It fell asleep and I eventually took it home.
04P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream, I sat with my ex- partner and my daughter at the piano. My daughter was fiddling with the foot pedals. I told her a few times to be quiet, but she did not listen [like in real life]. We were involved in a TV production and had to wait for our turn. I was very uptight about my daughter's behaviour, because somebody else was just singing his song. Her father sad to me: "why do you always have to make the decision, when our daughter has to be quiet".
05P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream of being at a party with a young petite blonde girlfriend. A druggy/hippy party with all wearing kaftans. Pretty depraved. A dire party, I hated being there.
06P 06 XX:XX NS

Dream, I can see everything you think and do.
07P 04 XX:XX NS

Dream fragment, my son seeing what I was doing when I thought I was hidden from his sight.
07P 08 XX:XX NS

Dream-I'd got myself a job catching pilchards. I was working for this guy on a really long fast speed boat. We were towing a long tube shaped net. When we hauled it on to the boat it was stuffed full of fish. Then we were in a shopping arcade, the man started to gut the fish. I had a go, yuk it wasn't my kind of thing. I remember the inside of the fish being a nice flower or star shape when it's head was cut off. I kept looking at this shape on and off. I really didn't want to be doing the gutting. People came by and bought pilchards as we worked. I just wanted out of that job and was pleased when my boss asked me to go and get him a drink. I brought coffee and a very expensive apple drink. I took ages getting them so I didn't have to work. One customer left his jumped behind, I had to run after him to give it back.
09P 08 XX:XX NS

Dream: I am in a tea shop/restaurant with a fellow prover. At our end of the table it is a teashop but I want to sit at the other end of the table that is a restaurant. He agrees to join me but he has to go off somewhere else for a while first so I move up to the other end of the table and wait for him. I am quite content to wait.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

Dream: Talking with a woman, by a fence of a small field with horses in. I have sense of her power, strength and wilfulness, but also selfishness and she is very distracted while talking to me, she cannot really focus on the conversation and she is constantly looking around, not really looking at me while she is talking, as if she is looking for, or expecting, someone else to appear.
11P 08 XX:XX NS

Dream: All my teeth become loose and fall out one by one until I am holding them all in my hands, but then they all grow back. (This is a slightly altered version of a recurring dream I have had for many years, that all my teeth fall out and I am just left with a mouth of black, broken stubs of teeth and gummy gaps.) 11P 12 XX:XX NS

Dream: I steal a totally black scooter because I want to ride it around very fast, even though its not mine and I don't have a licence to ride it. I want to go home and I am trying to get through a newly built residential area by taking turnings that I think will take me in the general direction I want to go but the roads keep turning out to be cul-de-sacs and so I have to turn round and go back. I go to the home of the scooter's owners and drive through their garage telling them that I had just borrowed it and was going to park it back on their drive but when I get out to the drive, I just speed away.
11P 33 XX:XX NS

Had a dream last night: I was in the house I grew up in and it felt like the Christmas party as we had lots of food & drink. My best mate and neighbour came up and took all the soft drinks and as she was leaving, I looked at my mother who looked at me and so I called her over and in a short conversation said that she could always get them in the shop. I felt like I was being gentle but firm and fair, but she flipped out and got upset and stormed off. I didn't regret saying it but I was upset that she was upset. However, I felt it was right to say it. My friend used to take food from our house, bread, sweets and so on and my mother didn't like it but I never thought bad of it. She had a bit of an eating problem and I wanted her to feel comfortable in our house so I never said anything and never wanted to, but I think my mother wasn't that happy about it, particularly if she'd take something like strawberries that my mother wanted for later. In the dream, I knew I had to say something as she was so blatantly taking them and once I saw my mother look at me with eyes that said that she knew I knew I had to say something, my fate was sealed. I did it for myself and my mother in the dream. I was upset that my friend was upset but still felt it was fair 12P 10 XX:XX NS

Dream that I was looking after a baby. The baby kept picking up bits of broken glass from the floor and playing with them so I had to keep taking them away really carefully in case I cut her by accident. I cut my finger by accident and I showed it to the baby as if to show her how it was harmful. I remember thinking that other people might say that I was bad at looking after the baby, that the baby was playing with broken glass.
12P 15 XX:XX NS

Very strong dream last night that I thought of and felt all day. It was very real – not much happened in it, though, it was just so real! In the dream, my boyfriend and I were thinking of going to Japan to live but I was then saying that it might not be such a good idea as we don't have any friends over there – we don't know anyone over there. It was difficult enough to come here, all the more if we go there. I was thinking this and saying it to him and then I woke up. I woke up very slowly and I didn't know what was going on. My alarm woke me up but it was very strange as I didn't know where I was or what was happening. When I opened my eyes I had to look around and realise where I was, that this was my life and not the dream. I had to reconcile with myself what was real but it didn't feel like 'reality' was more real than the dream. My vision of Japan was of flashy lights advertising on big screens and busy-ness with lots of busy people. When I woke up, it was like I was killing the other life and it was very difficult to do so. It was like I know I was killing the other life when I was waking up but I didn't know where I was going. I felt funny about it all day, a sense of loss was there, but I don't know what I lost really. Very strange.
12P 26 XX:XX NS

Dream - having to sleep outside in a bus shelter with my television on the other side of the glass panel. Remember someone who was sitting on the seat next to the bus shelter coming over to talk to me but I was not interested in conversation.
13P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream – given a potted plant that contained cat pooh on the top of the earth. I remember trying a number of methods to remove without coming into contact with it. It seemed to disgust those around me more than myself.
13P 08 XX:XX NS

Dream – waiting for my turn to audition for a singing part in an amateur operatic production. This is something I would never wish to do. I felt apprehensive about having to perform and out of place. I have no memory of actually undertaking the audition.
13P 16 XX:XX NS

Dream – my partner reported that I talked in my sleep and said that I had a mouthful of cigar smoke. I have no recollection of this dream. The night before I had woken with smell of cigarette smoke. Smell stopped within moments. Checked with other people in the house and nobody had been smoking.
13P 38 XX:XX NS

I am driving to pick my brother up and I notice a pair of shoes, someone's clothes and two young girls on the road to my left. One of the girls notices me drive past, swears and runs after me. I put my foot down on the accelerator and yet this sprinter is catching up on me. I wake up and then I go to urinate. I feel as though my heart has been racing and, it is now tired and achy as a result. It was as if I have been running for my life.
14P 03 XX:XX NS

I am carrying a child in my arms who is crying or sobbing because he does not want to go where I am taking him to continue his journey in someone else's care. I am in a large public place, a train station perhaps. I can see a staircase sweep on both my right and left side coming down to the platform and a single staircase leading further down. I am on the platform between the two levels when the child I am carrying asks me to drop him here; I do and he states that it is here he will say goodbye to me because I have no tears and am obviously not as affected as he is. It is the child's look of hurt and maybe anger while he speaks that wakes me up. I feel shocked and remember just standing at the platform and now the child is nowhere to be seen. I am questioning myself why I could not have shown this child more of my true feelings and was it because I felt inhibited by the people around. My feelings are confusion, anger at myself for not showing the child my feelings, shock and sadness.
14P 11 XX:XX NS

Dream about getting work done to the car (mini) to repair and up-grade it. I am worried they will do a shabby job. I send it of concerned. It comes back and I am over joyed, it looks cool amazing. They have fitted a body kit, it is very unusual not a normal mini part, a new bumper and side wings. It has a great look very industrial, solid, welded look, but well finished and detailed.
15P 05 XX:XX NS

Dream, I am in a fantasy world, a kaleidoscope of images and worlds fold into one another. I wake up and don't know which world I am in. Confused and excited I wait for my consciousness to decipher it. It seems to take forever and I drift back into another dream, then reality then dream, but which is which, it is like a cubist painting.
15P 24 XX:XX NS

Dreaming my dream but through my closed eyes, this is new, it has happened several times during my dreams. I feel somehow more aware. It is a comfortable place, a higher place, greater awareness; I see the dream world through my worldly eyes.
15P 41 XX:XX NS

I dream of walking up a hill with a group of people. My first boyfriend is there and his twin brother and I ask if I can have a ride on the back of his bike up the hill, but he just drives off. I keep on walking and a strange woman appears. She has damaged herself, like she has torn her arms to shreds.
17P 19 XX:XX NS

I wake up in the middle of the night with a horrid dream. I am in a work place of some sort and a baby is rushed in looking limp, he is dying. All the alarms are going off and there is mad panic. Its very upsetting and everyone is in tears. Then a man says that the baby had been working in a McDonald's packing things up, when a boxwrap machine had swung up and hit him on the back. The wrap was boiling hot and it had stuck to his back. The baby then died. The man said he (the baby) had been a liar.
17P 34 XX:XX NS

Dream that I lost the middle digit on my left hand. It just fell off. There was no reason for this at all and I could not understand why it had happened. Also I could not find it for a while I spent a long time looking for it and felt annoyed because no one else was helping or seemed to be worrying about it. As I was looking for the rest of my finger, I noticed it was getting slightly grubby; I was looking under settees and things for it. I began to worry in case it got infected.
19P 03 XX:XX NS

My Fair Lady dream. Was dancing to "I could have danced all night" Woman who was playing Liza Doolittle cut in and while we danced she was complaining that she thought she should play the part more cockney while the director was trying to make her play it more posh. Surprised at how well I was dancing.
21P 14 XX:XX NS






Have been outside for most of the afternoon – walking in the countryside. Have just returned indoors and am feeling slightly dizzy again.
10P 08 17.30 NS

Woken by the cat. Got out of bed to let her into the room and nearly fell over.
10P 38 XX:XX NS

Vertigo. A dizzy sensation in my head, feels light headed, a high. It is a good sensation, it only last a few seconds. It feels spiritual, like I became connected to the heavens.
15P 15 XX:XX NS

Drifting sensation, feel light headed, euphoric. A pulling from the top of my head. It feels good, I feel connected, spiritual. Only last a few seconds.
15P 38 XX:XX NS


I've had a headache all day. It alternates between the top left corner of my forehead to between my eyebrows and sometimes it feels like it's in the whole top area of my forehead. It is pulsating, nagging and sickening. It is not full blown. Around 11 am it started to subside and this was accompanied by a cool sensation inside my head. It was as if the coolness replaced the pain.
03P 26 XX:XX NS

Head pain from the right upper forehead, moving across to the left side.
06P 01 17.30 NS

I have refused to cut my hair - needing a mane to keep warm.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Dull frontal pain in head.
07P 02 15.00 NS

Dull frontal headache, pain in occiput, stiff neck, aching shoulders. Whilst I have a susceptibility to headaches, this one doesn't feel like one of mine.
07P 03 XX:XX NS

Continual frontal headache, pain and pressure round eyes, down into nose. Feels like hangover.
07P 03 XX:XX NS

Neck feels almost too heavy to hold up head. Feeling of weight in occiput.
07P 031 XX:XX NS

Headache very bad. Intense pain over right eye, feels like an iron pin driven into top right of head. Feel slightly nauseous.
07P 06 15.00 NS

Shooting pain from right side of head down behind right ear.
07P 06 15.30 NS

Doing yoga class brought on blinding headache, over eyes and up into top of head. Made much worse by movement and by lying down on the floor. Couldn't finish class because of pain.
07P 06 XX:XX NS

Woke with dull pain in back of head, dozed until 07.20 07P 08 05.30 NS

I felt that my head was being pressed in from either side of the parietal region.
08P 01 18.00 NS

Head pain moved to occipital region, pressure from behind.
08P 02 XX:XX NS

Slight pressing on sides of head.
08P 04 10.00 NS

Scalp itching, skin itchy in patches mostly on my back, and the end of my nose. The more I scratch the worse it gets.
08P 08 XX:XX NS

Headache left side going into my left shoulder, under my left arm and into my breast.
08P 09 XX:XX NS

Dull aching feeling in the back of my head behind the ears. I feel like I could just slump. As if I where being compressed from about the shoulders.
09P 09 XX:XX NS

Headache in temples is about again, in the background and with the pinched sensation in the back of my neck.
09P 16 XX:XX NS

Trying to do the dishes and am feeling dizzy sensation across my forehead and eyes are starting to feel weird.
10P 07 XX:XX NS

Very intense headache above my left eye and surrounding my left eye socket.
10P 38 XX:XX NS

The headache above my left eye and surrounding my left eye has been constant throughout the day. The dry tickly cough I have makes the headache much worse.
10P 39 XX:XX NS

I wake up with a headache that feels like a hangover but it lasts all day. It feels as though my forehead and the sides of my head at the front are being pressed inwards, as though they are being crushed. My neck glands feel sore, as if they are swollen and my jaw aches all the way around, right up to the nape of my neck. The headache is worst immediately before and after lunch.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

Headache becomes very intense, as though the front of my head is being crushed, comes and goes it 5-10 minute cycles. Again, I really feel like just want to lie down in a quiet, dark place.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

I have a very sore scalp. It feels like there is a lot of tension just under the skin. It feels very sore when pressing into certain spots but also relieves the tension 11P 04 XX:XX OS

My neck is very sore at the back, a pain moves over the occipital area, feels like a hand on the back of my head extending its fingers. It's making me feel sleepy and uncomfortable & there's heat around my head and hairline as if I'm going to sweat.
12P 04 XX:XX NS

Pain in the centre of my forehead as if something is pressing but I want to press my knuckle against it. Better for breathing deeply.
12P 04 XX:XX NS

Headache between my eyes and extended over my head. It's at the back of my head now and is very painful & neck a bit stiff. Slight throbbing in my head.
12P -6 XX:XX NS

Headache which is a dull ache centred on the temples. Slight relief if temples massaged.
13P 23 XX:XX NS

My head is tired and feel heavy.
14P 12 XX:XX NS

Fuzzy sensation in the temples with a slight headache.
15P 04 18.30 NS

The right side of my head about 2/3 of the way up above my ear, the skin against the skull feels tender and bruised.
15P 23 XX:XX NS

Head is full of a dull ache. Like it has been stuffed with dry cotton wool.
15P 24 XX:XX NS

Headache emanating from back of neck up over top of head but not reaching forehead. Dull but intense sensation.
16P 02 XX:XX NS

Sensation emanating from temples as a light pulsating, resounding over both eyes.
16P 03 XX:XX NS

Tingling sensation in the left side of the skull.
19P 01 16.30 NS

Tingling sensation in scalp, both sides.
19P 02 XX:XX NS

Bruised tender feeling on skull.
19P 21 XX:XX NS

Felt again a kind of bruised feeling on top left of skull where the itchy feeling had been a couple of weeks ago. It is worse for touch and pressure.
19P 31 XX:XX NS

Sight and eyes

Developed a visual disturbance immediately I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw the reflection of the bathroom light. At the periphery of my visual field there were lots of zig zags like a television screen that was badly tuned. After about 15 minutes the sensation stopped but I was left with a feeling of a blind spot in my right eye which persisted for the rest of the day. Although I could see and focus it felt as though part of my retina wasn't working properly and that I didn't see all that was in front of me. For the whole of the day I was very aware of bright lights and needed to avoid looking at them.
02P 22 XX:XX NS

Left eye felt as if I had something in it, under the lid like a hair. My expectation was that my vision would be blurred but when I checked it wasn't. Vision was quite clear. This lasted about 3 hours and then just went.
04P 01 XX:XX NS

Have a sense that my eyes are able to accommodate the shift from near to long sight much more easily.
04P 03 XX:XX NS

Recurrence of the sensation of something under my left, upper eyelid whilst out walking. This time the left vision was a bit blurred.
04P 06 16.00 NS

Eye sight much improved. Managed to thread a needle in poor light. First time for about 10 years.
04P 07 XX:XX NS

Right eye started twitching, especially the eyelid. After a few minutes it felt as the eyelashes are becoming clued together [outer side of eye], I rubbed/opened/closed my eyes but it did not improve. This lasted for about an hour. At the same time I experienced blurredness in the left eye when I looked in the back mirror.
05P 37 18.00 NS

Pain behind, and above, my left eye, a stabbing pain.
06P 01 17.00 NS

My eyes feel huge and everything is so clear. Especially nature, trees, etc.
06P 01 18.00 NS

The eye pain has moved from the left, to right side, and back again.
06P 01 18.00 NS

Eyes feel tight today laterally, unclear and my driving was erratic as well as I couldn't focus. I hit the curb twice; no concentration. I shouldn't have been driving.
06P 03 XX:XX NS

I'm going to have to get my eyes checked again (only had done so just before the proving) as I'm sure my prescription has been altered by the proving.
06P 41 XX:XX NS

Eyes stinging, want to close them.
07P 02 12.00 NS

I tried to stay fixed on a spot on the carpet, I felt I needed to focus, My eyes clouded over, outside to inside, had to close them.
08P 01 17.00 NS

I had disturbed fuzzy vision.
08P 01 18.00 NS

My eyes clouded over while reading, a feeling of needing to go to sleep, to close my eyes, there was a mistiness and my eyes moistened.
08P 03 14.00 NS

Vision, difficult to focus, glasses or not.
08P 04 XX:XX NS

Left eyelid itchy, eye watery. Later right as well.
08P 06 XX:XX NS

Vision poor in right eye.
08P 43 XX:XX NS

Burning itching eyes when I came in the house at 19.00.
09P 09 19.00 NS

Both eyes are slightly stinging – as if I might have rubbed them while preparing a meal with very, very, very weak chillies.
10P 08 XX:XX NS

Walking to the shops, it seems like my colour vision has been retuned to black and white and red and pink. Anything red or bright pink really stands out and catches my attention but everything else just seems varying degrees of grey. Also noticed this two days ago.
11P 43 XX:XX NS

Itching on my left eyelid from waking. It feels like there is a film of water on it, like it's cooled by the air, but it's quite hot to touch. It's quite itchy and the skin feels sticky but it is dry.
12P 45 XX:XX NS

Sharp pain at back of right eye – lasted 2 minutes 13P 23 XX:XX NS

On opening my eyes having taken the remedy I found it difficult to focus on detail. Eyes seemed moist.
14P 01 17.30 NS

My eyes are tired, heavy and sore.
14P 12 XX:XX NS

My eyes still feel sore, better for downward pressure on my eyebrows.
14P 27 XX:XX NS

Throughout the day and intermittently, my left top eyelid has twitched for minutes at a time.
14P 43 XX:XX NS

My left lower eyelid has been twitching visibly and intermittently all day. The left lower corner of my left eye has a prominent blood vessel going towards my pupil, more obvious when I look to my right.
14P 51 XX:XX NS

Achy eyes with slight blurred vision. Eyes feel tired and over worked with a dull ache in the backs of them. They feel better for pressure from my fingers.
15P 04 21.00 NS

Deep dull pain in the back of my eyes.
15P 07 XX:XX NS

Notice my right eye aches, but only when I look far right and up. It feels strained and bruised. A stitching pain like a dull ache pulling in it when it is far extended.
15P 09 XX:XX NS

Blinking a lot.
15P 19 XX:XX NS

Pain in my right eye on the surface. It feels painful if touched or from any pressure. It is a concentrated ache over the pupil.
15P 33 XX:XX NS

My eyes won't focus on anything when I'm on the bus going to work. I keep drifting and daydreaming so that I have to blink to come back.
17P 04 XX:XX NS

On putting my contacts in, my eyes shudder from side to side rapidly so I cannot see. It lasts momentarily.
17P 06 XX:XX NS

My eyes feel tired and blurry and feel like I shouldn't be wearing contact lenses. I should allow more air at my eyes I noticed big veins the other day and seem to be focused on them 17P 14 XX:XX NS

I sense my eyes darting about the room, what shall I do? I can't still them 17P 15 XX:XX NS

Watery left eye (when inside).
19P 02 XX:XX NS

Watery left eye.
19P 35 XX:XX NS

Hearing & Ears

Buzzing sound in right ear.
04P 10 XX:XX NS

All day my ears have felt blocked up, hearing has been reduced.
06P 03 XX:XX NS

My hearing is exaggerated, little noises irritate.
08P 05 XX:XX NS

Wanted to rip the striplight off the ceiling, it was buzzing, nobody else could hear it, I bashed it to stop the noise with an umbrella several times, then turned it off in temper.
08P 08 XX:XX NS

have a numb sensation around my right ear, it extends into my inner ear, feels like it's affecting my hearing but I don't think it actually is. Maybe as if someone has slapped my ear with a flat hand.
09P 29 XX:XX NS

Right ear. Sensation of congestion and crackling similar to having water trapped in it.
10P 07 20.00 NS

Stabbing pain in right ear along with water in the ear sensation.
10P 08 XX:XX NS

Blind pimple has come up in the right outer ear, inside edge at the bottom.
10P 10 XX:XX NS

Pain in left ear – shooting pain that lasted for 5 minutes.
13P 12 10.30 NS

I hear sounds, I am unsure they are real. I can hear my mobile phone ringing, I know it isn't. It won't stop, I hear it in my head, it is so real. It keeps happening so I get my phone out of my pocket so I can see it. It is not ringing, but it sounds so real.
15P 51 XX:XX NS

Deaf in my left ear. Can't hear anything in that ear! Feels like on an aeroplane when you have to yawn to release pressure, but this does nothing.
15P 51 XX:XX NS

Experiencing changes to my normal hearing. Feels like I am wearing ear muffs. All sound is muffled but I can still hear clearly. The world sounds softer.
18P 05 XX:XX NS

Stitching pain in right ear, came on about 7.00 pm. It was worse when eating. Warmth and sitting down or resting alleviated the pain. There is a slightly hot sensation.
19P 13 19.00 NS

Smell & Nose

Nose felt blocked but this may be due to drinking milk, generally don't take milk in tea, but now desire it.
04P 02 XX:XX NS

Nose still blocked. Sneezing a bit.
04P 03 XX:XX NS

Nose has begun to run, blowing my nose quite a bit. Blocked sensation is clearing.
04P 09 XX:XX NS

Noticed a pimple at the right side of my nose, in the fold of the nostril. It is hard and red, when squeezed nothing comes out.
05P 05 XX:XX NS

Sneeze a lot. Yellow discharge from nose. Lasted only one day.
05P 14 XX:XX NS

Left nostril is sensitive to air.
06P 01 17.00 NS

Increased sensations of smell.
06P 01 17.30 NS

Sneezing, roof of mouth inflamed.
07P 19 XX:XX NS

Constant drip from left nostril.
07P 22 XX:XX NS

Nasal congestion. Nose not fully blocked and nothing really came out when nose was blown. Lasted about 1 hour.
13P 11 18.30 NS

Sharp pain on both sides of nose in the sinuses. Did not appear to be blocked and pain went after 10 minutes. Inside of nose feels quite tender on breathing. Even gentle inhalation can be felt at the same point as the sinus pain earlier.
13P 18 XX:XX NS

A very painful spot on the inside of the tip of my nostril, slightly to the left. I could feel a fair sized head to it and I was aware of the pain even on breathing.
14P 24 XX:XX NS

I have a juicy new spot on the left side of my nostril.
17P 01 XX:XX NS

My sense of smell seems heightened. I hate the smell of last nights curry on my skin and breath its disgusting. All the air being expelled right now seems foul too. I regret eating it, it doesn't feel right.
17P 15 XX:XX NS

Skin on my nose is dry, the skin is cracking at the ends on the inside of the nasal passage.
18P 03 XX:XX OS

Sneezed. It was a big hearty refreshing sneeze as I came in the house .I am not usually aware of sneezing when don't have a cold, especially such a hearty sneeze.
19P 07 XX:XX NS


A soreness has developed on the right side of my lower lip. It made me feel irritable. The soreness developed into an ulcer by bedtime. When I woke in the morning it had gone and no soreness remained.
02P 03 XX:XX NS

I have blackheads on my chin on the right side. One has suppurated. I feel marred.
03P 18 XX:XX NS

I have had to make a conscious effort to smile and have had to think about how to do it. The smile doesn't come easily, it is a bit of an effort to get the muscles to work.
04P 00 XX:XX NS

Lips sore and 'skinless' as if a layer of skin has come off.
04P 14 09,00 NS

Have four raised, blind spots on my right cheek.
04P 22 XX:XX NS

Have a line of raised spots across my hairline. Haven't had anything like this since I was about 14.
04P 23 XX:XX NS

I still have spots along my hairline, right cheek, in right ear, over left eye and in my hair. They come up as blind, painful bumps, break after a couple of days, bleed, dry and scab over. Disappear after 5 to 6 days apart from the ones in my hair which are a real nuisance with fresh ones coming up as older ones go. Feel very crusty and 'pickable' and so I am probably making them worse.
04P 33 XX:XX NS

Itchy forehead and the top of my nose. It feels as if something is crawling over my face.
05P 39 21.30 NS

Felt itchy on forehead, left eyebrow and the sides on top of the nose. Strong scratching relieved it for a bit. Lasted about an hour. A few spots appeared on my forehead since last night. They are red and I promise I will leave them alone, because the last one stayed with me for weeks due to squeezing and I now have a scar on the right sight of my chin.
05P 39 XX:XX NS

My jaw feels as if it is being forced backwards, quite painful.
06P 02 XX:XX NS

Blood seems to fizz at tip of nose and in lips.
07P 02 XX:XX NS

Rash under skin on my face, cheeks and under my chin, slightly prickly, tingly, my face feels as though it is burning, my colleague says its red.
08P 06 XX:XX OS

My face is burning and red, feels like the sun has been on it.
08P 07 XX:XX NS

Left top lip itchy.
08P 07 XX:XX NS

Face hot, burning.
08P 37 XX:XX NS

My lips are very dry and my bottom lip is very sore, with a clear crack down the middle of it.
11P 07 XX:XX NS

During the last few days I have noticed several times that I am clenching my jaw, and the muscles in it are really starting to ache. It feels very tense and has been clicking loudly.
11P 45 XX:XX NS

A cold sore appears in the right corner of my mouth and lasts for a couple of days,
11P 47 XX:XX NS

My husband asked me to stop biting my left lower lip; I had been doing this repeatedly. This carried on the next day. It gives me a comfort sensation.
14P 03 XX:XX OS

A small red spot in between my eyebrows, slightly more to the right.
14P 03 XX:XX NS

I noticed symmetrical small raised weal like areas in the middle of and under both eyebrows, no sensation associated.
14P 05 XX:XX NS

Slight sore on the lip like a bit it. Bottom lip, left side, the skin feels ripped like a scar. It is about 1 cm long. It is not painful.
15P 02 XX:XX NS

During sleep – purple discolouration extending from left side of mouth, size of a golf ball, not rounded but jagged edged. Disappeared during early morning run.
16P 04 XX:XX NS

I noticed redness near the left eye next to my nose.
17P 03 XX:XX NS

I don't feel like smiling at all, I usually smile a lot. I feel like I'm behind a mask of blankness. My face is pale and drooping, long.
17P 04 XX:XX NS

My lips are peeling less but are bright red and taught. They look burnt.
17P 14 XX:XX NS

Have a fuzzy tingling sensation in my upper left lip near to the centre. Quite pleasant.
18P 01 XX:XX NS

On my bottom lip I have 2 or 3 hard lumps about 1 mm circumference. No sensation but slightly swollen.
18P 03 XX:XX NS

Pronounced tingling in bottom, middle of lower lip, slightly to the left hand side. Made me want to touch it or rub it to make it go away. This did not help. It was almost a numb feeling.
19P 05 13.00 NS

Teeth and Gums

When I looked closely in the mirror I saw that my left front tooth had a hair line fracture down the middle. I also feel like my upper teeth are moving back and forth, moving

out of line and being pushed back in.
03P 30 XX:XX NS

My upper left molars hurt.
06P 01 17.00 NS

Teeth in upper jaw throbbing.
07P 03 07.30 NS

Upper maxilla, aches into gums.
08P 02 XX:XX NS

Slightly bleeding gums when I brushed my teeth.
09P 29 XX:XX NS

Have just become aware of a tender area on my upper right gum, outside edge (next to cheek) above the last molar.
10P 07 XX:XX NS

Taste and Tongue

I am thirsty, and there is a dry metallic taste in my mouth.
08P 07 XX:XX NS

Salty taste in mouth.
08P 24 XX:XX NS

Salty taste, really awful today.
08P 32 XX:XX NS

Tongue sore and cracked, it has been itching.
08P 42 XX:XX NS

Inner Mouth

For days now I am biting my inner cheeks and the left side of my lip, until it hurts and bleeds.
05P 07 XX:XX IOS

Noticed a sore on upper lip both sides just inside.
08P 02 XX:XX NS

Sore bump on bottom lip, conscious of chewing it.
08P 04 XX:XX NS

Top of the roof of mouth is sore.
08P 11 XX:XX NS

Ate some crusty bread yesterday, it ripped at the roof (behind my front teeth) of my mouth making it sore. Inside of my mouth feels tender/softer than normal. I recall having an ulcer come up on the left middle for an hour or two at school over the weekend.
09P 38 XX:XX NS

I noticed a small (tip of pen size) red spot on the inside of my right lower lip. I cannot feel it and no pain is associated with it. Red spot disappeared late that afternoon.
14P 04 XX:XX NS

My mouth is full of viscous catarrh, no odour, [no taste] or colour and is very difficult to spit out.
14P 04 XX:XX NS

I have a new mouth ulcer on the inner right cheek. I can feel it when I close my teeth.
17P 05 XX:XX NS

There is a ridge of swelling across the left gum, between the lower teeth and cheek. It feels very odd with my tongue, like a smooth raised plateau. Later my lip is now swelling near to the gum swelling.
17P 18 XX:XX NS


Acid feeling in gullet after eating lunch. A hot burning sensation. Alleviated by drinking hot tea.
02P 17 XX:XX NS

I have a sore throat that is worse in the morning, but better for getting out of bed, and worse in the evening.
03P 08 XX:XX NS

I woke up with a sore throat and felt like there was a large accumulation of mucous sitting at the back of my throat. I imagine that I hawk up the mucous and what comes out is a black, slimy, ball that looks like a rolled up slug. I am worried that I will lose the evil ball down the drain, as I want to bring it to college to make my symptom description more lifelike.
03P 10 XX:XX NS

I still have a ball of mucous in throat that goes down when I swallow but then pops back up. I woke up with a slight sore throat, which went away pretty immediately after being up and about.
03P 24 XX:XX OS

Almost choked twice during lunch [food went into wrong pipe], which resulted in coughing for about an hour.
05P 02 13.00 NS

Wake up with a throat ache. Feels as if a cold is coming on, but it doesn't. During the morning the throat ache passes.
05P 26 XX:XX NS

Sensation of lump in my throat when swallowing.
07P 19 XX:XX NS

Sudden sore throat on left side.
07P 35 XX:XX NS

My throat is red and prickly, I have a slight rash under the skin under my chin, which is a bit itchy.
08P 05 XX:XX NS

I feel feverish, my throat is hot at the back of my mouth.
08P 10 XX:XX NS

A bit of a frog in the throat, tickly sensation in the Adam's apple area.
09P 10 XX:XX NS

Two inch long thin line of red spotty rash (same as was on my hand) two inches below my Adam's apple. No itch.
09P 39 XX:XX NS

Woke suddenly – dry ticklish throat. Sudden cough. After coughing fit over, irritation appears to be upper right of the throat.
10P 31 XX:XX NS

Raw throat – mouth very dry. Better for hot drink but still felt tender for next 4 hours. Went back to sleep and then felt the same again when waking 2 hours later.
13P 18 XX:XX NS

Throat sore and red. Painful swallowing – better for hot drink.
13P 25 XX:XX NS

Throat seems to get worse in the evenings. Once again it is getting worse again. Feels worse at night and first thing in the morning, clears after a shower.
15P 21 XX:XX NS

Throat is sore. It feels like it has been sand papered.
15P 21 XX:XX NS

Had a sensation in my throat as if it was becoming raw, possibly a sore throat coming on? I don't smoke anymore but I has the sensation that I had been smoking cigarettes.
18P 07 XX:XX NS

Right throat, sensation of slight sticking pain, middle of neck.
19P 20 XX:XX NS

Throat sensitive in the cold air – desire to cover and keep warm. I have a tickling sensation in throat.
19P 24 XX:XX NS

Appetite, Thirst & Desires

Very thirsty this morning. Drank 4 cups of tea before 9.30.
02P 08 XX:XX NS

I have a strong desire for Coca-Cola, for its sweet, cold, fizziness.
03P 04 XX:XX NS

I have been craving beer during the day. I can smell and almost taste it.
03P 30 XX:XX NS


Sipping water through the night and needing to pee more frequently.
04P 15 XX:XX NS

Tea intake has increased to excessive levels, and I'm generally thirsty.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Coffee seems to aggravate all symptoms.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Desires salty food.
06P 36 XX:XX OS

I have craved chocolate, wheat and meat.
07P 00 XX:XX NS

Craving for a sandwich (haven't eaten wheat for several months because it bloats me).
07P 05 XX:XX NS

Desire for toast.
07P 06 XX:XX NS

Desire for meat at lunchtime, Ate more meat at supper.
07P 07 XX:XX NS

Ate ham and eggs for breakfast. Bacon sandwich for lunch!
07P 08 XX:XX NS

A general feeling of not being hungry.
08P 03 XX:XX NS

I had been feeling hungry all night and had a fried egg sandwich when I got home at midnight.
08P 06 XX:XX NS

Getting hungrier, looking for food, searching around the salon, asking others, was offered bread and I turned my nose up to it.
08P 28 XX:XX NS

Not feeling hunger as I would normally.
09P 02 XX:XX NS

Bottle of beer not settling, guts feeling upset. Hope that doesn't continue! I like beer.
09P 03 22.30 NS

Desire to eat everything and all day long. Even 1/2 hour after eating a good meal I could still eat more. I also feel unsatisfied in my daily actions, I'm wanting more of everything.
09P 06 XX:XX NS

After going mad and eating too much over the past couple of weeks I've put weight on. I really don't like this and so am really struggling not to eat the biscuits that seem to be everywhere at work. I don't know what I want to eat. I don't seem to enjoy anything really. I'm a scavenger, that's how I eat, doesn't matter what it is much because I'm just hungry by the time I get to eat and eat. Desiring sweet things especially.
09P 14 XX:XX NS

Part of me wants to eat, an emotional part, and then my body doesn't want anymore food, it wants to rest. It's a bit like that feeling from weeks ago of tired but not sleepy or is that sleepy but not tired.
09P 40 XX:XX NS

Have hardly eaten all day, made dinner for everyone and realised I'd only picked at odds and ends throughout the day – very unusual for me, I normally have a healthy appetite.
10P 38 XX:XX NS

Really want chocolate. Stuff down a whole king size packet of Maltesers even though am just about to have dinner. I also really want beer, and have a can with dinner.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

I have noticed over the last few days I have been drinking more strong tea than usual and also craving salt, beer and dark chocolate more than usual.
11P 05 XX:XX NS

Noticed if don't have three meals feel overwhelmed and emotional - unusual for me. I can normally go for a whole day with just a piece of toast and not notice.
11P 08 XX:XX NS

Eating loads. Had five meals in a day. At same time my body feels light and energetic.
11P 24 XX:XX NS

Mum brings home a jar of pickled cucumbers and I can't stop eating them. I only stop myself from finishing the jar so as to leave some for mum and dad, if I was on my own I would have eaten them all. (I usually like them but not as quite as much as today.) 11P 42 XX:XX NS

Woke up very thirsty for cold water. Temporarily relieved by drinking cold water from the tap (I would not normally drink from the tap in the bathroom straight up out of bed).
12P 03 08,00 NS

Lack of normal appetite but only in the morning.
13P 04 XX:XX NS

I am drinking less water, I seem to not make an effort to drink.
14P 09 XX:XX NS

I have cravings for chocolate, everywhere I see it I feel like buying it.
15P 03 XX:XX NS

I feel poisoned by the curry I ate. It sits in me, too full, too smelly, it is uncomfortable. I feel it is coming out through every pore. I have gas and flatulence.
15P 14 XX:XX NS

Think about making coffee then decide not to. I have gone completely off it, it makes me feel poisoned and the idea of it does not appeal to me.
15P 29 XX:XX NS

I had a huge piece of liver for dinner; not something I would normally eat; my body felt I needed it.
17P 06 XX:XX NS

Food just feels wrong today, it feels unnatural in my stomach. I am eating too much and feel uncomfortable with it. One moment I feel heavy and bloated and the next I am thin and light and starving. It feels disturbed and wrong.
17P 21 XX:XX NS

I have had a new desire for cold food lately, lots of salads.
17P 28 XX:XX NS

I haven't been feeling as hungry or having as large a desire to eat – normally I have a huge desire to eat.
19P 04 XX:XX NS

I have drunk lots of tea, much more then usual.
19P 36 XX:XX NS

Did not want to drink coffee during the proving.
21P 00 XX:XX NS

Inordinately thirsty, drinking tea and juice all day but still unable to quench my thirst.
21P 08 XX:XX NS

Hiccough, Belching, Nausea & Vomiting

Woke up and shortly afterwards felt as if I was going to vomit, the feeling lasted only for about 30 seconds.
02P 02 08,30 NS

I am burping and farting more. I feel bubbles are coming up my oesophagus but not being let out.
03P 09 XX:XX NS

Burping throughout the afternoon.
05P 02 XX:XX NS

Nausea when I got up. Belching.
07P 03 08.00 NS

Great deal of flatulence as well as continuing belching.
07P 03 XX:XX NS

Experienced nausea when walking uphill.
07P 03 XX:XX NS

Actually burped, very quietly. I rarely burp! 10P 03 XX:XX NS

Sensation of nausea from my solar plexus to my lower abdomen, feels better for rubbing in big clockwise motion and exposure to cold air, with head and jaw ache, also better my pressing with a cold wet flannel.
11P 43 XX:XX NS

Scrobiculum & Stomach

I have stomach pains that are sharp and wavelike.
03P 12 XX:XX NS

After supper my stomach felt sore, sick and anxious. The intensity came in waves but the pain was constant and my stomach was tender to the touch. I rubbed it to comfort me but this did not ease the pain. The image I have is of a growling dog. I feel like there is a little devil and a hot chilli pepper in my stomach.
03P 13 XX:XX NS

Indigestion, travelling from the left to the right across the top of my stomach to my gall bladder, the pain is of soreness and it feels bruised, I have hiccups which are violent like belching.
08P 06 XX:XX OS

My stomach sounds like a drain, gurgling and whining.
08P 07 XX:XX NS

Lying down in bed reading and my stomach is gurgling.
10P 03 XX:XX NS

Indigestion sensation in chest is slightly improved during eating.
10P 03 XX:XX NS

Stomach making lots of loud gurgling noises.
11P 40 XX:XX NS

Palpitations in the stomach that was not visible on the skin but felt rather strange. Was not painful and lasted around 30 minutes.
13P 30 22.00 NS

Stomach felt extremely bloated, tight and uncomfortable, unusually so.
19P 09 03.00 NS

Gurgling noises arising from my stomach. They were very loud, to the extent that they sounded like a receptacle filling up with water with a gurgling noise when I breathed in, and then the very slightly different noise of bubbles emptying out of a receptacle when I breathed out. The bubbles sounded like big bubbles.
19P 12 XX:XX NS


I woke up with cramps. It wasn't only my stomach that was cramping but the muscles above my stomach, too.
01P 03 XX:XX NS

I have excessive flatulence.
01P 03 XX:XX NS

Had in the past few days very painful abdominal cramps. Feeling that my abdomen is gassy, bloated and hurting, cramping and the gas stuck in my belly. If I only could pass it! 01P 05 XX:XX NS

I have a rumbling stomach that is noisier when I lie down, more smelly flatulence and cramping.
03P 08 XX:XX NS

Low abdominal pain, almost like a bad period pain, like a band across the base of my stomach. Started with onset of flu symptoms. It's worse when I'm walking, especially uphill, as if I don't have power in my abdominal muscles. It's not a cramp, it's a feeling of muscle weakness. I can't strain to go to the toilet.
04P 16 XX:XX NS

Cramp like pain in the lower abdomen. Felt like bloating and was better for about one minute then pain started again. Felt like my organs are pushed downwards. Abdomen was big and a bit hard.
05P 30 20.00 NS

My abdomen feels blown up in size.
06P 04 XX:XX OS

Splitting pain across the lower abdomen, as if my pelvis was separating. The pains extend to the wings of the pelvis.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Pain in the abdomen, sharp, enough to catch my breath, gone as soon as it came.
08P 03 16.00 NS

I had gripes and cramps in my lower abdomen, which felt like a cauldron, bubbling. I had some flatulence.
08P 03 XX:XX NS

Fluttering sensations in the solar plexus area.
09P 03 XX:XX NS

Dull ache in my liver area. A fleeting sensation that didn't last more than a minute or so.
09P 04 20.00 NS

Had a bubbling sensation in around my ribs – thought I may vomit or have diarrhoea or pass wind but none of that happened. I was ready to run off to the loo but it just passed off without incident.
12P 01 22.30 NS

Woke up filled with a sense of urgency, particularly around my bowel area. I could see an image of the outline of my body that was filled with urgency. Not sure if I'm going to vomit or pass stool so went to the toilet but nothing happened. It went away then.
12P 02 08.00 NS

Cramp like pre-menstrual, very painful, one minute, then again in class. Sharp, painful, tightening in lower abdomen, > bending forward, > touch, > holding breath. Used to have such cramps until 2 years ago when coil stopped periods.
12P 02 XX:XX NS

Walking to work I have a vague feeling in my abdomen of 'something about to happen' but not sure what – not nausea though, just like a ball of energy.
12P 03 XX:XX NS

(This is a symptom I have felt before but the length of time this lasted is the first time). After dinner a cramp started in my lower abdomen, right in the centre between hip bones. I went to the toilet as I thought it was gas or a stool. The cramp became very bad and there was no gas/stool. I was in the toilet for ages and couldn't move very well for the pain. I could barely stand, but I had to go out to my boyfriend as we were in a hotel at the time having lunch and he was waiting outside for me. I pulled myself up as I didn't want to move much so I tried to stay as stiff and tense as possible. Movement made it much worse. I thought it would pass like gas or a period cramp would but it lasted for about 10-15 minutes before I could walk properly, but still with the tension. We finally made it home and I lay on the couch all night as I was wiped out by the pain.
12P 30 15.00 NS

Strange bubbling in abdomen, in the centre, around hip level. Very weird as it goes nowhere but it feels like bubbles in a tube, not sore.
12P 42 XX:XX NS

Before going to bed I experienced an intermittent sharp piercing pain in my right lower abdomen down towards my right groin, better for gentle pressure. It could have been my over-zealous squeezing out the head of the boil earlier that day that caused this pain.
14P 29 XX:XX NS

Pulling sensation in my lower abdomen and groin while stretching before lying down to sleep.
14P 43 XX:XX NS

I have a tummy ache, it feels too full, I feel I have been poisoned.
15P 22 XX:XX NS

Pain in abdomen with dragging down sensation and slight nausea during the night.
19P 06 XX:XX NS

As going to sleep I coughed which produced a very sharp stabbing pain in my left central abdomen area. I had been lying on my front which made it worse. It was alleviated by my moving onto my left side 19P 12 XX:XX NS

Strange pulsations where my legs reach my abdominal area, kind of where my ovaries are but lower. It lasted only a few moments. It happened when I was standing up and then disappeared when sat down.
19P 31 22.00 NS

Rectum & Stool

Constipation alternating with Diarrhoea all day. Must have been to the loo 20 times.
06P 02 XX:XX OS

Bright yellow diarrhoea all day, and again at 4 am. Sudden onset, accompanied by stomach cramps and a feeling of nausea.
06P 06 XX:XX NS

Spasm in abdomen, rushed to toilet, profuse, loose, smelly stool.
07P 10 17.00 NS

Spasms in abdomen, rushed to toilet, loose, smelly, large stool.
07P 13 09.35 NS

Needed to go straight to the loo after rising, diarrhoea (brownish/yellow).
10P 31 06.30 NS

Some stools much smaller, than usual. Alternating between normal size of stool and very small stools.
11P 34 XX:XX NS

Copious, frequent and very smelly diarrhoea (about every 20-30 minutes for about 2-3 hours).
11P 40 XX:XX NS

Blood in my stool
15P 26 XX:XX OS

Stool seemed definitely sticky in the morning.
19P 10 XX:XX NS

Urinary Organs

Increased urination frequency, but this probably relates to my tea intake.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Woke up to urinate a couple of hours after falling asleep; unusually early for me.
14P 10 XX:XX AS

My urine is concentrated and sweet smelling.
14P 11 XX:XX OS

Male Sexual Organs

Distanced from my partner. We have not had sex for over a week, which is unusual, and neither is there a remote desire to do so.
16P 17 XX:XX NS

Female Sexual Organs

I awoke with a pain on both sides of my lower abdomen in the region of my ovaries. The sensation extended downwards into my groin and spread across the top of my pubis. The discomfort passed immediately I got out of bed and started to move.
02P 20 XX:XX OS

I had more vaginal discharge (clear/white) in my underpants than usual.
03P 07 XX:XX NS

I am more sexually aroused. My partner and I had sex in the evening and then again in the morning. Throughout the day I was turned on even when he wasn't around.
03P 10 XX:XX NS

Prior to menses I had a lot of urine-like (transparent yellow) leucorrhoea.
03P 19 XX:XX NS

I have a higher sex drive than usual
03P 29 XX:XX NS

Strangely, I feel much better around the time of my period, lighter and brighter. Less flat and more sociable.
17P 33 XX:XX NS

Period started 4 days early.
19P 35 XX:XX NS

Voice & Larynx, Trachea & Bronchia

Had a frog in my throat. Felt a lot of mucous on my larynx and had to forcibly clear my throat in order to talk.
02P 11 09.00 NS

Voice not at quite full volume, less powerful.
17P 04 XX:XX NS

Food going down the wrong way – this has happened on a number of occasions – this sort of thing only happens very rarely.
19P 36 XX:XX NS

I was nearly choking at one point, my food went down the wrong way and I was on my own in the house. I felt very vulnerable and imagined what I might try and do if really had choked.
19P 53 XX:XX NS

Have noticed that things seem to be "going down the wrong way" much more than usual, have inhaled drinks and food on a number of occasions with resultant choking and coughing.
21P 23 XX:XX NS

Still stuff going down the wrong way and choking or gagging. Even happened once when I was asleep and I awoke choking.
21P 27 XX:XX NS


Difficulty breathing, its an effort to move.
06P 22 XX:XX NS


Woke up coughing during sleep, for a few days now, and fall asleep again. My lungs feel congested. When I breathe in deeply, I start coughing.
05P 19 XX:XX OS

Slight cough every time I move, I would like to stay in bed. Dry tickly cough, better for drinking hot drinks.
08P 12 XX:XX NS

Starting to have a slight cough, as if I'd smoked a lot. Band like sensation on my chest, at nipple level 09P 09 XX:XX NS

About 15 minutes after rising had a very strong coughing fit – much deeper than the tickly cough I have been experiencing. Coughed up a small amount of white phlegm. My chest and throat are a bit sore.
10P 41 XX:XX NS

Bouts of forceful coughing.
14P 06 XX:XX NS

Intermittent bouts of forceful coughing with expulsion on occasion of copious, aerated (small bubbles) clear sputum. Better mouth closed and breathing through my nose and after a hot drink.
14P 07 XX:XX NS

Dry feeling in throat, leading to cough. Kept swallowing with suffocative, choking feeling, better for coughing and worse for swallowing.
19P 36 XX:XX NS

Inner Chest & Lungs

I walked down the hill and up again and was choked by catarrh, I felt physically sick, it was yellow.
08P 09 XX:XX NS

I feel the same flapping that I had in my knee, this time in the back of my ribs, on the right side.
08P 21 14.00 NS

Heart, Pulse & Circulation

Sensation of weakness around the Heart. Worse lying on the left side.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Outer Chest

A pain over my right collar bone, at the front in a small spot midway along the bone. The pain was sharp and came and went for about 6 hours.
02P 16 XX:XX NS

After going to bed I experienced pain in my right breast. The nipple felt sore and the breast was tender to touch and felt very lumpy. I wanted to feel the breast but it was too sore.
02P 24 XX:XX NS

Woke up in the night and felt a lump in my left breast, it gave me a momentary fright as I was sure that I had breast cancer but decided I didn't really care. Woke in the morning and lump had gone (if it was ever there!).
04P 33 XX:XX NS

Pain across my sternum, more to the left side.
06P 01 17.00 NS

Walking around bent over at the sternum, needing a stick for support.
06P 24 XX:XX NS

Sudden sharp pain in right breast, twice in quick succession.
07P 01 17.00 NS

Tenderness in both breasts during night, lasting for several minutes.
07P 02 03.00 NS

Stabbing pain in right breast momentarily.
07P 02 16.00 NS

Pain in the right breast, quite sharp, every few seconds for a few minutes.
08P 03 16.00 NS

Swollen, tender, itchy breasts.
08P 04 XX:XX NS

Left breast very itchy, had to look in the mirror to see if anything was visible, it wasn't, it was sore and slightly swollen.
08P 08 XX:XX NS

Left breast, sore, swollen, nipple is itchy and dry/hot. It is painful if touched on the left side, it feels bruised. It felt better to wrap a warm flannel around my breast, my nipple was by now very sore, it felt blocked and there was a tiny bump as though covering the milk duct and it felt like it would be better to smooth the tissue towards the nipple to unblock it, as though expressing. Around the base of the nipple it was as though there was a cut, like between my toes, if they had been sweaty. The whole nipple was prickly and itchy.
08P 09 XX:XX NS

Bra uncomfortable. It feels like everything is sticking in me.
08P 19 XX:XX NS

Right nipple feels as though it has been feeding a very hungry baby who has been sucking quite hard upon the nipple.
10P 14 XX:XX NS

Whilst at work, I have felt tenderness in both breasts. When changing, after returning home I noticed three red pinprick sized spots to the right (towards my sternum) of my left breast.
14P 31 XX:XX NS

Mild stabbing pain in top of left breast.
19P 07 XX:XX NS

Aching in right breast, very vague, to right of nipple. I was only aware of it for a minute. The sensation was one of a dull ache.
19P 19 22.00 NS

Neck & Back

I had a discomfort at the junction of my neck and shoulder on the right side which felt as though I had been hit with something blunt. The sensation was of bruising.
02P 02 XX:XX NS

Right shoulder and neck area felt sore, pain over the shoulder blade at the back and at the angle of my neck and shoulder. Difficult for me to turn my head to the right or to look up without it being uncomfortable.
02P 09 XX:XX RS

Woke with excruciating pain in neck, just under the skull. Associated this with a whiplash injury in 1979. Waited for the pain to pass and went back to sleep.
04P 19 03.20 OS

Lower back pain whilst swimming. Pain was dull and lasted about 15 minutes, felt better the more I swam.
05P 30 XX:XX NS

Woke up with back pain. Hip region was paralyzed. I started moving with great pain, which eased with the movements after about 30 seconds. I had this symptom almost every morning for about seven years, it ceased about four years ago.
05P 31 XX:XX OS

Right hand side of neck aching.
07P 02 12.00 NS

Neck stiff and both shoulders aching.
07P 02 15.00 NS

I woke because I had a pain in my spine, causing a headache on the left side, I turned onto my left side, where the pain was less.
08P 09 XX:XX NS

Spot on my neck, left side, like a blind boil, no pain.
08P 36 XX:XX NS

Sensation in back of neck of a bolt 2 inches behind the ears, it's not unpleasant.
09P 01 17.30 NS

Stiffness in my neck, behind the ears at the base of head.
09P 07 19.00 NS

Stabbing pain under left shoulder blade, started at 13.00. Feels like I've really been stabbed in the back with something quiet blunt. Almost goes through to the left lung. The pain also comes across to the right shoulder a little. There is something of a band like sensation going right round my chest at that level, this is part of the slight cough sensation too. It makes me feel as though I could stretch the pain away by doing some stretching.
09P 08 13.00 NS

That sensation at the back of my neck that I'm still waking up with is like a pinching sensation. As if the bones in my neck are pinched together behind the ears.
09P 12 XX:XX NS

Sore aching feeling in back of head at top of neck, and around neck with feeling of swollen glands and aching jaw.
11P 02 XX:XX NS

My neck feels very tense and sore and as I move my head around to loosen it, turning my head from fight to left, it clicks loudly. The bottom of my spine has also been clicking when I lie on my back and moves my legs over to the right and then over to the left for several weeks.
11P 41 XX:XX NS

Neck feels quite stiff.
12P 04 XX:XX NS

Had a crick in my neck on the right side. This had not been there before. Felt like something was trapped and not quite in the right place.
13P 01 20.30 NS

Back pain in lower back/base of spine. More stiffness and ache than shooting pain. Occurred when picking up something from floor but the stiffness was stronger than when previously experienced.
13P 10 11.30 IOS

Lower back pain on first getting out of bed. Passed within 30 minutes.
13P 12 XX:XX IOS

Ache between the shoulder blades.
13P 25 XX:XX NS

Lower back pain, better for curling upper and lower body inwards as if in a ball while lying on my side.
14P 09 05.00 OS

In the left of my back around the lumbar region I was aware of twitches deep in muscle tissue, the overall sensation was one like a muscle flutter. This lasted a few minutes intermittently.
14P 42 XX:XX NS

Pain in my lower left back and down the back of my left leg, better for pressure of my husband's leg over this area.
14P 49 23.00 NS

Itchy sensation in-between the shoulder blades. Tingling like a light rash, nothing visible though. The itch is not intense enough to need scratching.
15P 18 XX:XX NS

I have a red and itchy neck on the left side over my glands.
17P 04 XX:XX NS

I have a red rash on both sides of my neck today, near to the glands at the base of my neck. It looks like a heat rash.
17P 21 XX:XX NS

Upper Limbs

Middle finger of right hand went cold and white and numb while I was driving and then a bruise appeared from the middle knuckle upwards which left the top half of the underside of my finger blue. The numbness and coldness had almost gone within an hour but the bruising remained.
02P 02 17.30 NS

A bruise appeared on my left ring finger from the middle knuckle up to the first knuckle, on the underside of the finger. There was no pain and by late afternoon there was only a slight discolouration remaining.
02P 04 XX:XX NS

The 3rd and 4th finger of my left hand developed a tremor. It lasted for about 10 minutes. There was no sensation attached to the tremor, I kept looking at my fingers which were twitching of their own volition.
02P 11 XX:XX NS

The muscles in my left forearm started to twitch intermittently. It started at 4.30 pm and continued on and off until about 10 pm.
02P 28 XX:XX NS

Sudden sharp pain near left wrist [where the veins are].
05P 02 12.00 NS

Noticed two bruises on my right hand, between thumb and pointing finger. Greenish brown in colour, they stayed two days and did not hurt, I can't remember that I hit myself there.
05P 21 XX:XX NS

I feel as if I have had a blow to the backs of my arms and upper shoulder area.
06P 02 XX:XX NS

Sensation of weakness in both forearms.
06P 03 XX:XX NS

I wake up with heavy forearms, worse on the right. My right hand is so heavy that it feels as if the wrist is separating and I cant lift it at all (extension) Like I've got 2 Kg on each wrist.
06P 04 XX:XX NS

Pains in my right upper arm and shoulder very severe all day and night. The pain is like a muscle tear, and shoots from the shoulder to the elbow down the outside of the arm, and then from the elbow to the wrist. The pain was only relieved for holding my arm folded across my lap with the palm upwards. Arms so heavy.
06P 06 XX:XX NS

All the arm pains have recurred with a vengeance.
06P 15 XX:XX NS

On waking my hands are only comfortable when clawed. Pain on extension of the fingers. Writing is difficult. It is hard to hold the pen.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

My arms and hands feel so heavy again, and I can't even bear the weight of a watch on my wrist.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Pins and needles in my wrists and forearms.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

Pins and needles in left hand.
08P 03 XX:XX NS

Left arm feels weak.
08P 03 XX:XX NS

Heels of hands feel bruised particularly when pressing on paper to write.
08P 38 XX:XX NS

Small spotty red and itchy rash on the mouse of my left hand. Lasted for 2 hours.
09P 29 XX:XX NS

I have noticed a sore on the upper side of middle finger on my left hand – first joint (where I would wear a ring). I think I have had a sore in this area before. It looks as though I have taken a chunk out of the skin and it's starting to heal over (but I have no memory of having hurt myself in any way). Slightly oozing lymph. Not painful. Not inflamed.
10P 12 XX:XX OS

Skin rash has re-emerged on my right hand (back of hand) between thumb and first finger. Also on my right ring finger, below lowest knuckle (where I would wear a ring). Itchy, red, dry. Little bumps. Notice that the itchiness of the rash is greater in the morning than in the afternoon and evening.
10P 20 XX:XX NS

While sitting relaxed and reading I have noticed twitching deep in the muscles of the inside of my left lower arm.
14P 43 XX:XX NS

Just realised I have stopped biting my nails! I have left them alone for about two weeks and even bought a nail file to keep them neat and lovely.
17P 00 XX:XX CS

I feel my right hand twitch a few times in a claw like gesture (thumb and index finger close in).
17P 02 XX:XX NS

I have to take my wedding rings off as they feels like they restrict my movement and freedom! I wash my hands and remove them.
17P 11 XX:XX NS

My hands are intensely itchy! Its especially aggravated at the base of my fingers and up the sides in places. I need to rub them but they are red hot and so itchy. Fanning my fingers apart and blowing on them helps somewhat. Next morning after scratching in the night my hands are weepy and sore and very swollen. It's such a mess and I feel so pissed off with myself for doing this.
17P 19 XX:XX IOS

My hands are so sore I can't straighten the left one out. They feel claw like, with tightness of the skin. If I stretched it out the skin would break.
17P 24 21.00 NS

Pain in the top of my left hand. Feels rounded somehow. Not hurting badly though.
18P 02 XX:XX NS

Have some marking on my upper right inner arm. Looks like dark, red, dotted pen points. No itching or pain.
18P 03 XX:XX NS

Itchy left arm, between wrist and elbow on soft side, for no apparent reason. Had to scratch for a bit before it went away.
19P 06 XX:XX NS

Shooting pain with throbbing in palm of right hand up to inner side of upper right arm where also throbbing feeling. Not sure that pain shot all the way up the arm, but sense that they were connected.
19P 31 XX:XX NS

Left hand is dry and cracked. One split about ¾ " long in a place where never had a split before as far as I can remember and that is on top of my hand, between thumb and forefinger, close to these fingers and towards the knuckle. My fore finger is also split in two places on the joint. My fingers on my left hand look dry and swollen and feel a bit itchy.
19P 52 XX:XX NS

Lower Limbs

I got out of bed and felt pain over the outside of both of my hips. As soon as I started to move the discomfort went.
02P 15 XX:XX NS

Pain in right knee while going up stairs 03P 19 XX:XX NS

Cramp on left side, especially left foot. It's better for warmth.
04P 15 XX:XX NS

Cramp in right thigh. Needed hot water bottle to ease it.
04P 18 XX:XX NS

Pain in the right hip, which travels down the leg [sciatica], feels as the nerves are not covered anymore. Pain comes and goes in intervals. My skin feels very cold from underneath the kidneys onwards till the knees on both sides.
05P 06 XX:XX RS

The sole of my right foot was itching for about 3 minutes.
05P 39 XX:XX NS

I have developed severe pains in my feet, focussed on the big toes and the metatarsophalangeal joints. The left big toe is the worst (I have injured this in the past). I can hardly bear to stand from rest, but this eases after a few paces. The worst moment was getting out of bed in the morning, my feet hurt generally in bed, but the toes were excruciating on standing. In agony, like there I have kilo weights on my toes. I can't take pressure on them, they feel sore and inflamed. I feel slow, I can't walk around, I can't wear tight shoes. My whole body also feels stiff, but was much better for a hot shower.
06P 15 XX:XX NS

Pain across the ball of the foot on first standing from rest. Worse for first movement, but rapidly eases.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Aching pains in calves.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Pain in my feet (toes) from the weight of the Duvet in bed.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Pain on extension of the toes.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Knees hurt generally, worse for weight bearing and better for movement.
06P 22 XX:XX NS

Momentary tingling pain along outside of right foot.
07P 16 08.00 NS

Feel as if my hips are set in concrete. Movements forward very difficult.
07P 21 XX:XX NS

Involuntary twitching in my left leg above my knee on the inside of my lower thigh, like something trying to get out, flapping, like a bat. Went on for a few minutes and then stopped and then started again five minutes later, for a few more minutes, but not so strong. My trousers were really moving! 08P 03 14.00 NS

Pain in the ball of my right foot, it feels bruised.
08P 12 XX:XX NS

Blop in left knee, followed by `flap`.
08P 16 XX:XX NS

Large bruise on right thigh.
08P 38 XX:XX NS

My left ankle is very itchy. Scratching it hurts, but it also feels good.
11P 04 XX:XX NS

Walking over the bridge at a train station, the muscles in the front of my thighs ache as if I had done some strenuous exercise.
11P 06 13.00 NS

Got sciatica walking to work, but sensation was different. Just above hip joint, real stabbing, like stuck pins in, really sharp for about 10 minutes, had to stop walking for a bit. For a couple of weeks before taking the proving remedy, I had sciatica alternating between my left and right legs on consecutive days while walking to work 11P 20 XX:XX AS

As I am sitting on my bed, my middle toe on my left foot goes into cramp. I have to bend all my toes right back to release it. I used to get it a lot but I don't remember now the last time I had it.
11P 32 XX:XX OS

Legs felt quite painful & I feel a walk may do some good. Lots of tingly energy but also tired. I want to sleep though so I don't go for a walk and I don't want to walk around in the dark anyway.
12P 01 23.00 NS

Sharp pain running across top of left foot when walking. Caused me to limp. Really was quite painful and did not ease with continued movement. Lasted 5 minutes then vanished.
13P 11 18.00 NS

Sharp pain in left ankle whilst descending stairs.
13P 34 XX:XX NS

Right calf muscle spasm that lasts for moments only. It happened a couple of times in the day.
14P 04 XX:XX NS

Groin has been really sore, deep soreness, bruised feeling, injured, hurt. The tenderness feels like when a bruise comes out and the pain gradually lifts.
14P 18 XX:XX NS

From late afternoon onwards at work my left leg felt sore; sensation of sciatic pain going down the back of my leg and at times down the side or inside of my leg.
14P 18 XX:XX OS

A small, painful red boil on my right upper thigh near my groin.
14P 23 XX:XX OS

On getting out of bed I am aware of tenderness in my groin area particularly the left.
14P 42 XX:XX NS

My feet ache in the arches. Rotating them helps a little and I like the clicking they sometimes make when I stand on tiptoe. They feel much better for massage.
17P 15 XX:XX NS

Pain in a spot on right knee, left hand side, like a finger sticking into it.
19P 01 16.30 NS

Very sharp stabbing pain in right hand side of left knee came on as going up two flights of stairs. Felt knee might collapse, or rather leg. It was better for sitting down and taking the pressure off it.
19P 10 13 NS


I am biting my fingernails much more than usual.
03P 03 XX:XX NS

Limbs in General

After a meditation in class to finish the day, I felt suddenly wobbly and weak on my feet, especially the left foot. In the car it felt as if the leg and foot has no strength to press the clutch pedal down. It was a heavy feeling, which spread to the arms. I wanted to let my arms fall down and relax, because they felt heavy.
05P 37 17.00 NS

Stabbing pain in my left knee again, that's twice. This time it was accompanied by the stabbing pain behind my left shoulder blade that came on a round lunch time.
09P 09 XX:XX NS

My hands and feet felt quite tingly.
12P 01 20.00 NS

Rest, Position & Motion

All pains better for lying on my right side, and for pressure on affected parts.
06P 22 XX:XX NS


I had some time until the next client. I lay down on the couch and fell sleep.
01P 07 XX:XX NS

Felt tired all day today despite having slept well.
02P 18 XX:XX NS

I feel very tired and can barely keep my eyes open 03P 06 11.00 NS

I kept my partner awake all night with my loud sleep talking.
03P 15 XX:XX NS

Woken by alarm clock. First time that I have slept really well and not been awake a long time before the alarm in the 2 years of this course. General feeling of calm, peaceful and happy.
04P 02 08.00 NS

Went to bed and fell a sleep on my back [normally I always have to turn onto my front in order to fall a sleep], I felt heavy and relaxed. Felt as if I sank (mould) into the mattress. Did not want to move 05P 01 XX:XX NS

Went to sleep in class for few minutes.
07P 02 12.00 NS

Fighting to stay awake.
07P 02 15.00 NS

Had to lie down and sleep for half an hour.
07P 05 14.00 NS

Went to bed, feeling fairly exhausted. Slept for three quarters of an hour.
07P 07 12.00 NS

Slept for over 7 hours for the first time in years, not even needing to pee.
07P 17 XX:XX NS

Had a rest, I must have fallen asleep, read a magazine, I did what the proving said, sit in the chair do nothing. Now I feel that I can get up and get on with things again.
08P 03 15.30 NS

My head is heavy, proving self wants to sleep, real self says, "get up and shake yourself".
08P 03 XX:XX NS

When I lie on my left side my stomach and abdomen area feels pulled, so I lay on my back, it was more comfortable with my knees up. I kept up a pattern of turning over and finding it not comfortable and returning to my back.
08P 04 XX:XX NS

I remember feeling a knee jerk and calling out in my sleep as it happened.
08P 05 XX:XX NS

Very tired sat on sofa all evening.
08P 13 XX:XX NS

Almost fell asleep I was so tired, sat down for awhile and then got up to wake myself up, colleague asked if I was okay.
08P 20 14.00 NS

Slept for about 1/2 hour from 3 o'clock.
09P 06 15.00 NS

Didn't get to sleep till about 01.30 due to over activity of my mind. Just thinking about stuff, nothing in particular. Then when I did get off I was wriggling around a lot most of the night.
09P 11 XX:XX NS

Several times I fell asleep about 9.00 pm, often with all my clothes and my bedroom lamp light on and then woke up 2-3 am. A couple of times I felt so wide awake that I got up and studied for a couple of hours before it got light, but I then felt tired later on in the day.
11P 00 XX:XX NS

Feel very tired, not exerted myself but feel I want to go to bed and curl up and go to sleep. Just want to go and lie down and hibernate. Sleeping more than usual, more tired than usual.
11P 09 XX:XX NS

Feel so tired at work that I lie down on one of the couches for half an hour and fall asleep.
11P 12 17.30 NS

Have noticed several times in the last few days in bed that I am lying with my left hand over my heart chakra and my right hand over my abdomen. It feels comforting.
11P 31 XX:XX NS

In class we did a standing exercise & I felt quite heavy and unsteady. My legs felt so heavy, like filled with heaviness and a bit hot. Thought I might fall over. Feeling quite tired, heavy tired eyes.
12P 02 14.00 NS

After eating lunch was reading in the café and couldn't keep my eyes open. Kept falling asleep for a few seconds and then waking up only to fall asleep again. Woke up and she was gone. I don't think I've ever involuntarily fallen asleep in a public place like that and I've been more tired than I was then.
12P 03 13.00 NS

Fell asleep on couch. One minute I was awake watching TV and the next asleep. The desire to sleep was overwhelming. Deep sleep straight away, it was lovely. The desire to sleep was stronger than the inconveniences around.
12P 19 XX:XX NS

Whilst asleep - reached across partner's body grabbing their shoulder and then pulled forcefully at the duvet. Partially sat up as if getting out of bed and mumbled when questioned about if I was ok. Laid down and slept and have no memory of event.
13P 03 XX:XX NS

Very tired. Needed to sit and rest but circumstances did not allow.
13P 10 18,00 NS

I feel generally weak and lethargic, drained out. I have been taking it easy and I feel as if I could sleep all day.
14P 08 XX:XX NS

Slept very well long and deep. Feel refreshed. I feel I needed a good lie in.
15P 09 XX:XX NS

I am asleep, in and out of dreamy drifting. I see myself asleep, peaceful and calm, except I am awake. I notice I am awake but I feel so calm and peaceful it is like I am wonderfully deep asleep.
15P 13 XX:XX NS

Last couple of nights slept 8 hours, more than usual.
16P 05 XX:XX NS

Exhaustion sweeps over me and I have to lie down. I curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket with my head buried into the cushions of the sofa back. I'm woken after about twenty minutes when I've just managed to fall asleep. I'm so tired.
17P 01 20.00 NS

I feel like studying and really get down to it today, although my husband awaked me again at 4 pm as I had fallen asleep on top of my books.
17P 28 XX:XX NS

Fall asleep around four again whilst studying. My head even has red marks on it where I have just slumped onto my hands.
17P 29 16.00 NS

Very tired, can't focus my mind on intellectual tasks. Want to close my eyes & drift peacefully down river. To lie in stillness is what I desire.
18P 02 14.45 NS

Had a very heavy sleep last night & could not wake up this morning.
18P 04 XX:XX NS

Sleep continues to be unrestful. I feel very tired.
18P 07 XX:XX NS

Felt extremely tired. I went and had a sleep for 2 hours. I dozed but quite deep sleep at times, I couldn't rouse myself for anything.
19P 21 14.30 NS

Very sleepy all day unable to stay awake while driving and more generally. Not so much tired as just falling asleep.
21P 02 XX:XX NS

Temperature & Weather

I've been chilly all day and a bit nauseous, after a hot shower I am hot, flushed and too warm.
03P 26 XX:XX NS

I have a sensation of coldness in my brain on the left temporal side. Then, for the whole evening and into the night my body temperature is very low despite being in bed with my partner and with lots of blankets. I couldn't sleep for hours because I was so cold.
03P 37 XX:XX NS

Don't feel the cold, [house had 15 degrees Celsius, but I walked around with naked legs and arms].
05P 02 XX:XX NS

Don't feel cold outside the house whilst others say that they are freezing [very unusual for me, because I am always cold], 05P 03 XX:XX NS

I felt hot after walking. I thought this would last for a few minutes as usual, but it lasted the whole day.
05P 36 10.00 NS

Feeling cold, and realised this has been through the whole proving. I'm usually happy and tolerant of cold, but have been suffering it recently. Wearing scarves and hats a lot.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

I have been chilly which is unusual for me.
07P 00 XX:XX NS

Hot flush lasting a few moments.
07P 01 20.00 NS

Very cold and couldn't sleep.
07P 05 XX:XX NS

Couldn't get warm despite wearing dressing gown and having extra covers on bed.
07P 07 XX:XX NS

Feeling really hot inside, like there's a fire burning.
09P 15 XX:XX NS

Feeling very hot even though I'm siting in the draught of the window, which was too cold yesterday before taking the remedy.. Want to have a nice cool breeze or take off some clothes to be cooler.
12P 02 15.00 NS

Felt cold whilst inside the house. I am usually quite a warm person but it felt like the air was cold even though the heating was on.
13P 17 XX:XX NS

Feeling warm – wearing a cotton shirt; everyone else seemed to be feeling cold. I am generally a cold person, usually wrapped up.
14P 02 XX:XX NS

I'm burning up! I feel its so hot here at work and my face is hot and flushed and waxy. I had the same sensation last week everyone else is in scarves and I'm roasting.

I feel stifled! I throw open all the windows near me and put a fan on. I feel a surge of heat and have to act quickly. Need to get air!
17P 11 10.00 NS

Couldn't bear to wear a coat to work today, I had to be cool and again had all the fans on and windows open. Its most unusual as I am usually overdressed just in case I am cold. I usually hate a draught.
17P 13 XX:XX NS

Feeling of real heat on front of thighs; also flush of heat at same time in feet/legs.
19P 35 XX:XX NS


For the past 2-3 weeks I have had more pungent and persistent body odour.
03P 50 XX:XX NS

Slightest exertion makes me sweat.
04P 14 XX:XX NS

Woke sweating profusely.
04P 15 XX:XX NS

Had to change again in the night as I had sweated so much 04P 18 XX:XX NS


During the afternoon I developed a cold. I had several sneezing fits and a mild hacking cough. Only my right nostril ran, my eyes felt swollen and my right cheek was red. Only lasted one day.
02P 13 XX:XX NS

I am itchy on my chest (sternum area), my face, behind my ears and my head 03P 31 XX:XX NS

Felt unwell and had to give in and go to bed. Symptoms rather like a dose of flu, temperature, aching back and joints, headache is across my forehead and feels like a downward pressure, irritable. Wanted to be left alone but got annoyed when I was. Used to get these symptoms when under stress. Burning up, drinking a lot.
04P 12 XX:XX NS

Woke full of aches and pains around my left rib and lumbar region. Neck was really painful. When I thought about it the sensation was of dislocation.
04P 17 XX:XX NS

Felt sick in the stomach, and my whole body felt uncomfortably hot. Felt also very restless, wanted to move hands and upper body, all this took only a few minutes.
05P 02 12.00 NS

Sick feeling when slowing down with the car [had to slow suddenly down on the motorway because of traffic jams].
05P 02 XX:XX NS

Felt a light sickness for a few minutes. Feel very tired. Want to stare again without thinking or talking.
05P 05 14.00 NS

Felt very tired and cold. Went to bed and slept for two hours. Woke up still tired. Want to close my eyes. Felt tired for the rest of the day, especially in the head. Did not want to think. Eyes felt heavy.
05P 06 13.00 NS

Felt sluggish and nauseous on waking.
06P 25 XX:XX NS

The joint pains have returned again but with stronger modalities. These are much worse damp, better heat, worse pressure.
06P 36 XX:XX NS

My joint pains and arm heaviness persist, with aggravation noticeable from damp.
06P 41 XX:XX NS

I had tremors inside my body like I'd been awake all night. I felt very warm.
07P 01 17,00 NS

Sneezing, sore throat. Symptoms generally over the last two days have been 'flu-y'.
07P 04 XX:XX NS

Bumped into front end of a car (no idea how) and hit my upper thigh very hard. Extremely painful, developed extensive bruising. Extremely clumsy! 07P 28 XX:XX NS

Need to sit, able to catch a few minutes, tired and heavy, too heavy to move, must sit.
08P 06 12.30 NS

I have a cold, I haven't had one for some time, I'm experiencing violent and debilitating sneezing, a burning watery discharge mostly from the left nostril.
08P 10 XX:XX OS

I awoke with pain everywhere in my head and teeth, I keep going hot and cold but only perspire on my face, I feel better for hot drinks.
08P 11 XX:XX NS

Dullness of a lot of physical sensation. Pleasantly so. No feeling at all of deep cat scratch on below my Adam's apple that the cat left when he jumped away from me. No pain, nothing.
09P 01 17.30 NS

Got the sniffles again, this seems to be happening indiscriminately here and there from day one.
09P 06 XX:XX NS

Had a cold of sorts. Started with a sore throat, top back of throat sticking pain. Then dry blocked nose intermittently with ear blockage. Cough up sweet yellow sticky goo each morning. This has been going on for 3 days.
09P 21 XX:XX NS

I thought it was interesting that a number of provers experienced spontaneous bruising. I have a hereditary blood clotting condition called Von Willibrand's disease.
10P 00 XX:XX NS

There's something of a "shimmering" sensation going on – left foot at the moment, head 5 minutes ago.
10P 07 XX:XX NS

Tremulous shaky feeling internally, all over. Not physical shaking but as though I could easily becomes hysterical, laughing or crying.
11P 02 20.00 NS

Sitting at the table in a normal chair I have to keep shifting my legs to stop them getting pins and needles, I have never had this before in these chairs. Eventually it becomes too much, my thighs are asleep and I have to move. I sit down again 10 minutes later and it happens again.
15P 09 XX:XX NS

Shower makes me feel much better - thinking back this has been a theme all through my illness.
15P 25 XX:XX NS

Nearly tripped down the stairs about 3 times today. I was getting a bit fearful by the third time, wondering what was going on.
19P 53 XX:XX NS

During the meditation felt a definite fluttering in my blood vessels. Most noticeable in, but not restricted to, the right knee.
21P 01 17.00 NS


Had to go to bed at 20.00 as I couldn't get warm. I felt like ice and wanted heat. Running a temperature of 1020F, which came on at 20.00, sweating profusely, headache like a band of pressure across forehead. Pressing or tightening; throbbing. Associated with fever. I could feel/hear blood thumping. Feet feel frozen.
04P 14 XX:XX NS


My skin is itching all over, I get a sudden prickle and have to itch, even inside my outer ears.
08P 12 XX:XX NS

Itching when irritated, demented itch.
08P 12 XX:XX NS

Tingling itchy sensation all over. Moves from one large area of skin to another in no particular order. Not bad enough to make me scratch. Soon passes.
15P 01 18.00 NS


Sensation of a mane/scarf around my neck, wrapped up to my lower lip.
06P 01 17.00 NS

Took dog out, felt as if I was floating.
07P 02 23.00 NS

Sensation of blop, blop, blop, under my ribs down into my abdomen.
08P 01 17.00 NS

As I lay dozing, trying to get myself out of bed, I felt like I was a compacted felt-like material, thick, heavy and not unpleasant.
09P 04 XX:XX NS

Sensation of having velcro stuck to the inside arm of my right elbow. It felt like it was sticking to my side when I dropped my elbow. Happened twice within 1/2 hour but not again.
09P 05 XX:XX NS

Towards the end of the day the sensation in my eyes and nostrils is as if I have fine particles of dust (not grit) from a sand storm in a hot arid place.
14P 51 XX:XX NS

Light sensation pulling up from the top of my head. I think this is the forth or firth time I have had this. It is a great sensation, slightly euphoric, I am connected to the spirit world.
15P 53 XX:XX NS

Pronounced feeling as if hard ground had evaporated away beneath my left heel causing me to stumble backwards, on falling asleep.
19P 15 XX:XX NS

Strange sensation of feet sinking into the floor, through the floor. Happened when standing up after looking in the fridge. Like a kind of vertigo in that it was disorientating. Afterwards thought of it like a bird landing.
19P 26 16.30 NS





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